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Happy October!

1. Rejoice!  The Month of Evil (school starting = anxiety attacks = evil) is over; now comes the time we rejoice in fall colors and the resplendent month that truly embodies autumn, the calm interim where you've settled into school but aren't burdened with end-of-term stress yet.  In honor of this day, have the first MP3 I ever downloaded, still quite possibly my favorite concert band song ever, Eric Whitacre's...October.

2. I really need to stop discovering stuff like this when I've gotten up early with the express purpose of doing homework (which is due later that day), but...HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THE SECOND DELETED SCENE FROM THE OFFICE PREMIERE UNTIL NOW? 

Frankly, I think the entirety of this clip should have been left in the episode, because it's all wonderful - explanation for Meredith's face, Oscar chatting with Toby (in a way that gives some much-needed foreshadowing), Darryl/Kelly spat (haha, yes) - but the Jim scene is pure gold.  Not only is there a beautiful instance of frustrated!Jim (always my favorite, particularly in the context of "Can you not?" aimed at Dwight), but, but, "I love you too"!!  Sweet Lord, not only does this episode wipe away my frustration with the waiting for a proposal, but it removes my other qualm about the lack of hearing those words flat-out too?  (Or, you know, mostly removes it.  Still waiting to actually hear it from Pam, because I'm needy.  But I can wait.)

In a related note, Dwight's flying karate kick of FAIL is the most hilarious part of the entire episode.  For true.  A dozen rewinds later, I still explode with laughter every time I watch him bounce off the stack of copy paper.


3. Also, the class schedule for next spring just went up, and I am a FLAMING BALL OF JEALOUSY that I won't be here to take these spectacular English courses:

a. A course centered entirely around Emily Dickinson, taught by my OTHER other favorite professor in the department.  He usually only teaches 100-level courses and film studies, so him out of the blue not only teaching something brand new, but something AWESOME around the first poet I ever fell in love with and still rather adore, is mind-blowingly cool.

b. A crossover English/environmental studies class (based in the English department, though) called "Envisioning Nature," which 'examines our understanding of and relationship to the natural world,' which just sounds like all kinds of awesome.  Did I ever tell you how much I like environmental studies?  It's the one area of science I always felt I'd be reasonably good in.  It also used to be basically my definition of 'science,' which was why science was my favorite subject in elementary school - anything involving animals and/or natural habitat was preferable even to books back then.   

c. "Nature in British Literature, 1750-1901."  Although it's listed as 342, which I already took, you can repeat course numbers for honors credit, and this one is newly listed under honors with the addition of the word "nature."  To recap, this would be
-my favorite geographic location for literature
-with my favorite professor
-on a freaking incredible topic

It would be awesome cubed, is what I'm saying.  I wouldn't even have room to miss Amazing Prof's lectures with classes like these.  Except for how I'm going to be graduating (already belatedly) in December, and thus none of this applies to me.  :(  Hey, English department, WHY WEREN'T YOU THIS FULL OF AWESOME WHEN I STARTED HERE, HUH?? 

4. I literally have like 4 in-progress drafts of various shows (I really want to be writing about The Office right now; instead I'm - ostensibly - creating a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation on the role of the governess in 19th century England.  Which ostensibly should have been fun, but of course I left it until the last minute and now I'm stressing). 

I can't concentrate long enough to finish any of them, because I feel guilty and stop doing them to work on homework, only to start a different one - and I slept through TV last night (as well as a speaker I was supposed to go see, because damn it, I was exhausted), but you might as well have the only one I've finished because it's short.   

'HIMYM: 4x02, "The Best Burger in New York"
Welllll, that was a waste of time, wasn't it?  I rolled my eyes a lot.  I was amazed at the halfway point, as it certainly felt like I'd been sitting there for hours already.  Waiting for it to end. 

It was also a vegetarian's nightmare, and therefore left me...not wanting to eat meat for at least the rest of the week.  I might not be a vegetarian, but at least I have an appropriate amount of shame and guilt for eating meat, and I certainly do not wax rhapsodically about how delicious flesh is.  The more they did, the more grossed out I got, and by the last scene I had lost my appetite for food entirely.  People groaning about how good *any* food tastes disgusts me.  It is not a thing you elaborate upon.  End of story. 

I did snicker at Regis threatening Barney 'til he cringed, but that's about it.  And maybe I got a giggle or two out of Barney constantly declaring and/or singing about how amazing Goliath National Bank was.

I was also distinctly disappointed by Barney not keeping up last week's streak of weird behavior by, I don't know, handing Starving Robin his burger at any point.  BIMBO SPEECH OR NO BIMBO SPEECH.
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