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I HATE TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY UNDER BRAVO.  Have I mentioned this?  I may have mentioned it in passing, but now it's getting unbearable - because now they’ve introduced those fucking “floating” ads that obscure the page and take forever to respond the exit button (which often takes some time just to find).  Pop-up ads had NOTHING on this shit. 

And when you consider how many times you have to go to a new page while reading recaps, and that when using network computers (as I usually am) I can't employ any ad-blocking is sheer torture.  I currently read House, SVU, HIMYM, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, and Survivor on there, so this is really irritating.

'NCIS: 6x02, "Agent Afloat"
Have I mentioned how glad I am that they fixed this broken team debacle swiftly, right off the bat?  Because I am.  Have I also mentioned how much I still despise the new director and find him vomitrocious?  Because I don't think I've used that particular word before, and it's definitely necessary.

Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass about the file he shredded, or what his Great Big Mysterious Motivations are, or anything else about his ridiculously stupid OMG AMBIGUOUS role on this show is. I miss Jenny more than I would have thought possible; time we spend seeing him is always wasted.  I'm sick of it already.  Which is why it does my heart good to see Gibbs continue to blow up at him and eyeball him with suspicion and not-infrequent contempt.  Equally great: calmly ignoring orders to choose a new team member, because he wants DiNozzo, and DiNozzo he shall have.  End of discussion.  

Loved seeing Tony's eyes light up at the sight of Gibbs & Ziva, though.  Awww, so clearly his two favorite people in the world, showing up out of the blue in the middle of nowhere.  Adorable.  Also enjoying the return of Tiva, which I missed during episode it was absent.  I love that he has the bikini pictures of Ziva taped up on the wall.  :P  Also loved their metaphorical (or is that allegorical?) discussion of Abby & McGee to discuss their own relationship.  It was exactly what I wanted from the reunion.  There were Looks.  Significant Looks.

Best thing of all, though, BY FAR, was Abby flying up the bullpen to tackle-hug him at the end.  I love those two!  He has a such a big-brother dynamic with her, and she's utterly adorable with the demonstrative affection.  Bouncing up and down with excitement just to tell him about Sister Rose's bowling score... :P  Also, the ruffly/cap-sleeved red top she was wearing in the first part of the episode was one of the prettiest things ever.

I feel like I should have more to say about this episode, especially as season 6 looks to be doing what the CSI spinoffs couldn't do, recover from a sucktastic season (or 2) and go back to brilliance, but it's suffering from Tuesday Slump Syndrome.  That's where I have too many shows on Tuesday, most of which are in my lower tier of favorites, and Tuesdays always bring me bad luck so I hate them.  The end result is that no matter when I actually watch the Tuesday shows, the knowledge that it's part of that day's lineup makes me want to hurry up and get them over with.
'Law & Order: SVU: 10x02, "Confession"
If possible, I now like the new ADA even less.  I thought lawyers were usually busy with paperwork, research, and specifically prepping for/actually being in court.  Why is she running around champing at the bit because they won't let her stick her nose into every potential case the minute it opens?  It seems like she's seriously overstepping her job description boundaries, getting in the detectives' way, and I don't see why she keeps taking offense when they try to make her back off.   

Plus I haven't seen her in court yet (though not for lack of trying this week - bonus negative, she's so bloodthirsty she has no compassion left!) and she took a seriously nasty swipe at Casey about her being disbarred (which, what?  I thought she was only suspended.  That sucks.), so this is really not endearing her to me.  Two episodes of this BS has eroded whatever chance I might have been willing to give her.  I'm sure the writers are going to try and make her character understandable at some point, but it's too late. I have now specifically made up my mind to hate her for all time, and the harder they try to redeem her, the more I'm specifically going to maintain my hatred. 

I do like the fact that we get to see Munch on a more regular basis (I even read it in an interview; is truefax), although after being deprived of him for so long I've officially lost the ability to do more than flail and squeak about the fact that he appeared.  I'm never able to remember anything specific about my joy, only that it was intense.  Though this week I did really love the abused woman coming back at the end and admitting he was right - trusting him enough to press charges - and the very, very gentle way he handled her after that made me go GUH.  I think I am a little bit in love with the man.  Also, screw Olivia and forget Stabler - when I need to report abuse in that precinct, I want Munch on the case.

Pity we really only got to see that framed in the beginning and end, and had to spend our actual episode time on another quasi-pedophile case.  Although kudos for
a) remembering that Elliot has children besides Black Sheep Kathleen and Baby Eli,
b) creating a not-completely-reprehensible pedophile, as I'm rather impressed by the 'look but don't touch' mantra.  I recognize the inherent logic flaws in his website, and the potential danger it would bring, and am sickened by the mention that he likes girls as young as 3 (ick ick ew), but as for the website itself, I'm not quite struck by the all-consuming rage or disgust that Elliot and Olivia, respectively, reacted with. 
--Also, was extremely fond of his rationale that "some people are just born this way," and smacking down Elliot's derision that no one's born a deviant because "homosexuals used to be considered deviants too."  POINT TO THE PEDOPHILE, THERE, SORRY. 

Am confused as to how the stepbrother went from being "OMG I have these horrible urges, please help me stop them!" to suddenly not only actually going after a kid (in ways that seemed particularly violent, from Olivia's tone), but changing his tune to "THIS IS AWESOME.  WE SHOULD ALL JUST GIVE IN AND DO IT."  That's...a kind of scary 180.  You'd think with that much guilt beforehand, he'd have started with something more innocuous, or at the very least been consumed with guilt afterwards.

Love how Elliot can continue to just beat people up with little to no direct provocation, and get nothing more than a few days' unpaid suspension for which I mean it's kind of sad how police brutality from Stabler is now just kind of par for the course in an episode.  In a related note, he does seem to have an awful lot of unpaid suspension time every year.  Someone should calculate how much money his violent temper costs him.
'House, 5x03, "Adverse Effects"
1. No Wilson at *all*?  WHAT IS THIS RIDICULOUS NONSENSE.  (although people made so much noise over the promo for the next episode that I had to look it up, and...holy damn, that does look awesome)

2. Still hate the P.I.  Also still refuse to learn his name.  He skeeves me out too much.  [Future Self: It's Lucas.  I made it easy for you.]

3. HOUSE WAS A CHEERLEADER, WHAT?  I shall just quote TWoP, "[that] is awesome on so many levels that I don't know what to do yet."

4. The Magical Offscreen Relationship of Chaseron continues, I see, bringing with it something else that is awesome on so many levels that I don't know what to do yet: Cameron loves cats!  (or at least likes them pretty well)  Enough to want them to get a cat!  Oh my God, I love it when TV characters get pets; so few of them have animals in their lives. I am now going to plug my ears and pretend Chase isn't refusing that request on extremely petty and pointless reasons, because Cameron is trixy and Chase is - or at least had better be - a pushover, and DAMN IT.  THEY ARE GETTING A CAT WITHIN THE MONTH. 

It will be a gray male kitten, though I haven't yet decided on the name - it's got to be something clever, possibly poking fun at House and/or Foreman - and Cameron will adore it to pieces.  Chase will supremely disdain it at first, as a sad number of men do, which of course will make the cat all the more determined to hang around him, as cats do.  Eventually, Cameron will catch him absent-mindedly feeding it bits of chicken or letting it lick empty tuna cans, or possibly find it curled up on his chest/lap when he dozes off on the sofa.  He will adamantly insist that he still doesn't care about the cat, and she will smirk and be all "Uh-huh, sure," but after a year or two he will finally confess that he's gotten used to the little bugger.  Fifteen years in the future, when they finally have to put the cat down from old age, he will even shed a tear in the vet's office.

(Apparently, this is how I do fanfic now.  I can't write actual scenes to save my life, but by god, I can visualize inventive scenarios!)

5. Oh, Taub.  You are such a stupid man!  And it's really kind of sad because as soon as we saw his wife, I knew things were going to spiral downhill, and yet seeing her made me suddenly not hate him for most of an episode.  It was a depressing realization, wanting things to go well for them - how adorable was his wife's secret car fund? - and knowing they wouldn't.  But seriously, Taub, trying to figure out if you should confess by questioning your patient's girlfriend to see if she was happy about knowing the truth? 

PARTICIPATING IN CLINICAL TRIALS =/= CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE.  Those are not even in the same galaxy of similarity.

6. The bezoar was REALLY GROSS.  I even read the recaplet beforehand, so I knew that I should look away, but I still didn't do it fast enough.  Ugh.  And, um, also I think now there's a scene in Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince I may never be able to read again without gagging.  Damn you, show!  
'Bones, 4x05, "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond"

Also for the win: ZACK ZACK ZACK. With his most adorable, shaggy, floppy hair yet!! (WHERE WAS THIS CUT WHEN HE WAS STILL ON THE SHOW, MM??) His every scene was so incredibly brilliant, even the ones with Sweets in them, that I was pretty much lost to paroxysms of joy and had no words left. It made me so sad, for example, that he felt more remorse about being wrong than for killing someone. And then when he showed up at the Jeffersonian and couldn't process why they didn't look happy to see him. (I forget how his lack of social competency even outstrips Dr. Brennan's)

AND THE END. WHERE HE ADMITS THAT HE DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO THE STABBING AND KILLING AND WHATNOT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, WRITERS. THANK YOU. Of course, I expect you to somehow find loopholes in this confession big enough to get him working at the Jeffersonian again. Or at least have him working as an outside consultant. He could work as a consultant, couldn't he? Damn it, if a profiler can pop up in the lab for no reason whatsoever all the time, the guy locked up in a mental hospital can have a starring role too!

Hodgins visiting him, bringing gifts of equations to solve, broke my heart. Poor, lost, I-hate-everyone-Hodgins representing the tragic figure in all this...and when he started laughing about how his friend in the loony bin w/ disfigured hands felt sorry for him, I just wanted to wrap him up in a great big hug.

Oh, oh, and when he automatically started to say “King of the…”??  *sniffles* I’m starting to feel like I miss him having his partner/quasi-rival at work even more than I miss his relationship with Angela.  Scratch that, I do miss it more.  It hurts more to see him sourly working by himself than it does to think about him going home alone.  Partly because I hate Angie but mostly because she’s more to blame than Zak.  She threw it away for no good reason; he is the victim of his insane genius brain.

Also, Hodgins still comes across as extraordinarily paternalistic in these conversations, simultaneously with the best-friendship.  It’s hard to explain why or how this works, though I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Zack’s insane genius brain makes him very naïve/child-like in other aspects, but I love it.

Moving on to Wendell - I like this grad student too! Possibly more than all of the previous ones, although I cannot lie, my love for Grumpy Clarke is still pretty strong.  Basically, what we've established is that the only way they can go wrong with the Zack replacement - so far - is to hire the old guy. Being reasonably attractive is a job requirement here, I'm sorry to say.  The only drawback to this one is that Angela’s taken an unreasonable amount of interest in him, and Hodgins had only limited interaction.  I prefer it when Hodgins gets exasperated with the grad students.

As far as other things, was extremely fond of Booth suddenly feeling a surge of testosterone that put him in partner-protection overdrive.  I love how traditional he is.  Have I mentioned that recently?  The standing up for her in general was great (“Don’t call my partner a chick, what’s the matter with you?”), especially him being stubborn and manly in his refusal to admit that there was anything particularly wrong with his back until she forced him to accept her help…awww.    

Also fond of Angela blaming Sweets, because…TOLD YOU SO.  He’s the only person I still hold equally if not more responsible for the breakup.

Lastly, INSTANT SONG LOVE!!  This show is so amazing with its music choices for ending montages (the whole gang sharing dinner with Zack at the diner, awwww! *cries*) 

In this case, it’s Katie Gray, “Set Free.”  And holy damn, there’s a link to d/l it in a YouTube video, and neither the video nor the download link has been disabled yet!  *is gleeful about good fortune*

There's a cold fire, there's a crossfire, and there's something inside.
And we'll never, never make it, and we'll never, never break it.

And you got style, and you got grace
And you got the means to leave that place.
But you'll never, never make it, and you'll never, never break it.
Until you learn to see, until you set free.
So set free…

'Bones, 4x06, "The Crank in the Shaft"
(is anyone else's head spinny about how we're already half a dozen episodes into the season??  Especially after how sparse things were after the writer's strike...I know we're about to go into the Land of Baseball Drought for a while - the only negative thing about October, at least where FOX shows are concerned - but these episodes are coming so thick and fast I almost can't keep up with them)

1. OK, that was a really disgusting corpse.  And Bones has been getting increasingly less like Bones and more like CSI in terms of gore - you know, funny but true story, one of the things that most drew me to this show was how relatively clean the bodies they found were, thanks to the TITLE of BONES - but bits and pieces smeared all the way down an elevator shaft?  Not cool.

2. All right, now we're only 4 for 6 on the Roulette Wheel of Grad Students.  Fisher is officially the least likable of them all; he's creepy and gross and I really never want to see him again.  It got to the point where I started skipping through his scenes because I couldn't stand to hear him speak anymore.  And that was just one episode!

3. Hodgins/Angela: God, I liked it better when they were pretending their relationship didn't happen.  I also liked it better when Hodgins was just feeling plain hateful towards her.  Guys, I have to confess something: I think this show broke my love for the ship.  I don't even want them to get back together anymore.  If they do, I suppose I will support it for Hodgins' sake, but right now?  Because of how it ended, I have SO MUCH HATE for Angela that I'd really be happiest if they stayed broken forever, or at the very least spent a season or two apart. 

I don't like feeling that way, because Hodgins/Angela, in the Gravedigger episode,  was actually what catapulted me into fandom love for this show in the first place after skipping season 1 and feeling on the fence for the early part of season 2.  But really, I get no pleasure from the thought of their reunion at all.  And this is not a thing that happens very often!  It takes a lot to make me turn on an OTP!  My shippy, shippy heart doesn't do stuff like that!  And yet.

I mean, sure, a little part of me will probably come crawling back under cover of darkness, to scavenge that mental image of them being huddled up in a mountain cabin - snatch it and run away to a safe hidey-hole to treasure and daydream about it, I will - but I won't admit to that if questioned. 

Right now, I can't stop roling my eyes at Angela's cheerful declaration that she's going to remember the good times as they were, because if you can remember it that fondly, then you should still  be in the stupid relationship.  Oh, oh, OH, that reminds me, how much did it burn me up to hear "sometimes you just have to move on"?  NO!  You never have to do that!  And that's part of the reason I'm so resistant against them getting back together; someone this horribly waffly and stupid doesn't deserve him.

4. I was legitimately upset when the murderers turned out to be the Jim And Pam From a Twisted Parallel Universe characters.  Damn it, those were the only two I didn't want it to be.  And all they wanted was to be together!  It's not their fault their horrible office manager had a brain waiting to explode and a stapler that managed to defy incredible odds and open up at exactly the right time and angle, with just enough force to actually eject a staple, defying further odds on that staple somehow managing to deliver a fatal blow!

(Seriously, one day my brain will stop automatically comparing every couple that is not in law enforcement, medicine, or including one immortal/alien member to Jim & Pam, BUT THIS EPISODE MADE IT TOO EASY)

5. Sweets hate has not gone away.  But now it's just because hatred is my coping mechanism.

6. The "Cocky" belt buckle still cracks me up.  Every single time. 


'Survivor: Episode 3
I really hate the wrestling challenges.  I hate them beyond belief; it's just way too gross watch not only people getting violent when they jerk others around (I'm always afraid someone is going to dislocate a shoulder, seriously), but the constant mashing of flesh against flesh.  Iiiiiiick.  The immunity challenge with the Slip-n-Slide was much more enjoyable.  Even though no matter how hard I tried to logic out the puzzle, my brain just glazed over.

On the bright side, I'm delighted that popular opinion seems to be swinging in favor of Sugar.  You have no idea how exciting this validation is!  I thought for sure the internet would  be up in arms over her for being dumb or giggly or whatever else usually makes them turn on the pretty girls.  But no, after her (AMAZING, ADORABLE, SUCCESSFUL) Idol hunt, everyone seems to cheering her on!  WOO!

Although it makes me sad that my second-favorite (because Bob is still The Best Guy Of All Time) is in cahoots with my second least favorite.  Yuck.  Unwrap yourself from Ace already, please!!  On the opposite end of the spectrum, GC has vastly sunk in my opinion.  He's plummeted down to the bottom of the heap for his constant sulking, whining, selfishness, and remarkable ability to take personal offense at just about anything.

Voting: Paloma's out?  What?  I definitely dislike this trend of voting out the pretty young women so early.  And I was really starting to like her!  She was cute, and making so much sense about trying to get rid of Ace, and furthermore, wasn't the whole tribe in agreement about how Ace totally set her up in the challenge just so he could say 'I told you so' about her athletic weakness later, and decide that he was a dangerous prick?!  Why did that feeling suddenly disappear at voting time?

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