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Thursday night, in reverse chronological order

Aaand, we're back to multi-topic. Reverse order.
ER: Yay!  I think I might not only be on board with Luby Love, but I've stopped holding my breath waiting for it to blow up!  I think we're safe.  I really do.  And even though I gagged on the nauseatingly sugar-sweet-cliche of "I was running to you," the rest of that ending scene was so very heartwearming.   His promises that he wasn't going to let anything break them apart, holding her hand, placing kisses on her palm, followed by a soft kiss and foreheads touching...that made my whole night.

Provided Dubenko has the mad scientist curls, he actually counts on "non-sucky characters" side of the equation, so we're back up to five now.  He's twice as likable after that endearing-but-sad scene with him and his sister.  Although I am sure I am not the only one who cringed through most of the gift-giving scene, horrified that he might be about to confess some creepy attraction to Neela.  I sincerely believed that was what was going to happen.  And despite all my promotion of Gibbs, Grissom & Horatio with considerably younger love interests, that is soooo not the case here.  This is a truly father/daughter relationship and words cannot express how much it squicks me out to think of him having an unrequited crush on her.  (and requited would cause my head to explode from the nightmare)  When it ended up being nothing more than him finally saying "You're a great surgeon," I breathed a sigh of relief. Because that's how it's supposed to be.  Has he really not told her that before?  Maybe it's just so implicit in everything he says to her that I just kind of assumed  she knew that.
Everything involving Morris and Hope was indescribably painful to witness.  Okay, for a minute there, Daddy Archie and his little red-haired daughter (who is way too cute to be his) was endearing, but then I remembered that all these kids were produced via sperm donors and IVF, and he isn't so much their father as a guy who found out, like, a year ago that he was related to a bunch of half-grown kids.  Now, see, if it were just this one girl, and he'd raised her, that would be one thing.  But this is just too weird to be enjoyable.  And the ending was stupid.  And Hope needs to have her head stuffed in a blender.  She goes with Che and Bullet and Taylor in the black hole of Stupid Characters Who Cannot Comprehend Normalcy.   When she's not gushing Jesus Love, she's a suggestive little skank...

I mean, she sounded kind of awkward asking him, so I assume that she doesn't often try to pick up guys, but I really didn't peg her for the "let's see where the night takes us" kind of girl.   I pegged her for more of the "25 year old virgin" kind of girl.

Final storyline of the night, street kids!  Gates just keeps making a case for being the biggest prick ever to join County.  (not that he will ever beat Kerry Weaver.  Or Romano's gift for causing universal animosity) And even when he boldly lies to a bunch of kids and breaks their little hearts without looking even a little apologetic, I still can't hate him.  It bugs me that I can't hate him. 

Also, spoilers say that Meg and her daughter will be back.  John Stamos, in a TV Squad interview, said there's a scene in which she comes to the hospital stumbling-down drunk, and he kind of violently pushes her up against the wall, angry at her for coming in like that.  Poor Meg.  She can't help loving him. 

Anyway.  I'm glad all the little street urchins have been rounded up and placed in foster care.  Or a group home, same difference.  I didn't even know street urchins still existed.  I mean, when they were running through alleys and crawling through "oversized mouse holes" and into half-abandoned basements with a big pack of kids, I felt like we were in Dickens' Dublin.   Not to mention that if this poor teenage girl is sleeping with guys in exchange for food and shelter, and kids are dying of frickin' can they possibly think foster care is any WORSE?  So they get separated from their friends, from the little "family" they've built.  Big deal.  I can promise you that at no point in my life, from the age of 6 to present day, would I have boo-hooed if my brother and I had been separated forever.  We totally lack even a semblance of a sibling bond.  He has been useful a few times to help me with computer problems, and he got toys that I never would have asked for but discovered were fun, like Legos and select video games. Otherwise, no.  Sorry, end of digression. 

Yeah, I get that the street family is different, that they're friends who've become like family and blah blah blah them vs. the world, survival and crap, but I don't have a lot of sympathy.  In that I think about it, I would have done the same thing as Gates.  I would have soothed them long enough to get the mother and baby to the hospital, and then I would have had social services out to round up the ill and malnourished children immediately.  Because that's a place social services could actually be *useful*.

I like Ray's snittiness at the end, though, half-confronting him about the way he treated Neela.  Now if someone could only promise me that he was doing it out of concern for a friend, and not because he has even the slightest romantic interest in her, I'd be much happier.

"Loco Motives"
This episode split an interesting dichotomy, half of it deathly dark and foreshadowing Grissom's spiraling burnout and the other half a brilliantly comedic piece of work.  Catherine thought it was funny, anyway.  She didn't do a lot of evidence-processing; she mostly just laughed her way from start to finish.  But she has a cute laugh, and I was giggling right along with her, so I really can't fault her for it in anyway.

Not only was the little girl adorable - name me one person who didn't go "aw" when she looked at Warrick and giggled, "I like you.  You're a giant!" - but he in turn was clearly bemused by the girl.  It reminds me of when Lindsey was little (really little.  season 1). I forget how great Warrick is with kids.  

Brass got in a whole barrel of sarcastic cracks and generally hilarious moments, but absolutely none of them were funnier than when they finally ID the spectacularly unlucky criminal.  He's in the middle of gloating and wavingthe $10 he won from his bet with Brass (bet = "you can't [ID] me by 9 PM.") The little girl is walking down the hall heading in his direction, and he pulls an "oh, s***!" face.  He tries to surreptitiously tell her to be quiet, but her face lights up upon seeing him.  "Hi Max!"  He slumps, defeated.  And then -- oh, I'm laughing even now -- Brass grins right back at him and mimics a whispery falsetto: "Hi Max!"  FUNNIEST THING THIS SEASON.

I was definitely disturbed by the body this week, though.  The woman with her head in the oven?  She's a scary looking woman anyway - hey, does she remind anyone else of The Fruitcake Lady? - and when her eyes are open and glazed over like that, body all curled up...eeeeeeeh!

What was with Robbins snapping at David over the body count in the morgue?  Why is everybody in such a funk this season?  (except Sara.  Sara is brilliantly peppy this year.) 

Why yes, that was a brilliant segway into the GSR section.  I adored the moment when Sara first recognizes the name Mannleigh Chickens, but doesn't elaborate, just has her "ah-hah!" moment and walks away.  Grissom's general response is waitaminute, you're not gonna tell me what it is?!  She sticks her head back in and deadpans, "See how it feels."  But then she gives him a smile before disappearing.  Grissom's eyes literally widen in shock.  I watched it three times, laughing hysterically.  YTDAW got all fired up about the possible subtext of this, but as a considerably less rabid GSR fan, I am able to point out that this is merely a reference to all the times Grissom has made a connection and rushed off to pursue it without explanation.  In fact, he did that in the very last episode, as you may recall.  Still amusing.

Again, I am delighted to hear Sara's mildly defensive, " animals," when Grissom asks where she found the footage of Izzie Delancey's anti-chicken-slaughter video (which is generally indistinguishable from PETA's anti-KFC campaign, as headed by Pamela Anderson.) Yay!  I was worried Sara was only a vegetarian because the dead rotting pig was unappetitzing; it's good to know she actually likes animals.  Suppose it helps that Jorja is a revered name among PETA.     

Anyway, the expose was a nice touch.  I'm always glad when CSI highlights animal cruelty.  None of this was news to me, as I have been rounding up the stats and grisly details of animal cruelty (slaughterhouses included) since sixth grade, but I hope it opened some peoples' eyes.   The worst part of  this whole sequence?  The flashback to "Bubbles" and the random worker going at it.  For once, it wasn't the sex itself that disgusted me; it was the fact that they were having it in a filthy chicken slaughterhouse.  Unsanitary!

So, off that digression...Mini Crime Scenes Killer.  I nearly died of a pleasure overload at seeing all those miniatures.  I want them.  I want them all.  If I won the lottery, I would not only buy a house, I would stock one room in it with nothing but detailed miniature displays.

How funny was it when Hodges snuck up on Grissom, watching over his shoulder before going "WOOOOO-woo!"  (um, that was supposed to be a train whistle) The poor man jumped about a foot in the air.  He's really on edge, as further evidenced by the way he snapped at Hodges.  "I can see that it's a train, thank you."  And then there was the much less funny part at the end, where Grissom watches the confessional video Ernie Dell sent him, in which he rambles on and on, ending with  "A man could kill from sunup to sundown, and still his work would never be done."  And then he sticks a gun under his chin and pulls the trigger.  Grissom and I both jerked backward.    But...YTDAW seems to think that Ernie Dell wasn't the  true killer, that there's someone beyond him.  Hm.  It's very easy to be swayed by their opinions.  Season finale fodder, indeed. 

Interesting paralell to Shane over on New York, though...a nemesis that taunts in code, had a 3-episode arc...  

Oh, and then there was the sad, semi-GSR scene in the office where Catherine is giggling her way through a recount of The Unluckiest Criminal Ever, and Grissom just stares morosely.  Sara breezes in, all cheerful and peppy about her lead.  "Guess what?"
Grissom: (in a tone utterly devoid of life) "Mankind has reached a new evolutionary stage and no one will ever murder, maim or rape again."  [I paraphrase, probably.  I'm incapable of remembering even the simplest quotes verbatim]

Survivor: Normally I don't like the family members coming in any more than I like the feast rewards, but this time they were cute.  As much as I dislike Jonathon, he and his wife clearly have a very strong bond, and even though I didn't particularly need to see them giving Adam and Candice a run for their money in the make-out department, it was still sweet.  And at the end, when they came *so* close to winning but missed by a hair's breadth, and then Jonathon got kicked to Exile to, poor Stacy.  It was like she'd picked up on the everybody-hates-Jonathon vibe, but couldn't understand it because he's such a decent and upstanding guy.  Which is probably true in real life, but it's hard to break down 30+ days of Survivor gameplay to explain why he was a pariah.

I like Jeff's hilariously indignant "Jonathon not even asking permission, he's TAKIN' a goodbye! [kiss/hug]."  Jeff was two steps away from stamping his feet that once again, Jonathon refuses to be intimidated by his status as Presiding Overlord.  (when in reality, Jeffy is merely a pawn set there by the producers as a narrator]

As for the challenge itself, I'm glad Parvati won.  Because if I were out there, my dad definitely would have been the family member to come see me.  There were some very sweet paralells there.  I had to call home right after the episode aired.'s always fun to see the excruciating task of picking two people to share the reward, especially when it's something with so much at stake.  It was so cute to see the five remaining survivors lined up in a row, pleading with great big puppy dog eyes to be picked.  They were honestly like a bunch of dogs in a shelter going "Oh please!   Take me!  Oh please, please, please, I want to get out of here so bad!"

And I'm glad that Sundra and Adam were picked to share the reward, because I definitely think the parental bond is stronger than the sibling bond (at least in these cases), and Yul and Becky seem like they would have enjoyed it, but they didn't seem particularly crushed not to get it.  But...while I liked that Adam got to go just because he  had this look of half-hope, like he was sure he was going to be turned down...I felt bad for Ozzy, who appeared to be fighting back tears, and who kinda shut down, back in depression mode, upon returning to camp alone.

The immunity challenge was AWESOME!  I literally watched it the whole way through, no fast-forwarding, three times in a row.  It was the best one I've ever seen.  It was mostly worth it just to watch Dolphin Boy's spectacular dives and hyperstroke swimming, not to mention the way he sprinted across all the floating obstacles like he was running on solid ground.  But Yul has some nice dives too...and the rest of it was fun just to watch all the bruising going on.  Yul took several noticeable slips, and came crashing down on his hip at least a few times, not to mention the "OW!" moment when he smashed face-first into the floating stepping-stone boxes...but Sundra definitely had the worst fall.  She was trying to run across the barrels, and she almost made it but on the second one, she slipped sideways while pushing off, ending up in arc identical to the one cartoon characters take when they slip on a banana, and came down HARD with her thigh on the edge of platform, knocking her back into the water.  By the time she got up, she was limping, and I could almost feel the bruise forming.

The challenge was an absolute no-contest for Ozzy.  The only one who even came close to challenging him was Yul, and even he only had two pieces of the pole tied together by the time Ozzy cheerfully finished.   Watch out for Ozzy, y'all.  You'd best boot him  the first chance you get, because if he makes it the final 3, he's guranteed to be one of the final 2.  (unless they are in fact, going to have 3 contestants vying for the million at the end, in which case he'll DEFINITELY be there 'til the end.

So...they sent home Jonathon.  While I applaud this choice, because I can't stand seeing him on my screen, it was not the smartest move.  They should have kicked off Adam.  Jonathon wasn't a threat in the immunity challenges; Adam is.   What's more, Jonathon probably would not have sided with Parvati under any circumstances.  They had him a solid position to be kicked out fifth-to-last.  The problem now is that Adam and Parvati seem to be whispering into Ozzy's ear, and he's listening.  Because while he might be as hot as Pirate Will in the water, he has slightly less loyalty than Captain Jack.

*pause* Actually, I'm trying to figure out a way this could work, a way to bring the Raro underdogs back on top, but I'm not seeing it unless they tempt Sundra as well.  Because otherwise, it's Yul-Becky-Sundra vs. Adam-Parvati-Ozzy, and once again, it seems their only hope is to force a tie vote, and leave it to chance.  Hmmm...
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