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I'm going to start my paper soon, really.

OK, people, this is how you know you've been thinking about your favorite fandoms way too much lately: you dream that you're friends with Jim and Pam (who are...both in college, for some reason), and you're going to see one of the free movies shown by various clubs with them.  While you are busy admiring how adorable they are at all times, and perhaps just the tiniest bit annoyed that Jim forgot you were coming with them (although he does, at least, seem legitimately apologetic.  That's...something), partway through you have to surreptitiously leave in order to go help Emerson & Ned solve a murder case on campus.  (Chuck is nowhere in sight, perhaps proving how much she ticked you off in the premiere)

That's a very succinct version of what I can vaguely recall as being an exceedingly long and detailed dream last night of my adventures with the two parties

In unrelated news, we're nearing the end of the Jane Austen half of the course (*sniff*), which means I'm reading Emma, and holy God, words cannot express how much I constantly want to slap her across the face.  I think that's how she's supposed to come across, and in all fairness it's less violent loathing than incredulous laughter at how consistently irritating she can be, but seriously.  Seriously.  If the charming Mr. Knightley weren't around to keep me sane, I'm not sure I could finish this novel.  While to date he has not, unfortunately, slapped her across the face, he amuses me. 

Also, yesterday in class, our prof started out reminding us that our paper was due Thursday, our midterm was next week, and we had to go see or listen to a recording of a speaker coming to campus as part of the midterm points.  "And now that I've depressed your spirits by telling you all that, I have to brighten them by...showing you a scene from the movie!"  Normally the film clips are a highlight of class, but I am not on board with this box-office version of Emma.  Gwyenth Paltrow, what the hell?  You are not Emma, and you look closer to 37 than 21 even way back in 1996.  GTFO of my Austen fantasies, please.  This is one time I'm in favor of following the picture on the cover.  (plus Alan Cummings as Mr. Elton was...twitchy little ferret Alan Cummings is just always unpleasant)

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