RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Can this be wrong?

I'm shielding my eyes from anything past the second paragraph (I like to play with fire, apparently; reading even that far could have been chancey), but um...really? There's another renegade Time Lord running around out there? Why does the Doctor even bother being emo about being the last of his kind, when they keep popping out of the woodwork?

I'm hoping this a completely random rumor, because if not, at this point I'm starting to think the Doctor's going to find out that the Time War was actually all in his head as the result of a psychotic break, and they're all safe and sound somewhere he just doesn't know about. I mean, clearly the Daleks were nowhere near annihilated...

I say all this ostensibly knowing nothing about season 4, and thanking you not to reference anything detailed. /obligatory reminder. (SOMEDAY. SOMEDAY I WILL SEE IT, POSSIBLY EVEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS!) Hopefully I'm not showing my ignorance too badly here.
Tags: doctor who, spoilers
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