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Today I have two orders of business. The first one is a survey to tell you a wee bit about me.

Long have I resisted the siren call of the survey.  But at last I caved, and I thought, what better place to put it than on a site where I never actually talk about myself? It might even be interesting. Nicked from jeremybrettfan.
1. What is your middle name?
Glenn (named after my great-grandfather, okay? I really am a girl)

2. How big is your bed?
A bare-bones twin frame at school, a nice big double at home. The footboard is broken (the end is, um, supported on coffee cans now) but the headboard is huge and ornately carved. The bed is an antique, brought over from Germany a couple of generations ago. It's part of a matching set that includes my ornately carved wooden dresser/mirror.

3. What are you listening to right now?
all sorts of band music. (actual bands, you know - the kind they have in high school with flutes and trumpets and such). Specifically, I'm listening to Incidental Suite, which is a remarkable piece of work.

4. What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?
No idea. I should learn my number someday. I only use the cell as a way for my parents to contact me if I'm not in my room.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Baked Lays, barbeque flavor. It's the first time I've had any kind of chips in almost 3 months, and it was so worth it.

6. Last person you hugged?

7. How is the weather right now?
Pretty mild for being a December night. Long as I'm wearing a jacket, it's not even cold.

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
their hair

10. Favorite type of food?
lately I've had cravings for imitation crab meat. (it comes in nice little inexpensive packages in the freezer section...I've never had real crab, but this stuff is delicious)

11. Do you want children?
No. I have absolutely no desire to be pregnant, I can't stand babies, and I don't deal well with girls under 3 years of age, or boys under 6. I don't really do well with little boys at all. Probably stems from my animosity towards my brother. And the brothers of all my friends.

12. Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?
Can't say as I have.

13. Hair color?
Light brown

14. Eye color?

15. Do you wear eye contacts?
Nope. Not glasses either.

16. Favorite holiday?
Fourth of July. Fireworks yay!

17. Favorite Season?
Weather-wise, fall.

18. Have you ever cried over a girl/boy?
You mean like in 7th grade, when I heard Brandy's "Have You Ever" (loved somebody so much it made you cry) and I dissolved into tears because it was just how I felt about my crush?

Nah. Never.

19. Last Movie you Watched?

20. What books are you reading?
A-HAH HAH HAH! Foolish people. I don't read anymore, unless it's on or a required handout for class. Seriously, I've only finished about 3 books this entire semester. Maybe I'll get back in the habit over Christmas break.

21. Favorite Movie?
Pirates of the Caribbean

22. Favorite college football team?
Ours. The Johnnies. Because we have the winningest coach of all time.

23. What were you doing before filling this out?
writing episode reviews on Televinita

24. Any pets?
At home, I've got my dear Kym, who is a 90-pound German Shepherd/Lab mix. Extremely pretty. Body and coloring of a shepherd, head of a lab.

25. AIM?
Not anymore.

26. Dogs or cats?
I insist upon having both. I like a nice big dog, so that she can go on long walks, do tricks, be used as a pillow and be generally robust and huggable (plus go nuts with happiness when you come home), but I also love small and delicate cats, who curl up in your lap and purr like small motors, and rub their chins against your hand in a most appealing way.

27. Favorite flower?

28. Who would you like to see right now?
eh, nobody. I have a single room at the end of the hallway for a reason.

29. Have you ever fired a gun?

30. Do you like to travel by plane?
I like flying. But I hate being in airports and going through the checkpoints; the whole experience is confusing and frightening.

31. Right-handed or left-handed?

32. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
I don't want to go anywhere right now; I like where I am.

33. Do you have a tattoo?


I'm on a bit of a nocturnal bender at the moment, so I went to bed at 7 AM and woke at 2:30 in the afternoon...the first thing I thought when I woke up was "Check Hotmail! Want fanfiction news!"

Well, everything in my room is pretty handy, since the bed is located mere feet from everything, including a sink, so...I guess the closest thing is probably the set of plastic drawers in front of my bed, on which rests the TV and the remote.


Only during the last week of summer, at 3 AM, when I'm the only person living on my floor...

I pretty much live in my room these days.

Pens/notebooks, animals, and libraries (in my normal life, I'm a voracious reader. At least 100 books per year since 2000).

Speaking from a purely greedy standpoint... there would be a massive spree first at Half Price Books to see what vintage delights I could find, and then there would be an even more massive spree on At the top of the list, I have my eye on the season 2 CSI: New York DVD set.

Realistically, I would just sign the check over to my college, because I'm behind with the tuition payments.

My favorite song changes on a daily basis, and it's always tied with about ten others. But after careful reflection, I think I have come up with ten proven-classic songs.

1. Jewel - "Hands"
2. Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles"
3. Avril LaVigne - "Nobody's Home"
4. Bree Sharp - "Fallen"
5. Dido - "Mary's in India"
6. Dixie Chicks - "Bitter End"
7. Josh Groban - "Oceano"
8. Loreena McKennit - "The Highwayman"
9. Tori Amos - "Scarlet's Walk"
10. Sarah McLachlan - "Building a Mystery"

My residence going up in flames



My flute, the thickest notebook EVER (with pen attached), and enough dice to play Yahtzee. Screw survival items!

Dog food commercials in general, because they have such cute puppy-dogs! Although I also like the ones for the Gap, with all the dancing. :)


49. Favorite color(s)?

Pen and paper, see a pattern yet? It's the first thing I grab. Even before I grab my ID card, keys, and wallet. The keys and wallet aren't really essential anyway, at least on campus.

The next item of business is Fic Recs.  There are 19 in this batch, spanning CSI, CSI: NY, House M.D., the O.C., Standoff, Numb3rs, Without a Trace, Supernatural, and Smallville.
*Note*: Some of these were written November, but by no means all of them.  Some may be months or even years old, but I only discovered them recently, and so they go on the list.  They're good enough to go in my story binder, and I have high standards.  Fandom is in brackets before the title.  Although, I have the highest praise for the CSI: NY ones, as they are AWESOME.

1. [NCIS] [collection] DrawMeASheep.  Yes, I'm starting off by cheating and naming an author instead of a title, in hopes that you will read *all* her titles.  I've mentioned this name already, but really, if you are a fan of Tiva in just the littlest way - in fact, it probably works better if you're only a moderate shipper - you will enjoy her writing.  She's got every character's voice down pat and many of her works are missing-scene or post-episode things that are *believable* enough to fit seamlessly into the show's framework. 

2. [CSI -- GSR] Wintertime
Voice: Is this *fic* recs, or AUTHOR recs?
RS: Shut up.  She's been around for a while, and everyone ought to know this name, but I'm only slowly working my way through it.  So far, I recommend "Stage of Love", "Teacher's Pet", and "How to Have a Social Life Without Really Trying."  The first one is an "angsty, angsty, GSR oneshot" and all I can really say to summarize is "of cancer and Sara, and Grissom, and phantom picnics they never got to have."  Trust me.

The second is the most hilarious thing I have ever read.  And it's got stiff competition from all the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter parodies I have read, but Teacher's Pet is a literal "ROTFL" story.  Riddled with special in-jokes for all the real fans.  There are no accidental names.  Everyone's high school counterpart/persona is *perfect*.  The fact that it's really Greg-centric makes it better than anything.  And the third is a shorter, quicker read that's still darn funny.  Oh so skilled with the funny Greg lines.

3. [NCIS] Ten Nonlinear Moves, by Sequitur
You will cry at the perfection with which the author explains the evenst of the four-month hiatus/interim.  Well, actually you'll chuckle in several spots, but same difference.  Only after you read this will you understand how Tony became the team leader, and *why* everyone so easily accepted him as the team leader, and *understand* that he really did do a good job taking over the role of boss.  (yes, this was on the first list I wrote, but I didn't realize it when I wrote my Xanga post...and I have a better summary this time.)

4.[NCIS] Everyone You Know, by Sequitur
Official summary: Things change too quickly.  He thinks they might have changed forever.
My summary: for now?  It's from McGee's POV (3rd person), and it's about what happens after Le Grenouille plot comes to a close and Tony's involvement is revealed.  It's really, really, really, really  good.   And rife with incredible details, of course.

5. [Numb3rs] Black Cadillacs - screaming-poetically
Second Numb3rs fic I've read!  One of these days I'll get into the category.  I only came across this story accidentally, while hunting CSI: NY drabbles.  I found this one via an author link...actually, it's a fifty-sentences prompt table.  And strangely, while the summary is "Colby and Megan's relationship, in fifty sentences," and I am so not a supporter of that couple, the writing is so incredible that I don't care.  Poetic, indeed.

6. [CSI] The Price of Altruism - iluvroadrunner
Okay, actually this is an October posting, but I can't get over how much I love it. It's a beautiful work of art, post-Fannysmackin', that I don't think anyone will ever top.  The episode was fantastic, and I wanted to explore further, but after reading this I surrendered all attempts of my own.

7. [CSI: NY] Babel - foxdvd
I've been really trying to get into CSI: NY stories.  So far I have about 18.  This one is unlike any of them.  Heck, it's unlike anything I've ever read, despite its seven-deadly-sins theme.  Each chapter assigns one sin to each of the CSIs (minus Aiden, plus Flack, and including Peyton), and explores their thoughts/prayers - each one liberally sprinkled with words in a foreign language specific to the character (i.e. Italian for Danny and Dutch for Flack).  The words are never translated, which is part of the story's magic.  Fear not, you can guess most of them from context.  And each chapter (except Danny's) ends with the Lord's Prayer.  In the foreign language.  Seriously, I get shivers every time I read this.

8. [CSI: NY] Decision - bluevista
A late night at work evokes a memory of Claire.  If I had my way, it would be called "Whisper in the Dark."  I have no other critique, this is a drabble-esque piece that I love so much I wish I had written it.  I love Claire, after all.  If you read Televinita, you're aware that she ranks somewhere near Marisol in terms of how much I like her, even though she was dead before the series began.  I like to call her "the best character who never existed."  And  this little piece takes my breath away.

9. [CSI: NY] Supernova - Delga  
"Mac/Stella prose poetry," said I when I printed it out.  Well, more like Mac/Stella falling apart, if they ever were.  Words cannot express how much I adore this tri-part poem collection.  (drabbles, whatever.  They're somehow more poetic than drabbles)  My favorite line:
She falls into you like a train wreck, and then there's juniper and gin all down your white shirt

10. [CSI: NY] Every Mile Further - differenttruck
I am the only person who reviewed this, which is ridiculous because it's better than most of the crap that comes through the front page.   It's a Flack/Aiden pairing, which is another one I don't usually (read: ever) support, but it's not overt, and here it works.  How to explain this?  Hmm...Aiden needed to get out of the city.  So she grabbed Don, and they drove.  I don't know how to explain this so I'm just going to quote a swath of it.

With twenty-some years of Brooklyn blood running through her veins, a simple bite, a simple tiny cut, gave her the chance to bleed that blood and forget all that she had ever come from. The chance to finally leave the place where her ancestors had tied invisible bonds to her wrists came...

But then again, a part of you believes that the real reason she wants to leave is because of the city that had bared itself naked to her. ... She needed to get out, she needed to breathe, she just needed the chance to take whatever little she could get and go.

So she found you.

Please Don, let’s get the fuck out of here. I need to just go and hope that somewhere I can just fuckin’ breathe.

11. [House] Sometimes Why - Temet Nosce
I think this may have been the first fic in this category I ever read (odd...I think her These Old Anchors may have been my first one for NCIS), which was probably a poor choice because now everything pales in comparison to it.  Reading this story is like studying a fine piece of artwork.  You see something new every time.  But really, I start out with the prompt from Shakespeare.  [Which I just realized isn't on the page, so check this:
They that have power to hurt and will do none,
That do not do the thing they most do show,
Who, moving others, are themselves as stone,
Unmoved, cold, and to temptation slow:

Then there's the summary line.  He was born a screaming baby boy and he will always hate endings. And then each little section is just indescribable.  As often happens with her stories, I walk around in a fog after I've read it, and can't help repeating lines to myself, enjoying the feeling of the words.

Afterwards: it's over.

And she will always wonder what she finds so attractive about men who are dying.

He is mad at her, not because she slept with Chase on a drunken high a few months ago, but that she stayed the night.

About her: and he hates her at times.

Him.  And her.  And their pointless work preventing corpses.

I read and sincerely enjoy other stories, of course, but none of them are ever quite the same.

12. [O.C.] Tahiti - Chivalrysdead
This is a very cool, very believable, generally amazing story of what would have happened if Seth had taken Summer with him on the boat at the end of season 1.  It's also kind of sad, because even different circumstances couldn't keep them together.  But at least this way, you can see it crumbling.   Mostly, it finally explores something I don't know if the show ever did: that Seth spent years building up Summer, in his eyes, to be this beautiful, perfect vision.  And reality never quite measures up. 

13. [O.C.] The Sad, Sad Tale of Two White Knights - Helen C
The category is drama/humor.  And THAT says it all.  People get shot, and yet it still manages to  be funny.  Not that the wounds aren't serious.  They are.  But it''s kind of like an odd little twisted-up fairy tale.  Trust me, nothing is out of place here.  I adored it.  Stories like this keep my faith in the O.C. category alive.

14. [Standoff] Pet Woes - Jennie
I have read most of the Standoff stories, and most of them are good, but this was the first I read and it's perfect.  It's Matt and Emily in the future, married with a six-year-old daughter, and even though I usually hate futurefics and kids and whatnot?  It totally, 100% works.  Besides, there are pets!  Lots of pets!  It takes place in a pet store, while the little girl picks something out! (and to give you a hint of how much fun it is, the first thing she points to is a kinkajou)  Dialogue is spot-on and utterly fantastic.   Have I mentioned they make awesome parents?

15. [Standoff] After the Fury Dies - Laura Castellano
The title and summary are so unassuming that I always wonder why I like this story more than the other ones out there (which are admittedly good, but I haven't sorted them all straight in my head yet). And then I read it, and I remember.  It's a post-ep for the only episode I didn't see,  but I really think the dialogue is great.  I could see this playing out. 

16. [NCIS] Timeline, Redux - Wiccagirl24
Explores the idea of how the years might have gone by if Shannon had been alone in the car that day, and Kelly had lived. (A scenario otherwise known as "the fondest wish of my heart's deepest fluffy reserves.")  Another idea that I partially had at one time, but now will never consider writing because this one is perfect. 

17. [Smallville] Pink - Stephanie
I found this only because I wanted to see who had the pageholder for my name, and whether she'd been there longer than I had (yes, but by less than 2 months!).  Something about it just caught my eye.  So even though I've seen a total of one episode (ironically, I think it was the one where Clark was all red-eyed and practically ripping some girl...perhaps this 'Chloe'...'s clothes off), I read it, and I love it.  It's actually a whole spectrum of colors, assigned to various characters.  Let's see, what did I write in my personal summary... "Chloe's unplanned pregnancy goes wrong, and everyone sees the aftermath in their own personal hue".  Since the story clearly expanded after the fact to include more chapters than just that first part, a title change is probably in order.  Otherwise, tis excellent.

18. [Supernatural. TECHNICALLY] Toy Story - Rinne
I'm telling everyone I can think of about this one.  If you were born in the 80's, this will be a delightful trip down memory lane.  Well, actually it will be really sad, but this is incredibly well written.  It's set in 1988, and therefore pre-show, when the boys are quite young.  This could easily be an original piece of fiction - I have never seen this show, so I had no idea who any of the characters were, yet I didn't feel lost at all.  It's simply remarkable.  I love this one so much I even promoted it on my regular blog.  "If you and/or a sibling owned things such as Uno, Legos, Where's Waldo or Roald Dahl books, Thomas the Tank engine or Star Wars action figures, you will enjoy it." 

Mini Digression: I especially love it because it mentioned Animalia.  Words cannot express how much I adore that book.  Got it as a first-birthday present from a friend of my mom's; there's an inscription in the cover (so few of my books have that!), and I remember many, many, MANY hours just gazing at the pictures and seeing how many items I could pick out, or reading it with Mom and seeing who could find the hidden little boy first.  Hell, I STILL sometimes leaf through it.  The illustrations are breathtaking. 

19. [Without a Trace] The View From the Window - Horatio1
In a crumbling landscape, there are no easy paths.
I was searching 'Horatio', hunting CSIM fic, but I didn't specify parameters and up popped this.  Given the summary, how could I POSSIBLY resist?  It's the only WaT story I have ever read.  And even though I'm not and never have been a Jack/Sam shipper (I almost actively hate it), I fell in love with this story.  It's post-season 1 finale; it's Jack trying to reconcile with his wife but really unable to stop thinking about Samantha.  It's poetic and word art and very lovely. 

Edit: Part II
In no particular order, they include X-Files, Bones, CSI, CSI Miami, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, NCIS, House M.D., and the O.C.

1. [Bones] No Sign of Life- atrosie
I had only read Bones stories by one author before, and they were nice but I wasn't bowled over.  I don't really go hunting fic in this category, as the idea of Booth/Brennan is okay but does not cause my heart to flutter.  I would much rather sit back and watch Hodgins and Angela be all cuddly on the actual show.  But when I was hunting general fic rec lists (why does nobody else write on the same topics I do?!), I got one batch for Bones, and I gave the shorter ones a try.  I picked this one because she called it "truly creepy."  For the full spook-tacular effect, I recommend a) reading this after midnight and b) looking at the pictures of one of these abandoned houses first, to chill your blood.

2. [Bones/House crossover] Questions and Answers Tesla
Off the same list, I think.  And before we start, do you know how much I usually hate crossovers?  The answer is "I hate them."  And yet, unbelievably, House and Bones make a perfect pair.  Read this - it's short - and tell me the dialogue, their banter, is not spot on. 

3. [X-Files] A Moment in the Sun - Prufrock's Love
Along with 'Hurricane', this is another one of those magical WIPs that enchanted me back in my early days of Philedom.  I hate AUs only slightly less than I hate crossovers, and yet this one is spectacular.   The document itself is written in .txt format, but who cares when the front page has ARTWORK?  Words cannot express how much I love people who have artwork to accompany their stories. 

It's set in the 1950's, which totally WORKS.  I think what I like is that rather than being totally off-kilter, it takes every element and character from the series, and doesn't change them so much as simply untie all the threads and puts them together in different ways.  Dana is a nurse with a young daughter named Emily, Mulder is a baseball player with three publicists, an ex-wife named Diana, and a son named Will.

Official Summary: Autumn, New York City, 1953. A baseball player past his prime and a beautiful woman with a secret. 
Keywords: historical au, msr, novel, angst, mytharc
Diagnosis: Incredible.  Plus it comes in lots of parts, so every time you feel sad it's over...there's another bit!  it's like "Lord of the Rings"!     

4. [CSI Miami] The Widening Gyre- Rosmarinus
A commentary on season 3, set to the theme of the brilliant Yeats poem "The Second Coming," which excises a combination of scenes from various episodes as well as imagined ones, to explain how the team fell apart.  (and by association, why/where the show began to falter)  It is lovely and poetic.

5. [CSI Miami] No Hummingbirds, Horatio; Extractions; Tin Man Two - Jahnick
I assume this trilogy is widely known, but I'm promoting it anyway because this is, after all, a mere list of my personal favorites.  H/C pairing.  Basically, this fulfills all my fondest wishes of Horatio torture...well, not torture in the sick sense, but more like "having to dig out a bullet at home, without anesthesia."  There is some lovely imagery in here, and "Tin Man Two" in particular tugs on the heartstrings.  It pushes beyond the limits of what you'd expect from Horatio, but never strays an inch from believability.   Although there is a bit of a snip at Yelina towards the end, a disturbingly common thread among H/C stories that I find annoying, it's not overbearing here.

6. [CSI Miami] Let Me Go Easy - Wednesday's Children
Quite short, but an excellent Calleigh character study.   All kinds of pretty imagery.  I spent many nights wishing this were my story, because I would have used it without hesitation for my creative writing class.  (you know, with a different character name) Warrants an R rating for language, but still worth the read. 
Summary: "You were nine months pregnant and in Catholic school. You had Southern Belle down to a science and a disturbingly large knowledge of firearms. Shock was your forte."
7. [CSI Miami] Meaning in Tragedy - Natushka
At the rate I'm going, I must have already recommended all the non H/C stories in my binder...anyway, bitty little H/C drabble.  No character death, and happy ending, but it's still powerful.  And oh yay for the colors.

8. [CSI Miami, NCIS] Three by Melanie-Anne, who writes terrifically lovely H/C angst:
a). Five Deaths Calleigh DuQuesne Never Died
b). Five Goodbyes Horatio Caine Never Said
as well as a darn good post-Twilight drabble "KIBBS-ish", and it's not a pairing I like but it doesn't matter.   This is more a story of Gibbs, and what could have been.
c). Cry For Yesterday
 He tells himself he loved her, but knows that's not true. He could have loved her, would have loved her, wanted to love her, but he thought there'd be more time.

9. [CSI Miami] The Last Smile - Sara DuQuesne

10. [NCIS] The Utility Bill - Sequitur
11. [NCIS] Common Courtesy - NotaRedhead

Take your pick, love them both; these are both excellent responses to ways Gibbs' return might have been received.  The former is his reconciliation with Tony (kind of, anyway); the latter Ducky's confrontation about the abrupt departure. 

12. [CSI - GSR] The Art of Losing & The Art of Finding- CSINut214
I think these are probably recommended somewhere more important...probably again, I'm promoting them anyway, because they're really profound. So rarely can people master the art of first-person POV, especially in fanfic, but here it is!  The first one is Sara's story; Grissom's plane dropped off the radar and all passengers were given up for lost.  The sequel is from Grissom's POV, as he and a small handful of other survivors made it onto a deserted island and kept themselves alive for years.  I don't even know which one is more incredible, though I have praise for the latter since despite the premise it still doesn't sound like a ripoff of Lost *or* Castaway. 

>13. [CSI] Bitter End - QueenofGeeks

OI!  How have I not mentioned this one before?!  This is a simply brilliant piece of writing.  It's GSR in an AU kind of way, and it's more the aftermath of them having already fallen apart.  Inspired by the Dixie Chicks' song of the same title, reading it is like stepping into a painting.  Dripping with details and imagery and sensory information.  If you would like more information, you can click on the "review" button on the stories page to read what I wrote.  I am the only person who reviewed it.  I cannot fathom why.  It's breathtaking.

14. [House M.D.] Running Shoes - Katie Coburn

House & Wilson friendship stories are hard to ferret out without risking scarring your eyes on slash.  I prefer to play it safe than sorry, so that the fact that I found this one is little short of a miracle.   It's a nice little sort of AU, about House & Wilson  in med school, and how a friendship sprang from the roommates.  Summary: For some reason, this bothered House—perhaps because Wilson would get bloodstains on them if he happened to fall and snap his fool neck, who knew.

15. [The O.C.] Pink and Purple Frills - Paint Me Pink
Set in season 2, this is the most excellent character study of Summer I have ever come across.  Hands down.  No question.  I wish it was mine.

Her room is all pink and purple and frills. Stuffed animals line up against her ruffled pillows, and a My Little Pony appropriately named Princess Sparkle sits on her bedside table beside a beaded jewelry box.  Judging by her room, someone might think she was five. Until they looked closer.
16. [The O.C.] And the World Spins Madly On - Emerald-soco
Quite possibly the most beautiful take in existence on the season 3 finale.  Written in early June, well before season 4 hit, but chillingly accurate with some of the details.  Touches on how Marissa's death affected several of the other characters.

Ryan picks fights. ... He cuts his knuckles on walls and jaws and he bleeds, bleeds, bleeds but he still can't believe he's alive.

17. [Lord of the Rings] Vignettes of the Fellowship - Alicia
An oldie but a goodie.  A sidesplittingly humorous account, told from nine points of view (Gimli gets two chapters, because he's awesome), filling in missing details from the parts of their long trek during the first installment of the trilogy.  Pity we didn't get to see those, but you can imagine all the adventure by reading this.  To give you an idea, the first chapter is called "Frodo: Ferocious Warg."  Later on, Aragorn gets smashed face-first into a rock.  Legolas has his pretty blond locks shorn off.  And Gandalf is the "Nanny to Fools." 

18. [Pirates of the Caribbean] Whelp - AliciaThis is brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant. A missing-scene for the first movie, the boat ride from the caves back to Port Royal, with Jack a prisoner.  It fits seamlessly into the movie's framework, and the characters are perfect. 

19. [CSI Miami] How the Bruck Stole H/C - Deb

I'm only just getting into her of these days I will take a deep breath and dive into the Fearful Symmetry series, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. Until then, I present the most brilliantly amusing poem ever. As you might guess from the title, it borrows the style of Dr. Seuss and is a delightful commentary - in silly rhyming form - bemoaning the lack of H/C moments on the show after Yelina's arrival. Humor is hard to come by and harder to write well, so I love fics like this.

20. [CSI: NY] a) It Started With a Game
b) Then There Was This Song - bookwrangler.
I already promoted her Miami series, but she's also moved on to New York, and is presently doing for Flack's character what she did with Horatio's.  And by that, I mean created a fantastic original character, Tess Nagy, and written an endless number of perfect scenes for them.  In doing so, she turned my opinion on Flack around from "average/bland background character" to "my absolute favorite."  Also, she's highly skilled at writing amusing Flack-and-Danny banter.  It's fun, go read.  My personal favorite bit is chapter 5 of the second story, but it won't be nearly as much fun if you don't get a feel for the characters first, so read it all and collect your reward when you get there.  

There, wasn't that fun?
Tags: bones, csi, csi: miami, fanfic, fic recs, house, lotr, ncis, o.c., potc, smallville, standoff, supernatural, surveys, without a trace, x-files

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