RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This is the only show I've let myself watch so far this week.

Gimme 20 minutes to complain about this week's episode of Pushing Daisies, "Circus Circus":

I am officially in a place where I hate the current state of Ned/Chuck!  I hate it!  I hate her stupid outlook on change, and how she wants to be the complete opposite of everything she was before.  Change is a sucky thing, ma'am!  Starting fresh is stupid!  I tired of Ned always coming around to her side; I want her to take a good look around and concede for once instead of being so sure that she's got it all sorted out in her mind.  You know what this is like?  This is like watching Emma Woodhouse.  You remember my feelings re: Emma & slapping?

I keep sticking it out for the final minute, where there used to be a gurantee of N/C Cuteness, and now I'm not even getting that.  You know what I'm getting?  Freaking roleplaying.  OK, y'all can be as creative as you want in the bed I'm convinced you'll eventually share, since I won't have to see it, but right now?  Right now you do not get to play weird games that involve you pretending you're total strangers who've just become neighbors! 

The best-friends angle crossed with Sleeping Beauty was kinda workin' for me.  I was kinda digging the whole first-love/first-kiss thing, in principle if not in fact because attributing romance to a kiss between 9-year-olds is creepy, but the principle was nice!  THIS.  THIS IS NOT NICE.  And the fact that he's kind of thrilled by the novelty in the end, what.  Stop corrupting my nice young man, CHARLOTTE. 

ARGH.  *headdesk*  You do this one more week, and I'm gonna join the anti-Ned/Chuck crowd and start rooting for Olive to hook up with him in a canon-type way ASAP.  SERIOUSLY.  I WILL.

In other news, Emerson replaced Chuck in the 2nd place position on my totem pole of favorite characters.  Well, actually Digby replaced her and put her in third, but Emerson pushed her down again.  So now it goes Ned, Digby, Emerson, Chuck, Oli...Olive is really close to pushing her down a peg too.  And if you factor in Pigby, well, she's kind of taken a nosedive.

I don't even know anymore.  The convent scenes would be funnier if Lily weren't in them (God, I'm sick of the aunts - oh, and that's another thing, I LIKED THEM WHEN THEY WERE CLOISTERED.  Niether one is even a little bit funny anymore.  I cannot stand the sight of them), but I do think Olive's an adorable ball of sunshine, and I do love her longer hair.  I guess I'm going along with it just because I love Emerson, and the cases amuse me, and I <3 Ned a whole bunch.  I like him when he's pensive and forcing Emerson to be his confidante/relationship counselor.  There was a hilarious quip from the latter about "DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW HEADS WORK?" in reference to yet another unwanted image, but I can't remember the rest. 

Pushing Daisies: Still fun to watch!  Good show!  Sadly no longer one of the best sources of Cute moments on TV.



Tags: pushing daisies, tv commentary

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