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Fourth significant post of the day, woo!

Having a hard time getting started on any significant homework, I spent most of the evening half-watching random comedies. First I split my time between Big Bang Theory and Chuck, unable to decide which I liked less - the former was its usual level of irritating and eye-roll-inducing; the latter was just boring, though I was fascinated by how much the star resembles a much less cute John Krasinski. Following HIMYM it was Two and a Half Men, which just keeps being astonishingly gross and horrible, though still funnier than the 7:00 comedies, and then it was Worst Week, which I inexplicably love like a homely little puppy. Dear heart: stop being charmed by probably-doomed CBS comedies!

I don't knooooooow! It has awesome, hilarious actors! The German Shepherd, whose name is Texico, is apparently the dad's dog rather than a random neighbor dog like I thought last time it appeared, so he might even be showing up regularly. Also, I thoroughly delighted in the dad's look of disgust at his future son-in-law's inability to control a dog bigger than a Yorkie.

And the couple (that's right, I haven't learned a single name yet except Texico) had their first ultrasound appointment and were adorable, and they finally told her family...this show is a bringer of joy. It makes me laugh! There is banter! It gives me "awww" moments! WHY DO I FEEL SUCH A NEED TO GET SHOUTILY DEFENSIVE IN ITS FAVOR? Up to this week, I swear I had already prepared for its future cancellation and had made my peace with it, but now all of a sudden I feel like I desperately want to shelter it from the mean executive axes.
'How I Met Your Mother, 4.04, "Intervention"
"I'm not ready to be a stepdad! To a SEVEN year old?!"

Aaaaaaaand, we're back. To hating the Ted/Stella relationship and remembering why Ted is 5th on the totem pole, as all his appealing emotional growth from last episode disappeared in a poof like an enchantment expiring at midnight. Which is why this episode's Marshall Moment of Win comes from the content of his intervention letter against marrying her. It made ever so much sense, in a way that reminds me how Marshall, behind his goofiness and some admittedly dumb antics that I'm convinced are the result of brain cells killed by beer, is at heart the most mature one of the group.

Funny story, though. You'd think, with my hatred of change and how it's useless and unnecessary, I would have loved the focus of this episode. But apparently my need to be contrary is stronger than my hatred of change, because by episode's end I was just grumpy and annoyed. I know they're somewhat restricted by the format of the show, but come ON. These people are almost 30 years old. Two of them are married; I don't understand why Marshall & Lily and Ted can't break out of their weird co-dependent threesome.

I have slightly more sympathy for Ted's attachment to the apartment, but only in so far as I don't want him to have to get rid of his stuff. I'm very attached to stuff. Nevertheless, I was really disappointed by the ending and how limiting it was. Why do you paint yourselves into corners like that, show? There had better be a really good explanation for how they still have an apartment upstairs this time next year, and it better not be that Ted chickened out and/or Lily & Marshall are still paying for their Dowistrepla apartment without actually living there.

*clings to fact that Robin & Barney were sitting next to each other in that future flash*

There was lots of good stuff in this episode, though! Like the title's promised intervention! I can't even pick my favorite. The one for 'no more stupid interventions'? Lily's hilarious accent? The rhyme of "I do not like you in that hat. I want to hit you with a bat"? Yeah, I think maybe it was the last one.

Old Man Barney: STILL AWESOME AT 80+ (or while pretending to be, anyway). And why am I kind of not surprised that his future-scientist ploy worked?

Very good episode, overall. Had me laughing a lot - that's always a good place to start.

(edit: ...and apparently there was actually a lot of potentially good stuff in the future scene, like Barney & Robin looking cozy and Lily possibly being pregnant, which I totally missed the first time around in my haze of 'GROW UP, LOSERS' contrariness. Whoops. That'll teach me to do homework during TV time!)

. CSI: Miami, 4x04, "Raging Cannibal"
I honestly am not paying a lick of attention to the plots on CSIM anymore. The show just rolls along as background noise, unless fabric catches my eye or something noticeably interesting happens in the character development department.  All I can tell you about this episode, plotwise, is that it somehow involved the Russian mob, starring Patchy from "Lost," and what looked like a fight club. Not sure, as that part was disgusting and I refused to watch most of it. 

May have also included something about a guy killing someone with a bite to the neck, but that was in the teaser and lately the teasers end up completely unraveling and proving to be misdirection by episode's end. Otherwise, I've got only 3 things:

1. "I always forget that you're half Russian." Y HALO THAR, RECALL OF CHARACTER DETAILS! I...don't even know if they've brought that up on the show since Eric mentioned how his last name got shortened. It's the kind of detail they'd usually sweep under the rug in the Great Transition from Good to Sucky that took place in 2006. Then again, maybe now that they've forgotten how to write their characters properly, they've decided to crack open the reference text and try to win points that way.

Either way, I'm extremely fond of Calleigh bringing it up, and yes I AM going to treasure her thoughtful expression as she studies him. He's a complex man, Cal. Totally worth your time, if that's what you're debating. I MISS WHEN THIS SHOW HAD CUTE MOMENTS.

2. During one of the really gross montages of the fight scenes that I didn't watch, I was at least able to comfort myself by listening to the pretty Russian orchestral music.

3. New British lab tech? It's all cool, but where are all these Brits coming to work in American law enforcement? Seems like there's one on every procedural these days; I don't understand it.

Notes from the Fashion Show
Frank: He's wearing a willow-pattern tie! Seriously, like blue willow.
Eric: I was just going to write off his shirt as another awful paisley/floral print thing, but according to someone on Talk CSI (hey, I didn't pay attention and I'm writing this super-early. I needed chatter SOMEWHERE to jump-start my thoughts), it's also sporting butterflies. BUTTERFLIES. I...*gives up*
Tara: Beautiful bright blue, and I am still totally on board with the no-cleavage halter neck tops.
Natalia: Sporting a nearly identical shade of bright blue, and with all the buttons done up! It's like she heard about Eric flirting w/ Tara and jealously decided to copy her in every way on the chance he might come back to her.  Even if it meant covering up her boobs. (the horror)

Bones, 4.07, "The He in the She"
Brennan: I need a forensic anthropologist back in the lab so I can spend my time here, aiming Agent Booth in the right direction."
Booth: "Aiming Agent Booth." Like a hose?

Hah! Every week, I wonder why I keep this show around. And then I start watching, and remember it is because BOOTH IS GLORIOUS. The twinkle in his eye, the banter, the hilarious quips...oh, he's awesome. And sometimes when Bones gets overly uppity about religion, and he has to scowl things like "Oh, we're going after the Pope now," he kind of makes me want to be proud to be Catholic.

I was also very, very in love with the whole conversation about whether they'd like each other better if they were the opposite sex, especially Booth's cocky insurance that he *would* be prettier than Bones, if he were a woman. He'd be hot, smokin' hot. (Well, he has the second part down... )

Bones: I call you Booth, and I like you just fine.
Booth: Thank you, but we're not married.

Waaaait, so you're saying that you'd want Brennan to call you "Seeley" after you're married? Sir, among the many things you have in common with Fox Mulder is an unfortunate first name. Would be wise to let it go. Besides, would you call her Temperance? Even Mulder couldn't keep up his new "Dana" habit once he was permanently back with Scully.

Unfortunately, I don't like this intern either. Sure, at first I was on board with Mr. Nigel-Murray's accent, in a "squee!" way, but after exactly two random trivia facts, I was thoroughly sick of him and happy to show him the door. Maybe I've just gotten tired of Grad Student Roulette? Angela seems tired of being hit on, and Hodgins certainly seems tired of putting the youngsters in their place. Especially if it simultaneously requires rehashing how he lost his best friend and/or "by the way, leave Angela alone; we're not engaged anymore but you still can't touch that." Even disdaining them has become less sport than chore. Let's just get Grumpy Clarke back here, OK?

I did love the tone with which Hodgins flatly recounted everything that went on with Zack, though. I also really loved his borderline sulking and initial refusal to look at Angela's sketches. Stay strong, man! On the bright side, *switches to Office fandom mode*, I think I'm starting to understand how Jim dated Karen. Because I kind of still have feelings for the Hodgela ship, which could be revived with a sufficient display of emotional turbulence, but I also have so much anger towards Angela burning me up that if some sharp, pretty-faced woman expressed an interest in Hodgins, I would ship them with very little provocation.

(Dear future episodes: HEY. I said Hodgins, not Angela!)


Random note 2: There are deep, deep mines of golden material involving David Gallagher's role here so far as it relates to the one on 7th Heaven. Someone make jokes, quips, and witty remarks! Because I'm fresh out.

And now, FINALLY. *pants* We've reached a hiatus period! This show was reaching "Lost" levels of uninterrupted episodes. It was exhausting. I am SO ready for a break from this show. (Though to be fair, I am always ready for a break from all my shows, and if I weren't so obsessive about the writing I would probably have the total number stripped down to 4 or 5 by now.)

Whoa! I just saw a preview for the second episode of CSI, with Sara in it!  WHAT UP, JORJA FOX. Did not know you were sticking around for anything past the premiere! This is exciting, even though I still haven't seen last week's ep.
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