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In Which I Discuss Spoilers. Lots of them.


Holy crap, it's here!   Episode 3.12, Lindsay's Deep Dark Backstory Silent Night!  Just three days away!  It completely snuck up on me.  Everything I hypothesized about her secret before still stands, as does my threat that if it has anything to do with her having lost a child, I will be most displeased.  Case of the week is a young deaf girl (late teens I'd guess) found shot to death in her apartment, and apparently it's just one case like that too many for Lindsay.  Pushes her over the edge, drives her to divulge her secret, and makes her take time off.   I think she'll be absent from the next few episodes after this.* Hey, if Lindsay's out of NY and Grissom's out of Vegas, can't we kick Natalia out of Miami for a while?

[ * = 'pears this little arc might go on to at least one more episode...she goes to Mac in #14? I think?   -.- But new tidbit, apparently she leaves a card for Danny.  I could be pessimistic and mutter that a letter is a coward's goodbye, or I could be optimistic and cheer that he's the only one she left a personal goodbye for.  I choose the smiley face. ]

Still, I'm really excited for this episode. Given the title, I hope maybe they have at least a little Christmas theme to this episode.  Maybe at the end they can relate things to family.  I know better than to hope for some kind of montage at the end, but maybe we can find an excuse to have Reed pop up again.  Or have Mac thinking about Claire.  Or even Peyton.  As you can tell, I'm actively gunning for this to be a huge character development episode (though, aren't they all?).   [a/n: Montage yes, character montage no, Mac & Peyton yes, huge character development, yes]

*News Bullet!  It seems that Claire Forlani will be back for a future episode, and there is "tension" between her and Mac, so I assume they're still broken up.  And as much as I'm not excited to have her be around and just working, it gives me hope for her appearance in other future episodes, and maybe even a reconciliation 'round finale time. [a/n: Or, I apparently can't read spoilers properly, and the "future" episode/reconcilation are both Silent Night]

I WAS really excited for this week's episode, 2x10, but that was before I found the plethora of spoilers for 2x14.  Now I really don't care about much that happens before that episode, because it looks so full of squeeful things.

This is the one where we find out Hodgins had a past relationship with the victim's wife (and by "past relationship" I mean "was engaged"), and though they try to hide that fact, it comes out anyway, and the results are not good.  *All spoilers come from the marvelous Alyssa at Your Tax Dollars at Work*

Booth is PISSED. He slams our boy Hodgins against his vehicle, telling him he better be out of town when they go to court, and that he might want to look for a new job. Yikes.

Cam doesn't seem pleased, either, and asks the man what he has to say for himself. He lists off three things, then turns to Angela, finishing with, "I love you."

Joy!  Swoon!  I cannot wait to see both of those scenes.  As the days go on, I am getting increasingly invested in the Jack/Angela relationship and have less and less support for a potential B/B pairing, even in fanfiction.  I just have a difficult time seeing those two as anything more than great friends.  For a few more years, anyway.   I know it's the mainline 'ship in the fandom, but I really prefer the canon couple.

Here is where the spoilers started flying thick and fast. 

Kirsten has been feeling exhausted and nauseous, and having headaches.  There are two camps of thought on this, pregnancy or cancer.  I am guessing pregnancy.  But I don't WANT it to  be pregnancy, because it's just too weird when siblings are like 20 years apart.  And Seth's not cut out to be a big brother.  Not to mention that the Cohens do not need to take any more attention away from their sons than they already are.   I'm convinced that if they become any less involved with them,  the boys will wind up in jail.  On the other hand, I am really pushing for it to be cancer, because I think that has some potential for a great storyline.  Kirsten is the rock of the family, remember how they fell apart with her drinking problem/treatment?  Now imagine if she were dying, or even close to it...well, I just think the scenario could wreak some powerful, powerful emotion out of the family.

Then there are all these tidbits about Seth/Summer.  Changes are on the way, big changes, but whether they spell fortune or doom is unclear.  I'm inclined to go with DOOM myself, because it's TV, but the spoilers are supposedly all happy.  I say supposedly because they're really not coming across that way to me.

Does the thought of Seth and Summer having a baby give you the warm-and-fuzzies? If so, the Dec. 21 episode is not to be missed. Source:Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

What?!  Is this serious?  Oh, God, please no.  Look, when I said I wanted to believe in a future in which they get married and have a family, I really meant the distant future.  Far away from now.  After they both have college degrees in hand.  There is no way that two ill-equipped teenagers fresh out of high school having a baby together could possibly give me the warm-and-fuzzies.  I was desperately trying to think of ways this could be just a cleverly worded bit of misdirection, when I came across the next spoiler:

It does look like Seth asked Summer's hand in marriage. Now Seth must do what's right, and ask for Dr. Robert's blessing. Will they make it to the altar? Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat

What the hell is this? Marriage?  NINETEEN-YEAR-OLDS DO NOT ASK THEIR GIRLFRIENDS TO MARRY THEM.  Not in this day and age.  Not when they're college-bound. This is much too soon.  They're still kids; they need to be kids a while longer.  Live in dorms, hang out with groups of friends, have fun, go to parties football games, join clubs and pull all-nighters writing midterm papers!  They're only students, damn it!  They're not old enough to be married.  Dear Dr. Roberts: please tell your daughter and future son in law that they are idiots for trying this now instead of five years down the road.  Do not give your blessing. Unless...

*narrows eyes* If this marriage is happening just because Seth's an honorable guy who happened to get Summer pregnant...heads will roll.

Well, either way, there is no way that this can end well. They will not make it to the altar.  A breakup is pending.  I can feel it.  Grrr.

Also, there is some nonsense about the gang taking a road trip to Vegas for New Year's..."the gang" consisting of Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa Taylor.  *narrows eyes again* Do not mock me with pitiful echoes of Tijuana. I will hurt you. 

In happier news, Ryan and Taylor break up in February.  Please let it be forever.  Please let it be forever. 

See, it's not that I'm a totally, 100% rabid "Ryan + Marissa Forever!" fan (although it does not displease me), it's that I just hate the Townsend.  If I can't have Sadie, how about bringing Anna back?  I know I've claimed to hate her in the past, but I could probably learn to not hate her if she was playing Ryan's love interest.  And SHE would be a nice change from Ryan's generally slutty date fare.  (Sadie does, after all, have her faults.  I just liked her because she was confident and in control, but not crazy and pushy like Taylor).  Even Lindsey would be better than this, and that whole semi-related-not-really-incest-but-kinda thing really turned me off that 'ship.  

How I hope 2007 is this show's swan song.   Ending this show is the only way these characters can be permanently redeemed.  They need to get out of Josh's evil little hands NOW!  (*I know that the events of episodes are not solely his fault, but you see, when complaining about a show, it is usually easiest to direct all apostrophic complaints towards the show's creator/executive producer)

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