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House, come on. You're breaking the '03 episode pattern.

What is the meaning of this? I saw someone mention being randomly friended by other "official" ABC-show LJs, and then I found this one while looking for reviews. I just...don't understand. 

In the meantime, I've managed to get two weeks behind on both CSI and Grey's Anatomy...I figured I'd pair the four episodes up in some sort of clever way, but the CSI premiere was too big and tackling two Grey's episodes at once seemed too big, get a random singleton here, among other things. 

'Grey's Anatomy 5.03, "Here Comes the Flood"
I almost wrote a full essay, but once again the length ran away from me, and I switched to categories.  We like categories better, right?

I've decided that  from now on, I'm just going to be on Derek's side in everything.  Because he has fantastic hair. Yes, it was kind of douchey to just declare that Meredith's roommates are going to be moving out without discussing it, and also he probably should have discussed it before moving in the first place. 

On the other hand, he's not the usual sort of live-in boyfriend - he's the guy who's planning marriage (or something like it) and kids and otherwise an entire future with her.  Those sorts of long-term monogamous relationships don't usually include roommates.  If you're going to take the great big step of living together, then (as Derek astutely points out), you have to acknowledge that you're closing a chapter of your old life, and starting a new, shared one.  And yes, especially with Alex there, it does feel like a frat house!  Good call on that one, McDreamy.

Besides, what is this nonsense about her roommates being her "family"?!  George lived there longer than Alex did, and her best friend is Cristina, not Izzie.  If you want to make family out of two of your coworkers, Izzie & Alex are your second-tier choices.  

That being said, I am quite content to sit back and take in the Mer/Der moment at the end, because for all my teeth-gnashing about my dislike of the former, all it takes is one Cute Moment to make me fall back under their spell.  I fully approve of his indulgent acquiescence to her insistence that they stay, since it came with the cautionary warning that he'd like to revisit this later.  Not discontent - yet - but a gentle reminder of where he stands.

(Other people are always going to call him condescending.  I have accepted this.  I am also firm in my belief that it's all right, because Meredith will always need to be guided and/or given parameters.)

I'm also going to swoon over the look in his eyes when Meredith, only half-joking, asks if he still loves her.  Like she even has to ask.  Or, well, that's what his eyes say, even though I have to skeptically arch my eyebrow and point out "HI THAR.  REMEMBER NURSE ROSE?"  It's not that I think he ever actually stopped loving Meredith, as that the way he puts it is like he's been patiently by her side and/or waiting for her through everything without complaint, which is not precisely true.  

But because we are on Team Derek, we are just going to quietly (or loudly, with much squealing) swoon over his patient and adoring expression, and the cheek kiss and nuzzling on the couch.  She's a lot of work - but worth it.  I never get tired of his expression conveying how much he believes that.  EVEN THOUGH I DON'T BELIEVE SHE'S WORTH IT AT ALL, AND DAMN IT, FALL IN LOVE WITH ADDISON LIKE THIS AGAIN.

Also, three episodes in, and except for Alex's parade of skanks, we're sex-free!  Hell, we're largely even make-out free.  I just remembered that this pattern is due to break pretty soon, so I figured I'd better revel in it while I could.  It explains a lot about why I've been enjoying this season so far. 

People You Know That You Dislike
( lyrics from obscure songs don't come across that clever, do they?  Is from Keri Noble's "Let Go")

God, I FUCKING HATE MARK SLOAN.  He and Callie are my least favorite doctors of all time.  I'm including every medical show in existence with that statement, and ER had Kerry Weaver.  I consistently want to claw his eyes out every time he says so much as a sentence, because it's always either vulgar (see: commentary on H/C) or assholish and/or unprofessional (see: interaction with Lexie).  Not cute, not hot, and definitely not funny. 

Not that Callie's all that much better.  I don't generally support her girl affair, but even I wanted to kick her when Hahn wanted to keep her private life private and Callie's all "well that's too bad, I like to share everything with my crass ex-lover!"  Considering the nature of your brave-new-world relationship, you might have considered the possibility of a little discretion.  It's not  even so much that she wanted to talk to someone else about it; that's understandable, but please consider who you choose to confide in.  You're telling me Callie couldn't have picked up a phone and called Addison?  She'd probably welcome the girl gossip, considering how Naomi's currently not speaking to her. 

Then again, when Hahn's rationale for hating Sloan consists of "I'm jealous because he's seen you naked," my head explodes with fury at her.  BITCH.  THERE ARE HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS, OF REASONS TO HATE SLOAN.  I WRITE ABOUT THEM EVERY WEEK.  PICK SOMETHING VALID.

In a related note, when Callie claimed that "I gave up too much of myself in my marriage," I howled with laughter.  Now, Grey's is a show that I don't remember much about; episodes sluice through my head once, never to return, and so I quickly forget not just specific things but entire story arcs.  So I do vaguely recall Callie putting more effort into it than George, but -- THE SHAM MARRIAGE!  OMG!  She's talking about the horrible mistake of a brief and ill-advised sham marriage like it was this legitimate -- heeheehee, haahaha, lmao -- thing of seriousness that she struggled with for years or something!  OMG!  Cannot take the hilarity!  *falls off chair, laughing*  Snoooort.  

The New Rules/The Flood
During his speech, the Chief actually sounded like an effective boss, and were I new to this show I might have believed that instead of being one of the most childish adults there, he was a mature and responsible figure of authority.  I like the sound of the rules, especially the old ones being newly enforced.  I can almost believe that'll happen.  I'm just sorry he didn't specifically forbid working relationships (cuz he could've!  He could've grandfathered in any existing relationships, and then banned any future ones under pain of reassignment/termination!).  Aren't those really at the heart of all the other problems?  It probably would have been the only rule he needed.

I don't know where else to put this, so I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm kind of impressed the Chief even knows the names of the maintenance staff.  Good work environment!  Unless it's just because things go wrong so often that a first-name basis became necessary.  And if he frequently makes decisions like "fix the faulty pipes while the water's on," the latter is probably true.

Enjoyed Bailey's knowing look as she foresaw exactly what would go wrong - choosing not to argue with him, and wait for it to bite him in the ass - but could have done without the story of her own plumbing accident.  Gross and unnecessary.

Cristina is already sitting down playing with her phone when Meredith walks in and immediately tells her what's going on. No "hello," no "how's your day," no "I realize that my relationship both bores you and makes you angry." --From TWoP's recap

The internet is kind of harshing my squee as far as Cristina's attitude about all this goes.  Personally, I've been enjoying her detached attitude (loved her trying to ignore Derek's attempts to engage her in conversation until he bribed her with surgery), and I especially loved it when she burst into the therapist's office explaining all the reasons Mer should keep her roommates because Derek's pushing the wrong way and - this was my favorite part - it wasn't going to last anyway.  I remember thinking it was interesting that she's always seemed more-or-less supportive of their relationship, but now she's revealing herself to be the Voice of the Viewing Audience (well, some of it) and foreseeing exactly what's wrong about them. 

The internet claims that Cristina's judgment is clouded by her need to have Meredith to herself, and/or the fear of losing her/losing their unique closeness.  They're being annoyingly logical about it in ways that probably have their roots in a grain of truth, but she didn't seem to have these same fears when she was with Burke. Does the fact that she's alone have to suddenly bring out her clinginess?  Can't it just be Cristina watching (whatever the equivalent of four Earth years in that universe is) of seeing them go round and round in fruitless circles, and finally deciding that she's given it a chance or twenty, but enough is enough?

Possibly I'm just stubborn because I like my Cristina sharp, smart and perceptive.  I don't like her succumbing to the same neuroses and emotional fragility that everyone else that works there has.

I do appreciate her lack of flinching when Alex tested her pain threshold, though.  That was great.  Kick-ass Cristina, nerve endings of steel.

Alex, Izzie, Alex/Izzie
Hatey hate hate.  I need to make up a song that celebrates my hatred of the pair, separately and together.  You can't keep writing Alex like the biggest asshole in the hospital (McSleazy aside) and then expecting me to believe your subtle hints that he has these feelings of liking towards Izzie, and you will frankly never convince me that there is anything worth exploring between the two of them.  Yes, I saw your Prom episode and I liked it.  No matter how many times I replay that scene in my head, my opinion remains unchanged.

My opinions on Izzie oscillate frequently.  Right now we're in a down cycle, and I feel little beyond disdain and/or disgust with her.  That being said, had a good laugh out of her screaming freak-out session in the bar upon discovering Cristina has unwittingly sniped her dream apartment.

Adorable and cute as a little button, like always.  Now can she PLEASE stop talking to Mark Sloan?  It's making me very uncomfortable, as it becomes increasingly difficult to block out the memory of her and McSleazy Junior.  On the bright side, I loved the scene around the lunch table with George dropping his head on the table like a limp rag doll, and her feeding him bites of salad. 

In conclusion: You know why I get behind on this show?  Because it's HUGE.  So much stuff happens every week, that I end up watching The Office both because it's shorter and because I like it more.  I also inevitably write a lot about it, and so when I start thinking about moving on to something equally big, it's just like "...nah, let's watch everything else first." 

I have this natural feeling of hatred for GA, just because it's done so many things in the past to piss me off and/or make me walk away, but it's surprising me by being relatively good so far; even the stuff I complained about is love-to-hate-it stuff (except McSleazy.  That's just pure hate).  I liked this one, and hope the trend continues, although I haven't actually watched the most recent episode.  Also haven't watched any promos, forgotten any spoilers, and otherwise have no idea what's coming next except that it's called Brave New World.


*Without a Trace, 7.03
: Nothing whatsoever happened in this episode. I can't understand how they've retained all their original actors when the work has become so insufferably boring. Doesn't their creativity feel stifled? Anthony LaPaglia and maybe Poppy Montgomery are usually the only ones with any significant character development to bring out; everyone else has the acting equivalent of an office job. It looks like just a paycheck to me, rotely memorizing variations on the same police lines and dutifully carrying out their cardboard roles, with only a tossed-off line or two a week, if they're lucky, to distinguish between them. Personally, I'd have gotten sick of it and asked for an out no later than last year.

Although, in a desperate attempt to salvage something out of the 40 minutes I put into it, um...I choose to believe that Jack, after having apparently written off his daughters as lost to him forever, is now maybe adopting a "it's never too late to reach out" line of thinking? I need hope somewhere.

'Numb3rs, 5.03, "Blowback"
I read last week's recap while watching this episode. It was probably not the wisest thing in the world, as I thoroughly lost track of the plot halfway through and stopped caring by the end. However, I will perform revisionist magic and blame this on the fact that they pulled one of those stupid in media res openings and rewound. You KNOW that as soon as I see the high point, I stop giving a flying fuck about anything that happened to lead up to the high point and just want to know what happens next. And considering this particular high point didn't happen until like, the last quarter of the episode, that was a whole lot of plot I didn't care about. Except insofar as to notice that I still don't like Nikki, and my feelings are settling farther and farther at that end of the spectrum every week. I've not entirely written her off, but it doesn't look good.

I did, however, pay attention to the Math Squad. I took my squee from the Charmita kiss early on (if you think I will ever stop being thrilled by such kisses, you clearly have not heard me talk about Medium), "it's just nice to see you happy again," and then I was just happy to watch the two of them + Larry at work in the basement. I love what a team they make - it's like they're a trio of best friends back in high school. Only in this case, two of them can be romantically involved without the third one being jealous and/or annoyed by it, which is what inevitably seems to happen with 3 high-school-aged best friends, unless you're Harry Potter.

And then I took more unexpected squee in a second Charmita kiss, which gradually turned into them making out in the background while Larry prattled on, oblivious and/or selectively blind and deaf. OK, maybe they're all getting a little *too* comfortable around each other...

(not that I care, as I was too busy having a glee fit. RS is a happy, happy viewer when her regular infusions of Cute are interspersed every so often with something moderately spicier)

On another front, there was Don/Robin tension very early on, which was sad only until I remembered that the timing of conflict is important, and something that early can only be building to resolution. INDEED: did you or did you not melt all over the place when he told Robin he wanted good things for her...but he wanted them here, "with me"? Because I flailed about wildly and fell for the ship - well, no, that's a lie. I still do not have feelings of squee for the ship, other than approval on principle, but I made small progress by falling in love with Don's new hair. THAT'S A STEP. And she looked so happy and relieved when he said it that I couldn't help liking them a bit.

I could go on about Colby sleeping with the witness (sigh), David chastising him for it (win), Don & Charlie staunchly defending one another (squee!), Charlie being "addicted" to crime work (true), but those aren't the things I focused on, and in the interest of time I skip them. I suspect this was a better episode than I gave it credit for, what with all the little things that happened around the main plot, and will probably make an enjoyable rerun, but...right now we're moving on.

'House, 5.04, "Birthmarks
alsjdflak;sdjflkasjdlfas! House is apparently starting to adopt a Cold Case method of storytelling, where it hums along being mediocre for a while and all of a sudden pulls a WHOPPING POWERHOUSE episode out of nowhere, and you can't even wrap your head around how this is the same show as last week because everything about it is so effing brilliant.

1. Cameron & Chase!! I am kind of thrilled by them as a background couple. I am 99% positive that my full-on hatred would rev right up were they ever to resume their former center-spotlight role, but right now when we're only allowed to see glimpses of them in passing? I get this twinge of pure delight, because they're SUCH a couple; their conversations always play so well off one another. And I love how Chase just lounges around Cameron's station, contentedly chewing gum and tossing out snark, while she does girly, Cameron-esque things like try to decide what sort of flowers/gift to send to the funeral on House's behalf. Oh, and I almost forgot that Foreman was in that scene too! ORIGINAL DUCKLINGS, REPRESENT. I can't say whether I'd honestly be happy about getting them all back, but I like to think I'm nostalgic.

2. I'd just like to note that, representing a continuing theme of Foreman Is Awesome, he is wearing a fuschia tie with snowflakes on it. YES. He just smugly wears this tie, and no one dares to say a word about it, because he's just that secure and confident.

3. C: I'm sorry about your dad.
H: I'm not. Are we done emoting now?
Was totally not expecting Cuddy to drug House like that, and didn't realize what had happened, until he woke up in the car and I immediately burst out laughing. I love when she manages to pull off a successful trick like that.

4. HOUSE USES AN "MMMBOP" RING TONE FOR DUCKLING CALLS. Can't...handle...the hilarity...

5. I honestly do not even have words for the extent of my love and adoration for House-Wilson tonight. The levels of it were OFF THE CHARTS. The silent treatment in the car! House's child-like petulance at throwing Wilson's keys and flashlight down the storm drain! Wilson having a backup flashlight and patiently retrieving his keys no matter what!

House's sulking continuing, getting Wilson arrested! Poor Wilson, having an OUTSTANDING WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST! Getting taken down to the police station! Fantastic bickering! Random backstory on how they met! (*is dissatisfied* I do not like Disorderly Wilson, no matter how good his reason) EVERYTHING AT THE FUNERAL. ESPECIALLY HOUSE'S INSISTENT DEMAND FOR WILSON TO ADMIT THAT HE NEEDS HIM. God, all the intense yelling in that scene was incredible. Sometimes I forget the caliber of acting that this show has at its disposal - nobody does emotionally super-charged like these two.

Though I could have done without Wilson hurling a liquor bottle through a stained glass window. *sigh* I got the parallel, but see why I was dissatisfied by the backstory? Frankly, that scene would have been much more gratifying if he'd broken the bottle over House's head. Bastard deserved nothing less by that point for being excessively annoying.

6. And it was even an interesting case, which is not something I say about the patient of the week very often. And now I'm fascinated, in a horrified way, by the idea of sticking needles through a newborn infant's skull to kill it. That is pretty cold.

7. DEFINITELY one of the best episodes of all time. The older a show gets, the harder it is to say that, and so it's all the more thrilling when you do.

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