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There is a lot more in this post than I originally intended. How strange.

A. ATTENTION.  One week ago, after finding a really pretty and sparkly Jim/Pam background, I finally surrendered my lifelong refusal to have anything but the most gorgeous horses or scenery for my computer wallpaper and put up my very first fandom one so I could gaze at them with greater ease.  Been loving it.  BUT NOW I HAVE SEEN THIS.  Flack & Angell promo pic, brought to my attention by afteriwake</lj> .  And I'm pretty sure that Jim and Pam are gonna have to bow out to make way for this picture.  It is that great.  *glees excitedly* 

B. Icon memage (my first time playing!)
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee!

fiery_twilight</lj>  chose: 

I've had this icon for so long (days of six spaces, baby!) and used it so many times (anywhere I mentioned Lost, basically) that I've actually started to find it bland and am slightly sick of it.  But I can't bring myself to delete it.  At the time, I was in flailing explosions of joy over the most beautiful Sawyer/Kate scene yet - still true to this day, oh beautiful Reunion Hug of Relief and Needing - and was just completely in love with the expression on his face.  I went on a mission and collected like six different versions of the same scene so I could make sure I picked the absolute best.  :P

I watched "Money," saw this, and promptly died of joy.  Although I have nearly run this icon into the ground too, I maintain that this is the most incredible Jim/Pam moment in the history of ever (documentary-style, and yet they found a way to show them cuddling IN BED.), so when I finally went to get myself an Office icon, there was no question I wanted one like this.  But I was specifically drawn to the beam of light in the corner and the embossed 'bliss.'  Because truly, there is no other word to describe it.

I almost forgot this one was here, and by now I can hardly stand the sight of it.  I only keep it around because I mentioned it a lot in my 8 frillion Doctor Who entries prior to getting a second DW icon, and I need it to be there on all the old ones, but I am well and thoroughly sick of this image.  Long before I'd ever seen the episode, I was drawn to the shimmery autumn colors in the background and the cursive script of the word.  But this icon and me, we're like an embittered old husband and wife who won't divorce but also long since stopped being in love.

(Surprising fact!  I am not tired of this one) One of the only impulsive icon decisions I've ever made.  After I first saw Pirates 3, even though it was a fairweather fandom and I only had six spaces at the time, I *needed* a Will/Elizabeth icon.  It was absolutely imperative.  So I went hunting, and I picked this one because it was terribly sad...but also heart-melting, with the (almost) forehead touching, and of course I'm fond of icons with artistic/poignant text.

*glees* This icon sends me into paroxysms of joy every time I see it.  Ryan is just doing such a fantastic impersonation of Satan, with his Goatee of Evil and dead-eyed stare and his book for keeping a list of everyone who wrongs him, so that he may take revenge later, having regained sufficient power. His expression is ruthless and belies no mercy; I foresee it coming in useful in all kinds of situations to mirror my facial expression and underlying feelings. 
C. 'HIMYM, 4x05, "Shelter Island"
1. LMAO, Barney going all Charlie Eppes with his white board of equations, complete with glowing visual effects of highlighted text/equations, was WONDERFUL.  Best thing since the hot/crazy scale (which also made an appearance on the board).  I especially like how he's got "Just be myself?" in one corner with a giant X through it, and I can see other options like...yeah, for the third time in two weeks I'm going to have get all obsessive about transcribing texty things.  This one actually did a remarkable job of letting you see everything, but let's say I'm putting it it down in one convenient list.  Behold, (most of) the contents of the board:

How can I have sex with Robin again?
For $1,000,000
Last person alive
If on deserted island

Relationships = freeway
Fish = women

Suit (up)
ez = (gin + tonic)^4,
x^3 = xxx
Square root of 4781 = 69
(13 x 13) - (10 x 10) = 69
3x --> hi5
desperation - judgment = success!
A pie chart of probable outcomes (In descending order of likelihood: Gross!  No way!  Ew!  or on the slim chance, "Mayb")

2. Poor, poor Barney and his desperate struggles to resist the slutty woman throwing herself at him.  Love his various sounds of distress and quietly desperate pounding on tables.  He puts up such a valiant effort!  It's incredibly impressive.  With less slutty bridesmaids around, he might actually have lasted. I'm going to go cry in a corner over his expression when Robin walks away from his door. 

Having said this, I feel like now would be a good time to admit that I am far more interested in the chase than the resolution to this ship, I enjoy being tortured and feeling pained on Barney's behalf, I will probably displeased if and when I get what is theoretically my way, and DON'T RUSH THIS, is my point. 

3. I am easily amused by how Lily tells Ted there's always another crisis with the bride, and the text at the bottom of the screen promptly shows, and I quote, "like four minutes later..."

4. I am so over Ted/Robin.  No really, I am SO.  OVER.  IT.  HE MADE HER GET RID OF HER DOGS.  If they get back together, I will kick someone in the groin.  I may have rebelled long and hard against Ted/Stella, but by God, in a choice between the two ships I'm going with the latter every time.  Geeze, I was even starting to like Stella a little. 

That being said, I had a little twinge, the first time Tony started blubbering about realizing how much missed, that I thought it would be nice if they got back together.  I knew Stella was due to dump Ted at some point, too, but I still didn't put two and two together until we saw her all close and snuggly with her ex on the ferry, calmly running (or floating) away from the wedding.  Those flashback "ohhhhhhhhh" scenes?  NICE. All her stressed-out complaining about exes at weddings was well done; I didn't pick up on the dual meaning at all. 

I'm happy with the ending.  BECAUSE NOW THEIR ACTUAL FAMILY CAN BE A PROPER FAMILY AGAIN, with mommy and daddy living together!  That is the dream of every divorcee's kid, isn't it, that your parents will miraculously get back together?  I'm pretty pleased on her behalf.  And so I don't feel nearly as bad for Ted as the show is telling me I ought.

5. Dude, what was with the "Special Insider Treat" Bertolli commercial?   For a minute I thought I had started hallucinating, and wondered exactly how tired I was, because if I was not very much mistaken, the woman in the commercial had just started talking to me about the show I was watching.  WHAT.  "Is this for real?"  But when I figured out what was going on, I started laughing delightedly.  I've never heard of anything like this before, but novelty marketing?  You're doing it right.

Amusing Quotes
Stella's sister: Oh, I'm a vegan.  I wish I could tune out that moral voice inside me that says eating animals is murder, but I guess I'm not as strong as you are.
Ted: That's because you need protein.

Barney: Look at this, "Berry Blaster Brain Reviver."  My God, some of these drinks could actually make a girl smarter; what sort of hell has Ted brought us to?!

Ted: Plus Robin and I already had our backslide, last Thanksgiving; not even that long ago!
Stella: Did you place a large bet against yourself in this argument?
D. "Worst Week" continues to delight me, a lot (so much so that I even learned a couple of names this week). Oh, Sam, all that work only to inadvertently destroy the beautiful gazebo your fiancee has her heart set on getting married in?  Sometimes I wonder if he ever just goes into the bathroom and cries about how badly he's screwing up Mel's life.  (I mostly wonder this in a "does this show interest fanbrats and/or other bad!fic writers?" sort of way)

E. 'Cold Case, 6.04, "Roller Girl"
LMAO, for some reason I am just delighted by the idea of Little Lily having roller skates that clipped onto her sneakers and tightened with a key!  Add that to Jeffries countering her pedestrian skating with the nightlife of indoor rink clubs...sidebar conversations like these make them so much more realistic, more human, than a lot of characters on TV.  You believe these are real colleagues at a real place of work.  I always undervalue how refreshing that can be.

While watching this episode, I flailed at length about how it was the greatest thing ever because of the funny, but not so big on the emotionally compelling stuff.  The funny part is still true, but on second rewatch (and let's be fair; I was stressing a lot about school the first time around and finding it hard to follow the plot), I discovered that the case was really good too. 

It still wasn't one of those emotional ringers like the boy in the box or the little girls and their fireflies - much lighter than that - but it was interesting enough.  The girl playing Missy (victim of the week) really needs more work, all the time, because she is ridiculously photogenic.  She was able to pull off that fresh-faced look with the plain hair and sporty clothes and look young and beautiful, and look equally beautiful, in a different way, with the feathered hair and makeup in the club. 

I bought her both ways too, as the naive girl next door and the teenager exploring a more grown-up world, but even in the latter, adorable moments like where she delightedly tells her guy-next-door friend "it's glitter makeup!" show which way was really her.  I really liked all the different areas of her life they explored, between her mom and the creepy quasi-stepdad, or her "Olympics training" with the sweet/dorky boy vs. the desire to be popular and seek acceptance from the cool older girl.  Normally I just get ticked off at nice teenage girls lured by the Shiny World of Popularity, but for once I understood such a transition.

Now we're going to pretend the ending didn't happen, because I still don't understand why she freaked out so bad when he tried to kiss her (in a terribly awkward and innocent way), and I really don't understand why no one on these shows ever figures out that YOU SHOULDN'T ARGUE NEAR STEEP DROPS.  I so tire of well-meaning people accidentally pushing or failing to catch someone they care about and watching them plummet to their deaths, then being too scared to go to the police for fear of blame, and carrying this horrible sense of guilt around all their lives.  The accidental fall seems to make up a considerable percentage of their cases, is what I'm getting at.  It's not that satisfying.

The Scotty/Kat storyline of the night, however, MADE MY LIFE.  You thought Kat & Vera had snarky banter?  Well, they do, but Kat & Scotty have EQUALLY GREAT snarky banter.  I was rolling about in stitches.  I loved them so much I decided that I'd have to work through all their scenes with a series of quote exchanges.

O. first, a bonus quote exchange
(some bits paraphrased, as original wording was either clunky or I couldn't quite hear it)

Jeffries: So I go down to evidence ..Mr. Happy Meal behind the counter keeps stonewalling, finding reasons why I can't have it.
Vera: I know that guy.  Looooves to talk.
J: We go in circles for an hour; FINALLY he admits that the box I want?  Get this - four rows back.
V: Hey, that's gotta be 10, 12 feet.
J: Well, he's not gonna waddle his fast-food self all that way, less maybe the Hamburglar comes around ... finally I go behind the counter and get the damn thing myself.

See opening statement on how little conversations like this make them feel like real people.  Well, I suppose it also helps with the realism that this team comes in a variety of ages and marital statuses, are not all classically beautiful, and most importantly don't date one another, but...the little exchanges like this are my favorite example.  I am in love with Vera's serious way of pointing out that four rows back is, after all, a considerable distance to walk.  Come on now. 

Now is S/K time.

I. (set not long after hearing Kat get off the phone, complaining that her mom set her up on a blind date with some guy from church)
K: What kind of loser paints a spaceship on their car?
S: Well, it was the 70's...Star Wars; that Boston album, Parliament Funkadelic...
K: Uh-uh, brothers were *not* painting spaceships on their cars.
S: Well, not anymore.  Those guys got your mom down at church, setting them up on blind dates now.  *smirk*
K: See, now that was uncalled for.

Apparently part of this episode shot on location?  And so that was an actual Philly restaurant?  Such is the information I gleaned in my episode-review-trolling; I personally was just thrilled watching Scotty order cheesesteak wraps for them both while calling over to her for ingredient specifications every so often (Heart Attack Special for the lady, mmmm).  Giggled when he bumped fists with the guy at the window, and smiled as he listened to Kat bitching about her pending blind date.  I had no idea that this was just the first of many, many, MANY exchanges about this event over the course of the night. 

II. Kat (on phone): I am sure your sunsets WOULD rock my world, sir, but I am only interested in spaceships.
That she keeps a straight face while saying this cracks me up.  Also:

K: I gotta go run an errand.
S: Hair appointment, right?
K: You better quit now.

III. (later, upon seeing her hand sporting pink polish)
S: Hey, you get your nails done too?
K: Shut up.
K: I think I'm gonna cancel.  Regular dating's hard enough; for a single mom it's impossible.
S: Yeah, why bother?  Just get yourself some sweatpants and park it on the couch.
K: You make it sound so bad.

IV. AWWWWWWWWWW, she goes on her date and then she's drunk and bails and calls Scotty to rescue her!  Meanwhile, I'm busy being amazed by how gorgeous she looks with her hair fixed up nicely and a pretty dress...classy-looking woman, and not visibly drunk, despite having apparently had at least half a bottle of wine.  The conversation they have is long and too adorable, but here's the important bit: 
S: You gotta get back in the game.
K: (tired) Got no game, baby.  Game over.
S: Shame.  You're still a pretty good catch, er...
K: *death glare, followed by tiny hope* Yeah?
S: Just saying. You deserve more.
K: (to herself) Damn straight.
S: Lousy-ass cop, though.
K: *punches him* Take me home before I puke all over your car.

And just like that, they go from honest but slightly awkward compliments, albeit in one of the sweetest moments of encouragement and reassurance I've ever seen, to hilarity.  I mean, she socks him in the shoulder.  But the twinkle in his eye when he rescues the schmaltz by solemnly declaring her a lousy-ass cop is even better.  I want a friend like him.

V. (next day)
S: So, did you call him?
K: What are you now, my life coach?
S: Well, apparently I'm your driver.
K: *mutters* Never living that down.

I swear, half of this one is just her taken-aback expression on the first question.  No one does "I will kill you with my mind" looks like Kat Miller.  She has perfected the art of the withering glare.  Adding Tracie Thoms to this show was without a doubt the best casting decision ever made.  And awwwwwwwwww, the ending montage when you see her going out with the poor church guy again and actually laughing and having a good time!  He does look like a nice man.  No need to fear, Kat.  I wish you many happy times, if it's destined to be.

Speaking of ending montages, LILY AND JEFFRIES SKATING!  LAWLZ.  I am really fond of that bit where Lil spins around with her hands in the air and gives a giant wink.  So much so that I even made a proper cap of it (taxing, that, clicking the 'snapshot' button), which I may fuss around with in the future for icon-type purposes if I'm so inclined and have the time.  For now, just be amused.

On a completely shallow note, Lily opened the episode with a GORGEOUS purple blouse.  The effort of clicking "snapshot" was apparently too taxing for me to grab a picture of that, though. 
F. Also, um, pretty sure I am FINALLY discovering the beauty of Vienna Teng.  Which has only been a goal of mine since about April 2006, when I saw her lyrics used as a preface to the first decent Horatio/Marisol fic I ever read (also how I discovered afteriwake</lj> 's existence.  True fact), and it was like WELL, THAT SEEMS LIKE THE KIND OF SONG I SHOULD FIND. 

After putting it off/forgetting over and over (she is always being recced throughout fandom, for some reason) - this morning I was checking out Imeem's "recommended artists" feature and on about the third round, they handed me her name.  Well, that seemed as good a time as any to finally put her to the test.  The fic had used "Harbor," so I started there, and YEAH.  I LIKE THIS.  LOTS. 

Edit: ALSO.  How have I existed this long as a fan of Sarah McLachlan without ever hearing "Vox"?  Because it's good.  And it's exciting to fall in love with a new song of hers.
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