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Shockingly enough, as recently as two years ago, I was not at all obsessed with TV. I had around a dozen shows I watched, but only for fun.  I figured no fandom would ever be like X-Files, so I didn't care, and I still watched crime shows for the crimes.  I rarely wrote about TV in my journal, so it's hard to remember my old opinions.  But it's fun when I do.  For example, after a bit of poking around the official website, reading their silly and uninformative, subject-to-change character bios, I remembered a couple of things about season 1/early season 2 of CSI: NY, and why I didn't enjoy the show.

1. Why I didn't care about Flack: Oh my God, what ridiculous sideburns!  What ridiculous hair!  He looks so much better with shorter hair, and I don't usually say that.  That, and lately I think I've been too hypnotized by blue eyes to remember what I wrote in my journal in early 2005 about, um, "the ridiculously tall and rectangle-headed, Frankenstein-esque detective."

2. Why I didn't care for Lindsay: Right before joining this show, she was in the season finale of Without a Trace.  The actress had a really memorable role as a girl unwittingly involved, via her boyfriend, in the weapons trade for African warfare, and she was a little bit delusional.  She went away in handcuffs.  It was really jolting to see the same woman suddenly pop up in New York in a starring role, and I bore a grudge for months.
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