RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Went to bed at 6:30 PM and slept for 10 hours.  I almost feel better, except for the whole WAUGH I HAVE TO TALK TO MY PROF IN PERSON and WAUGH I HAVE A MIDTERM ABOUT WHICH I KNOW NOTHING things. 

And TV is making me feel horrible.  This morning I watched Pushing Daisies and I was all SQUEE!  Reversing of all that is ungood, plus David Arquette! until Ned said the thing, and then I was gutted (nope.  The ending makes up for nothing.).  Then I cracked upon hearing notes of glee about the first deleted scene from The Office and watched that (because, hey, deleted!  it's like a sneak preview, right, just longer?), and now I'm completely gutted because

I've read spoilers and all, but somehow that did not prepare me for the soul-crushing look of Pam in a professional office wearing corporate clothes.  I think I might either cry or throw up, it looks so wrong , and just...PAM.  GET THE EFF OUT OF NEW YORK, NOW.  I don't even really want to watch the episode, I'm so depressed by this look.  Which ticks me off, because this WAS the first one I've been excited about since the premiere...
Edit: Oh God, I'm all of ten seconds in and I just realized that by 'corporate clothes' what I meant to say was Karen clothes.  No wonder I'm recoiling in horror.

Double edit: Have seen the whole episode.  And now I just feel sad, and uncomfortable, and angry at everyone including TPTB (because I hate their other relationships!  Hate them!  And I'm all mixed up because I should be happy that they exist to deflect the bad conflict off Jim and Pam and absorb it, but I hate them!). I really need the next episode.  I mean, at some point, there has to be something about season 5 that isn't completely horrible, right?  Right???  *is trying to remember where that happened in season 3*

Why did I have to come back this year, why. 

Tags: pushing daisies, the office

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