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Replying to comments soon, I swear.

I just happened to glance at the LJ homepage, where I always look down at the featured comms out of habit, and...

Y'ALL, THIS COMMUNITY WAS TAILOR-MADE FOR ME.  You don't even know how frickin' exciting it is to scroll down the page and see post after post of people talking about books and actually be able to RECOGNIZE TITLES and KNOW WHO THE HELL THE AUTHORS ARE.  Because, you GUYS!  I always turn to the book section in magazines and newspapers, out of habit, even though it inevitably all looks as boring as the business section and leaves me feeling disappointed and empty.  It was starting to depress me how completely disengaged I was from what anyone else ever talked about in the world of literature. 

But here! It's like my soul has just been ILLUMINATED. "The Adoration of Jenna Fox," that's a new one on my to-order list!  "Looking for Alaska," that dude's on my "AUTHORS I'D LIKE TO KILL WITH CIGARETTE BURNS" list!  "I Capture the Castle," YES.  "A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT," OH MY GOD, that book was so freaking fantastic! 

I AM IN DANGER OF EXPLODING FANGIRL ALL OVER.  None of my TV shows can currently give me this buzz!  This is the buzz I used to get from TV!  YA literature, my first and foremost and one true love!  aslkdjfalskdjfklasdf too much joy, don't know where I shall ever begin!  Have possibly endless amounts of posting material!

Dying of teh paroxysms of glee, RS.

[Edit: And then because I forgot to close the tab from this morning, I read a few more pages about The Office on MTT's episode discussion thread, I'm back to being horribly peevish and snappish at everyone who watches this show for any reason other than Jim and Pam.  I'm this close to saying I hate Kelly, just to set an example of how they should be your primary focus at all times. 

I am so sick of hearing people say how they don't mind Pam being gone because they feel secure that the relationship is safe in the background, or that Michael and Holly are just as interesting (LASJDLKF;ASL;KDFJLKASDF CAPSLOCK OF BOLDING AND RAGE RAGE RAGE)/cute/adorable/ANY OTHER POSITIVE ADJECTIVE, and I'm really fucking sick of hearing people admit they're coming around on Andy/Angela (I'm not even super-invested in Dwangela, other than approving of it, but THIS INVOLVES ANDY.  THAT IS NOT OKAY). 

OUTRAGE, PEOPLE.  All I ask is a little outrage over the amount of Jam cuteness this season vs. last season.  Numb3rs did it two years in a row!  Numb3rs managed to keep the Charmita ball of physical affection rolling in full force for two years, and are currently poised for a third!  (The day I stop being able to use that show as my unmarried-relationship gold standard, I will cry for a week).  WHY CAN'T THE OFFICE?

And if you do manage the outrage, and still somehow find the episodes enjoyable anyway, could you...find them enjoyable for the writers' less blatantly "hey, do you like our new love triangle tricks?  You do?  EXCELLENT," reasons?  Make it because you like the Dwight/Phyllis interaction and/or seeing her have a bigger role.  Because you love how Creed is the most unlikely badass ninja ever.  Hell, at this point I'd settle for you laughing at Michael's THs.

Yes, I do think everyone should subscribe to my view.  This the Jim and Pam show, and everything else is merely an inconvenience you suffer through, like commercials, to watch your show. BUT I WOULD BE LESS RIGID ABOUT THE OTHER STUFF IF MORE PEOPLE FELT THIS WAY AT HEART.

  Double edit: Slowly getting my feelings under control. I had things I liked about it too, and they resurface when I'm calm. Eventually I might even mention them.
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