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Trash TV (and other things?)

Apparently I had a whole second Notepad post I was keeping all my non-Office-related thoughts in today (leaving my room and/or talking to people: hasn't happened since 9:00 this morning).  Sometimes, you see, on Saturday mornings I just flip the TV to random trash channels, because they can play in the background instead of me having to devote my full attention to them.  Also because we don't have cable at home and so at Christmas I'll have to give all this up for, quite possibly, years.  I'm making the most of it while I can.

1. MTV: I am a little bit addicted to "Next."  In a way where it just plain fascinates me, with its horribleness.  I can't help it; I am enthralled and enchanted by the fact that something so unabashedly TERRIBLE can even exist!  It oozes cheese, and the terrible lines they dutifully repeat, with lots of enthusiasm and no acting skill whatsoever, CRACK ME UP.

2. VH1: What the hell, when did your Top 20 Video Countdown start sacrificing actual videos to make more room for endless interviews with boring musicians?  Thirty seconds of "In This Life" followed by "And that's #13 on our countdown!" is not sufficient, bitch! 

2a. Whoa, Creed broke up in 2004?  What?  Really?  WHERE HAVE I BEEN.
2b. I kind of like Pink's new song, against my will.  I think I am possibly even starting to tap wells of respect for her as an artist.  ???

3. "Real Chance of Love"?!  OK, confession time, I may have ended up watching episodes of "I Love Money" every time I saw them in random rerun slots.  And kind of been SECRETLY ADDICTED.  And I cannot believe I am saying this, but Real?  He's kind of hot.  And possibly the closest thing to a mature adult with a functioning brain on the entire VH1 crackshow franchise.  I kind of want to watch this show just to ogle him some more.  Then again, I'd have to put up with freakish-looking Chance, who always strikes me as someone who's strung out on actual crack.  So maybe not. 

3a. While being secretly addicted to "I Love Money," I also totally fell in love with Megan, and the little Chihuahua she takes everywhere with her.  I feel like I'm supposed to be annoyed by and/or hate her?  But instead I just think she's DEVILISHLY ADORABLE.  With her devious little smiles of pure, sweet evil.  She's so cute about her evil plans, guys!  I almost think she's smarter than she appears!

3b. So, then I was channel-surfing a few hours later and noticed she was on "Charm School."  Oh yeah, I watched that crap just for her.  It's a sickness.  Or a crack addiction, if you will.

4. I may have tripped over that Paris Hilton reality show last week, too.  Watched it briefly.  Reaffirmed that I really don't think Paris Hilton is all that bad of a person, actually.  Much more likable than, I dunno, Rihanna.  Paris likes animals and has long hair.  Also, I like her music better.  YES, REALLY.
5. In more respectable things of note, paged through The Rose and the Beast again just now.  As usual, collapsed into shivers of uncontrollable pleasure and adoration after just a few turns of the page.  The writing.  It sweeps me away.  No matter how many times I read it, it never stops being the most beautiful book in the world - pretty much my Bible, there.

6. Signing off and being productive again now, yes.  
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