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Furthering my "adult books suck" hypothesis, Blake's Therapy is written in such a dazed, dream-like way, weaving between both temporal and physical settings, that it starts to put the reader into the same state of entrancement. I know this because I keep getting the feeling that I'm drifting off, only to find when I come to my senses that I've been steadily punching the book's cover again and again.

*is annoyed* Not in an Arundhati Roy way, where I feel distinctly murderous after every sentence - this is fiction, after all - but I just get irritated at everything that happens. I can't figure out what message the author is trying to say about society or human nature as a whole (I know he's saying something, and I'm equally sure it won't impress me), but as of right now, a little over the halfway point, it bugs me without my being able to put my finger on precisely why. (I mean, besides all the references to sexual activity that REALLY. I DON'T NEED TO READ, AT ALL, except that they're sort of inextricably woven into the framework of what makes this character tick, and thus I refer you back to "adult books suck.")

There's just something nettlesome about the whole therapy experiment, both the concept itself - real or not - and the choices the patient makes during it. Raise your hand if you feel weirdly guilty playing The Sims after reading this book! And of course, the therapist's condescending tone of "I know best and this will work" makes me want to throttle him all the time.

...on second thought, maybe I shouldn't complain too much as this looks to be the most engaging of our three novels. For example, out of curiosity to see how the others compared, I just tried to read the first page of The Hungry Tide and it put me to sleep.

In other news, last night I...totally caved and sneaked in NCIS.  I KNOW.  In my defense, I diligently read David Copperfield through all the commercials!  And also through all the boring parts of the episode.  I wouldn't have cracked at all if I hadn't managed to see a promo for it yesterday featuring Abby In Potential Danger, but I'll be damned if I can stay away from a lure like that. 

It was a FANTASTIC episode, as I highly enjoy gruesome serial killer plots and the Halloween-esque episodes are usually among their better ones anyway, but really, I'm afraid all I can focus on is:

1) Abby In Potential Danger promo didn't lie!  We had a random camera trained on her in real time, necessitating a frantic Everybody Race To The Lab scene.  I do so love Gibbs face whenever there's so much as a hint something might happen to her. 

2) HEE, HEE, HEE on Abby saying "I've never been that scared in my life!", and just as the audience is about to go "Wait a minute!" she adds "Except for..." and lists off the times her lab assistant tried to kill her, a psycho ex was stalking her, etc.

3) Now going to go die in a melted puddle of "guh" over the fact that as soon as Gibbs gets there, he automatically goes over to Abby and starts massaging her shoulders.  I was thrilled to no end that the whole time they're talking, even though she's fairly clear-headed and not particularly distressed, that action never stops.  I feel soothed just watching it.  Somehow I forget that, much as I enjoy the latter, their bond is 8 million times more satisfying than Tony and Ziva could ever hope to be.

Also!  "What's the second question?"  "Can I stay with you tonight?"  Awwww.  He's her safe house, both literally and figuratively.
I crashed into sleep at around 8:25, after forcing myself to wind down enough to do so (I wasn't being productive.  I also needed to sleep at some point.  Ergo, do the sleeping early and get up super-early to continue) and then an hour later THE EFFING FIRE ALARM WENT OFF.  Seething hatred!  So that was 10 minutes of standing around outside, shaking both from exhaustion and cold.  -.- 

On the bright side, when I finally got back in, I was awake enough to turn on the Office reruns (something I'd planned for in my schedule anyway), so I watched "Halloween" before falling back asleep.  I love that episode (Michael's actually watchable in it.  Like 95% of the time.  I KNOW).  Let's ignore the angsty part; Three Hole Punch Jim + Black Kitty Pam are the most adorable things in the world.
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