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"Hi, my name's Billie Piper and I feel that writhing around in various states of undress is somehow worth more years of my time than being Rose Tyler, Pillar Of All That Is Adorable, Good and Magical!"

"Hi, my name's David Tennant, and despite being the second biggest fanboy of my own character after David Caruso, you still won't be able to keep me around for as many years as you can count on one hand, because I have bigger, better and grander things to do with my time!"

GOD.  Between the pair of them they make Duchovny look like some sort of saint for staying 7 years on X-Files.  I feel like I should worship William Petersen as some sort of deity for lasting 8 and a half on CSI, until I remember that American shows have this weird thing where they like not only stay on the air as long as possible, but try to actually keep their cast intact - particularly if they have a smallish number of leads.  TAKE NOTE OF OUR AWESOMENESS, BRITAIN.

Ugh, I'm in a foul mood.  Like I wasn't dreading the eventual watching of season 4 enough (currently planned for January 2009 on my personal calendar), now I've got to do it with an extra Dark Cloud of Doom hanging over my head.  Please, innocent flist members for your own sakes - if  you're not into this show, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT.  IT'S NOT WORTH THE ANGER AND HEARTBREAK. 

P.S. "It would be very easy to cling on to the Tardis console forever and I fear that if I don't take a deep breath and make the decision to move on now, then I simply never will.
There's something wrong with that?  THIS IS WHY I HATE ACTORS.  ALWAYS INSISTING ON PUSHING THEMSELVES AND EXPLORING AND DOING NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME.  WORK FOR A PAYCHECK LIKE THE REST OF US!  *flaring nostrils of irrational fury* (she's sleep deprived, folks, don't mess with her.  Though she will probably defend this statement either way).

Well, it was nice being in love with David Tennant while it lasted.  I have to go enter a period of mourning now*, for he is dead to me.  Incidentally, after the specials air, so is the show.

(* = seriously, after the rage cools off and the shock sinks in, I'm going to start bawling.  I already kind of feel like throwing up.  I did not need this news today.  Or before graduation, really, but especially this week.)

P.P.S.  OH!  MY!  GOD! I just realized something - how dare you break this horrible news on the 8th anniversary of my becoming an X-Phile?!?!  October 29th is the oldest and still one of the few ceremonial fandom dates I have stored in my head; NOW IT'S TAINTED FOREVER BY TRAGEDY.
Tags: doctor who, x-files

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