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Mm. Still rageful.

Mostly because peoples' (a word which here means "the entire internet so far") reactions all seem to be along the lines of "Doctor Who is about change/he's been here more than two years [HOW TAXING]/it's sad but not unexpected" and are otherwise completely annoyingly accepting about it.  STOP IT.  STOP ACCEPTING CHANGE!  Just because that's what the show has always done doesn't mean you can't still be pissed about it every time and think it's completely stupid. 

Godddddd, I can't stop thinking about how many of my shows have passed their 100th episode mark with the same stars that filmed the pilot.  He'll have, what, less than 50?  Even adjusting for the length of the specials, that is so very unacceptable.  I don't care that they miraculously resurrected this show from the dead; Tennant is impossible to top and therefore I dream of the shiny red button of cancellation, oh yes, I do.

I think I'm gonna have to go drown my sorrows in The Office.  Immerse myself in something significantly happier.  Also BETTER.  And then take an extra level of joy in how it happens to be the more awesome version of a British show.  Take that!  *is feeling bitter and vindictive* 


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
In which I am finally rational enough to respond. Or so I think.
It's hard to deal with that without being a bit accepting of change.
It probably helps that Old School and New School are completely separate shows in my mind, and that I therefore fully expect the new series to play by the rules of Modern American TV. And, well, yeah I don't even have words to express my annoyance with Eccleston leaving (THIRTEEN EPISODES?! WHAT IS YOUR DEAL), and if I think about it too long I still nearly explode. Then again, I'm sure I would be much angrier about that if Tennant hadn't made my heart go all fluttery. They're going to have to find someone really, really attractive to replace him if there's even going to be a hope of keeping me around.

Here's the thing (long digression, but necessary): shortly before season 4 aired, I was browsing message boards at TWoP and someone said they'd love it if prior to the Eleventh Doctor's coming, they could bring Rose back one last time, send her off on adventures with the Doctor again at the end, and then just sort of imply that 50+ years had passed before Eleven popped back to the early part of the 21st century. I was super on board with this idea, because as much of a pipe dream as it was, it also sounded sort of plausible!

And then the news about RTD leaving broke, followed in short order by Moffat's "Yeah, we're gonna be done with Rose" and the season 4 finale which I am pretty sure will break my heart when I finally know for sure what happens. But at least I vaguely understood the necessity of the bittersweet tinge if The Moffat wasn't going to revisit it.

EXCEPT NOW. Now David's skipping out at basically the same time?! EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I COULDN'T HAVE A HAPPIER ENDING. Also, the reason I can't see myself watching past Ten is that it's just going to twist my brain into unacceptable levels of "CAN NOT PROCESS" when I try to think of Eleven still technically being the Doctor with all the same memories of Rose* and WOW, DO NOT WANT, WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO STAY IN FANFIC FOREVER.

(* - this is another reason I can't really see myself watching Old School, either. I can't think of Nine/Ten with all the memories of *those* companions either. Messes with my shippy joy. Even after School Reunion, it's hard.)

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