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Mm. Still rageful.

Mostly because peoples' (a word which here means "the entire internet so far") reactions all seem to be along the lines of "Doctor Who is about change/he's been here more than two years [HOW TAXING]/it's sad but not unexpected" and are otherwise completely annoyingly accepting about it.  STOP IT.  STOP ACCEPTING CHANGE!  Just because that's what the show has always done doesn't mean you can't still be pissed about it every time and think it's completely stupid. 

Godddddd, I can't stop thinking about how many of my shows have passed their 100th episode mark with the same stars that filmed the pilot.  He'll have, what, less than 50?  Even adjusting for the length of the specials, that is so very unacceptable.  I don't care that they miraculously resurrected this show from the dead; Tennant is impossible to top and therefore I dream of the shiny red button of cancellation, oh yes, I do.

I think I'm gonna have to go drown my sorrows in The Office.  Immerse myself in something significantly happier.  Also BETTER.  And then take an extra level of joy in how it happens to be the more awesome version of a British show.  Take that!  *is feeling bitter and vindictive* 


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
In which I am finally rational enough to respond to comments.
Yep, those are pretty apt comparisons for the heartache. British TV's ways are strange and confusing.

And yeah, I know it was a stupid show about witches. Don't judge me!
Oh, not at all - I find myself running across and watching reruns a lot. It's kind of appealing in an off-beat way. I never knew what happened to Prue though...just that she randomly disappears at one point; I could never piece together enough chronology to figure out what happened or why. That sucks.

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