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Trying to calm down. Trying to calm down. Trying to calm down.

Can't respond to comments yet. I also probably shouldn't watch Pushing Daisies right now. I want to, but it will probably just whip the rage right back up. It tends to do that, despite being wrapped in a deceptive package of brightly colored joy. Instead I will use my blissed-out icon and devote the next hour or so to nice things.

1. At work today, the Sansa hit "Life Less Ordinary" and I had to play it a few times, not to mention couldn't wait to get back to I could watch the Jim/Pam video. At this point, I just about have the thing memorized, yet actually seeing it just brings fresh waves of joy every time. The perfection of this song knows no bounds.  It also just broke the #1 spot on my most-played list.

2. Strikeout: Via a long series of links, I landed at yankeeficswap. I was clicking on random recovered titles! There were no summaries! I didn't know what was happening! Suddenly I landed in the middle of Roy/Jim fic! THAT IS A HORRIBLE PLACE I NEVER NEED TO GO AGAIN.

3.  Back to good things (very good things): Top Ten Jim/Pam Moments.  Found randomly browsing the internet, is possibly THE most concentrated shot of Cute Moments anywhere in existence.  And there is so much of it!  It's my happy place, yes-yes.  And if I ever need more joy, I just think about making one of my own.  It takes about six seconds before my heart explodes at the insane number of choices.

4. I've been watching the season 4 blooper reel, and I've decided there is no greater joy than seeing John Krasinski break. Watching him fight back a smile or struggle mightily to keep from laughing only to collapse a few seconds later is ridiculously cute. Think maybe I have found a place to transfer my recently displaced starry-eyed infatuation. 

5. But if there is an equal joy, it probably belongs to Office Tally's Writer Q&A's. They are one of the most wonderfully illuminating things in the world - SO HELPFUL, seriously. I feel like this is what DVD commentaries are supposed to be, but never are. (of course, I've never actually watched any Office commentaries. The CSI: Miami ones got so annoying and off-topic, babbling on and on about how great this guest actor was or the angle at which this scene was shot that I was soured on them forever)

'Crime Aid
A. Among the other items that could have been in the auction, the most important ones were:

Meredith auctions something, but no one knows what it is because of her drunken slurring. Oscar buys it for a dollar. Turns out it’s a brand new iPhone. Oscar’s excited.
-Yay! It almost makes up for the heartbreaking loss of his computer.

Kelly auctions off dance lessons for Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s “Crank That” dance. (This also explains her outfit during the auction.)
-OMG, YES. And yes, I do sorely hope this makes it into the DVD's deleted scenes.

Ryan bought it for $40.

Kelly TH: she plans to drive him wild with lust but not sleep with him.

-HAHA. Let me know how that works out. [No, seriously. Let me know. GIVE THEM LINES AGAIN.]

-We intentionally didn’t want to focus too much on the items in an effort to keep the stories moving.
(...but we had time for Kevin's stupid accounting offer? Whatever)

B. Apparently the reason they had an auction in the first place, rather than getting reimbursed by insurance, was that in an important point that got cut for time, "they had a $5k deductible for personal items. They lost less than that, so it wasn't covered." (and that was cut for time?? Well, that was a pretty stupid decision, wasn't it? Seeing as everyone was left massively confused.)

C. Most annoying thing? Even though someone asked it, they never answered what exactly it is that Pam does at her part-time corporate job. I DEMAND ANSWERS! I can't figure out what sort of work they'd have her doing. (Of course, I still don't know precisely what Ryan the Temp (1.0) was doing, either, unless I've just forgotten.) Random office assistant? She has her own desk; I don't know if that makes a difference because I am frighteningly ignorant of how offices work.

This is bugging me a lot, in case you can't tell. Considering how much (ultimately fruitless) time I devoted to sleuthing about Pratt, that probably shouldn't surprise you.


Hell, is now 1:00 AM.  Should probably get back to my research.  I'm just so bored  by French artists...and really this should not be hard, since I only have to give a 4-minute biography; my partner's covering the even more boring discussion of her art...and yet.  Cannot.  Focus.  I have six tabs open with sufficient information between them that I basically just have to organize and translate into French...I just don't want to, you know, do anything productive with it. 
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