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Seriously, with all the TV shows I watch and/or would like to watch someday in the future, I think it would really be ideal if I could forget school and work and just hole myself up in a room somewhere for, like, a decade.  As it is, I feel like I will probably spend the rest of my life slowly making progress on my to-watch goals.  I'll probably be 87 and going "AT LAST!  Time to discover Gilmore Girls!"

I mean,   First, let's take a refresher look at

My Current Shows
  1. Cold Case
  2. How I Met Your Mother
  3. CSI: Miami
  4. House
  5. NCIS
  6. Without a Trace
  7. Law & Order: SVU
  8. Pushing Daisies
  9. Bones
  10. Private Practice
  11. CSI: NY
  12. Survivor
  13. The Office
  14. CSI
  15. Grey's Anatomy
  16. ER
  17. Numb3rs
  18. Medium
  19. American Idol
  20. Lost
  21. So You Think You Can Dance
There are so many of them that I literally cannot remember them all unless I systematically go through the week in order of their airing, then go back and pick up second-semester shows that haven't started yet.  This is why I almost always welcome hiatus weeks, because there are so many other shows to fill in the gap.  I'm already looking forward to next summer so I can start digging in to other things, like...

BBC or PBS Shows, Miniseries, etc. [in no particular order]

  1. Doctor Who*
  2. Torchwood* (OK, technically I am watching them, but I've stalled before 4x01 and 2x12, respectively, and have no idea when I shall return)
  3. Blackpool
  4. Bleak House
  5. The "Ruby in the Smoke" episode of Masterpiece Theatre
  6. The Austen miniseries of remakes
  7. The Colin Firth version of Pride & Prejudice
  8. Lost in Austen (does anyone see patterns emerging?  Anyone?)
  9. The apparently many Wishbone episodes I've never seen
  10. Cranford (yes, because of Pam)
  11. Primeval
  12. Merlin
Currently-Airing Shows I Don't Have Spare Brainpower For, But Am A Little Intrigued By
1. Friday Night Lights
2. The Starter Wife (doesn't actually seem like my kind of show, but Debra Messing is so adorable in all the previews)
3. Crusoe

Shows of the Past
1. Gilmore Girls
2. 7th Heaven (look, it can't always have been terrible.  Once upon a time, maybe it was like CSI: Miami.  And anyway, I have such fond memories from when I was in elementary/middle school, and would see commercials for it that looked good, but I always had religious ed. or dance when it aired)
3. Everwood
4. Dawson's Creek
(OK, seriously, the WB was a channel with shows I always wanted to watch, except that by the time I was watching TV enough to be aware of its awesome shows, the time slots all conflicted with either activities or shows I was already attached to on FOX.  I know.  We didn't have online TV back in the day!  I'm not even sure we had TV on DVD!)
5. Alias

I'm pretty sure there should be a lot more shows in the last two categories, I just haven't thought about them in a while and so my memory's a little rusty.  I'll have to adapt this post in future months, hence the easy-to-find tag.
In other news, I am on the brink of finishing David Copperfield, at which point it will officially succeed Crime and Punishment as the longest book I've ever read.  It's been an exciting two weeks, and despite a variety of feelings I've had about Dora, I'll be damned if this morning I didn't...

 Well, for starters, I've been going through the book totally unspoiled, except for one point about halfway way through when I was looking up explanation for a scene online, and I tripped over the fact that Dora & Jip die on the same day.  ARGH.  Doing my best to put that out of mind, I went back to patiently admiring David/Agnes, since I'd been doing that anyway (LOOK AT HER ALREADY, YOU IDIOT), and barely tolerating Dora.  

I don't exactly hate her with the same passion that some of my classmates do.  Shortly after his marriage to her, one girl emphatically burst out "She needs to die.  Now."  Our prof laughed and said "So you're hoping she'll conveniently drop dead, like her father?  We could call it Well-Timed Narrative Death Syndrome!  Maybe it runs in the family."  And...I don't know. 

I find Jip one of the most adorable characters in the book (he's like a tiny version of my dog!  My dog would (and has) attempt to gnaw the hand off anyone outside the family who paid attention to me, so there's that.  And then there's the part where as annoying as she was at first, with the squeaking and UTTER LACK OF ANY BRAIN CELLS, I realized that when she gasps and cries about how 'dreadful' it is when "Doady" asks her to do something taxing like keep accounts or cook, and please don't scold her and let's just be happy and joyful!, that's how I feel whenever people in my Capstone class bring up said class in British Novels.  I desperately want to beg them to shut up and let me have my hour of peace and fun before the next class of terror.

I sobered a little when I realized she'd had a miscarriage - I didn't realize that had happened until people brought it up in class; I thought she just suffered some serious illness - and...somehow...ended up an invalid?  (seriously, I don't get how those two things are connected).  I was still pretty okay with this plot development.  Not, you know, rejoicing, but -- Agnes!

Then this morning I got to the second "Another Retrospect," and she was dying and it was horrible.  He mentions three moments in the long bedside vigils that stand out, and the first two made me whimper, but the last?  She was saying all these sweet sad things about how she was always too young, and he would have tired of his child-wife before too many more years, and it was better this way...and he's got his head on the pillow and there's crying and OH, GOD, SO HEARTBREAKING, I cried the whole way through.

DID NOT HELP later having Ham get beaten to death by a wave trying (in vain) to save the undeserving Steerforth wretch, either.  You know, I went into this book quite unspoiled about everything, but he just likes to kill off characters left and right, doesn't he?  It's like I'm watching Lost.  You'd think I'd be used to it and/or anticipate it by now, but no!  Every time, still a shock.

I'm 20 pages from the end now, and the suspense of the pending marriage (it is pending, is it not? it must be!) is killing me.  COME ON, DICKENS.  You've been very generous with the kisses and general affection throughout this book.  What's with suddenly going all Austen on me? 

EDIT: OK, finished it.  Cried again at the end, although this time with tears of happiness. 

Also, still feel cheated that we never found out who Mr. Murdstone married.  I was SO SURE I would get an answer at the end, sure that somewhere in there was a daughter, at least, of someone we'd met before who would bring about one last connection...and then nothing.  SIGH. 
Double Edit: Whilst adding the "current music," I felt like randomly looking up the complete song lyrics, and I tripped over this rather neat concept...of creating a story out of a song - not precisely like "songfic," but preserving all the lines intact and weaving them directly into the story.  I've never seen anyone do this before; I suspect it's more of a challenge to pull off than it looks.  I kind of what to try it now, as practice for creative writing if nothing else. 
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