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Um, I don't want to alarm you or anything, but I may have just finished not one but two pieces of fanfic that I've been kicking around for many, many months.  Over two years, in one case.  The first one is for ER, Tony & Sarah, as 15x04 jump-started my love and adoration for the pair.  I was just going to post the "works-in-progress" meme to see how many sadly abandoned pieces I had in my possession, but the first thing I opened was a ficlet-o-fluff-and-banter about them, and their voices were so well back in my head that I spun it out, doubled the length, and now I'm only in need of a couple sentences in the intro, one transition, and a brief conclusion.  

The second is, brace yourself, CSI: NY and it's been in the back of my brain ever since "Not What It Looks Like" aired (yep. fall 2006.) and I really, really, really needed a good reason why Lindsay blew Danny off.  And even though I have since found other fic to explain that beautifully, and the show gave us insight into her Tragic Past, and I was never quite satisfied with my handle on Lindsay in this piece, I also couldn't abandon it.  I poked at it from time to time, morosely lamenting its refusal to behave, but little by little I made tiny progress.  Even after suffering the blow where I lost a huge chunk of improvements when I lost my flash drive.

Today I opened it up, and WTH, I do not remember making this much progress!  Was Muse working behind my back?  It's like...95% done.  It even looks good.  After poking at it for about half an hour longer, I am pretty sure that it's 100% done.  Has a title, even.  My only qualm is one that's been there from the beginning - about halfway through, it shifts from past to present tense and I just cannot reconcile the two halves into one tense or the other.  I've been with it so long that I think the shift feels natural, but...I'll probably poke at it a few more days.  And then probably give up and decide not to change anything after all.

Nee-hee!  Fic-writing, I will apparently never quite break the habit!

Edit: Ooh!  And I'm suddenly much more enamored of that missing-scene Alex ficlet from Lost somewhere back last winter, which is more like two scenes hooked together, and which only requires a couple of transitions, one fleshed-out paragraph, and ending sentences before it'll work.  Do have to re-watch a couple of episodes to figure out what was going on timeline-wise, golly, I'm feeling both optimistic and productive!  The best part is that now I have an excuse to daydream about Alex/Karl while I ponder various ways to write their comfort scene.  I foresee French speeding right on by today...
Tags: csi: ny, er, fanfic

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