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Post-Election results: LJ style.

Impressive, I've only managed to get defriended by one person so far.  And I can live with that one.  But I'd very much like to keep as many of the rest of you as possible, so let's all hold hands and sing Obama songs or something (surely people have written odes to him by this point?  If not, I'm very disappointed) and bask in fandomy bliss.  No more politics today. 

CSI: Miami: 7x06, "Wrecking Crew"

So, I'm thinking Caruso stole Emily Procter's acting mojo to complete his scenes in 7x05.  Because ahahahaha, this teaser was the most horribly acted thing I have seen in a long time.  I mean, what the hell!  It was like a terrible art student film, with the overly dramatic fake crying coming from Calleigh.  Eric wasn't exacly selling me on the urgency of his predicament either - "oh noes!  I'm trapped!  The only way this could be more serious would be if I were SLIGHTLY INJURED" - but Calleigh's demonstrative open-mouthed grief and crying made me embarassed for them.

I did read an interview or an article somewhere around CSI Files where they pretended they still cared about character development and were talking about wanting to show Calleigh's more vulnerable side coming out or something, and in theory I understand what this scene was trying to set up and that it would be traumatic to watch someone slip from your grasp and fall to their death before your eyes, but man.  No.  It did not succeed in practice.

Although I will, as usual, let it slide because I was very fond of the way they could then use it throughout the episode to push the E/C.  I particularly like the moment early on where Eric tentatively reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder, and then quickly yanks it back at the sound of an approaching voice.

Um, I don't know what this note refers to anymore, so I'll just let you have it verbatim.  Apparently my brain is short circuiting on a Cute Moment?  That sucks.  I want to remember it!  Maybe this wil jog a memory:
Neeeee, little touches and AW.  He's so careful and cautious about touching her even a little bit. 

It was right before the bitchslapping moment, I know that much.  Speaking of which, Eric, I'm pretty sure you should intervene more than standing there looking dumb.  Arrest the woman for assaulting an officer, or something.

By the way, R/C fic writers, your mission is to disregard the canon E/C, take Ryan's voiced concern about how she's doing, and run with it.  The Eyes of Compassion!  I love those!  I understand why he lets her brush him off, but I think even a canon-compliant fic could be made of him pressing her to talk.  Or just offering to be a friend.  It's not like he's never made a go at Eric's women before!    
There was no Fashion Show this week, because there was NO COLOR COORDINATION AT ALL.  I was severely disapointed, and had nothing to pay attention to except how Ryan's working the rugged country wear again and looking good.  On the negative side, Awesome Tech Girl straightened her hair and made it look so flat and sad she was almost unrecognizable, but she was wearing the coolest shirt of all (yellow sweater-type with this like...maze-pattern around the neckline.

One question about the silly ending: I'm...did Kyle die, at some point, between episodes?  (that was mock-sarcasm, people) What's with the slow-mo Emo Gazing at his school picture?  How should I feel about the fact that Horatio carries a school picture around with him, anyway?  Should I take it face value and assume it's more of this manufactured parentl devotion?  Should I feel sad and wonder if this is the only picture Horatio owns of the kid, rather than anything candid, and possibly that he had to specially request it?  Seriously, why is Horatio suddenly carrying photographs around in the first place?  He doesn't strike me as a whip-out-the-wallet-and-let-me-show-you-my-family type of guy.  Oy, props of narrative convenience hurt my brain.


As for the Monday night comedies, Worst Week finally got too horrible, with the cringe-inducing embarrassment, to sit through (I was wondering when that would happen, even while hoping it wouldn't).  I had to constantly flip the channel - I don't think I sat through more than 45 seconds at a time.  Made it slightly hard to follow the storyline.  And as for HIMYM, it was supposed to provide closure on the whole Stella thing, but I really only took 3 things away from it:

1) That's right, Ted.  Walk away from the happy family!  That's not sarcasm - I'm very proud of this fleeting glimpse of maturity.

2) GLEE GLEE GLEE over Barney's "you poor thing" with the sincere look into her eyes and the hand on her arm.  I don't have to watch one second past that.  It exists within a bubble of sheer, pristine, Barney/Robin bliss.  Look how cute they could be! 

3) They ended with a Regina Spektor song!  Oh! That's fantastic!  I think I left said song off the Music of 2007 list, because it didn't completely spin me head over heels, but "Better" was one of a quartet of songs I found all at once & had on my playlist that spring.  Did not know this should be capable of showcasing good music!  Impressive.

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