RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

DO NOT WANT. (brought to you by LJ News)

Give me back my old profile page, please.  Or at least warn before you yank it away so I can take a screenshot.  I passionately hate the little expand/collapsible arrows.  I know they're all open by default, but somehow, they tick me off.  Also, people do not need to know right up top how many memories and tags and entries and other things I have (whoa, I'm hating on statistics?  Now I'm just being contrary, aren't I) - the thing is, I like that information being there, but NOT UP TOP. 

I like either having to click the 'more' button - you'd think that would directly contradict my hatred of the arrows, but no - or dig out that information.  Precisely because I love statistics - it was always quite a little thrill to wait a while before checking that information to see how things had changed.  You know what it's like, it's like having a giant SPOILER.  Constantly. 

(Shut up, yes I do look at my profile kind of  lot, at least twice-weekly.  For various reasons, not least because I enjoy how nicely I've arranged my bio, which, 6 paragraphs might seem like a lot but they're average sized, and it explains literally everything that is important for potential friends to know about me.) The journal-search feature will be nice, though.  AS SOON AS THEY GET AROUND TO IT (WTF you mean "not in 2008"?).  Ugh.  Right now, I can usually get Google to call up any entry I want, and on the rare case it's private or locked the tags are usually a pretty good navigating system, but being able to directly search it is fantastic and the sort of thing I've been wanting for like, six years, here and elsewhere.

Thanks for telling me about the a la carte userpics, by the way.  It was really enlightening.  /sarcasm.  (boy, I'm glad I made the authoritative decision to buy a paid account rather than waiting on those)

In other news, I decided that after work I would shuffle to the sophomore dorms in hopes of not getting all ~*distracted*~ by either the delightful combo joy of TV + my own computer, or the horrible state of my messy room.  Have homework to do and stuff.  Instead it resulted in me reading the next chunk of Great Expectations and then - because I'd made the mistake of bringing my blanket for when it got super-cold after 2 AM - because the early evening twilight and lull of reading had made my eyes droop, slowly letting the book drop and curling up to occasionally-interrupted sleep on the lounge loveseat for the next 4 hours.

On the bright side, now pulling an all-nighter is actually feasible, and I didn't/won't have any time to waste on TV.  Because CSI was apparently horrible (I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.  NO TALK.  *avoids entire fandom until Christmas*), and the way things are going for me today, The Office probably resulted in Jim & Pam getting in a huge fight and ending on an angsty note.

On the bright side, I think I dreamed about them during my fitful rest on the couch.  *struggles to recover hazy memories*  I always manage to insert myself into these dreams, somehow; all I really remember is waiting impatiently for Jim to get back because he hadn't seen her in 2 weeks and I was ridiculously excited for them to reunite. 

I'm not even going to make it to midnight before I cave and watch Office, am I.

Tags: dreams, lj, shipping, the office

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