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And I wasn't even crabby when I started

1. Regarding the last CSI episode:
I know everyone's been blaming the break-up on Grissom, and I wondered if I was missing something, but having read the pertinent parts of Annie's recap (a word which here means "the transcription of Sara's video, some Grissom/LH interaction, and the ending"), um...yeah, I'm going to stick with heaping all the blame on Sara.  The leaving, it bugs.  Also the boat.  I have an irrational hatred of spending excess time on boats, which is matched only by my dislike of CHANGE. 

I could handle San Francisco; that was more of a return-to-roots.  Leaving the continent, that's UNACCEPTABLE AMOUNTS OF CHANGE. I don't even want Grissom to go after her at this point, even though I think - if only to spite me - he will.  I hate the idea of them reconciling out in the middle of the sea somewhere.  Why can't they subscribe to the fan-inspired-but-still-incredibly-logical idea of post-Vegas Grissom joining Sara and teaching at a university or something?

I also think this is an episode I'm never going to watch, because now that I know what happens I have no need to subject myself to Lady Heather's crap.  And since I know that much, it makes me wonder why I should bother checking out the 2 episodes I missed before this one; I see no need to subject myself to finding out what the new CSI girl is like, either. 

The end result is that I think I might just go ahead and drop this show permanently.   Forget trying to make it Christmas unspoiled and then catching up, maybe I'll just follow recaps and/or stop actively caring.  And here I thought this would be the one show I'd never leave, no matter what...
2. Pretty sure that I refuse to write anything else about The Office this week.  It's a shame, because I just have this massive Notepad document full of glee and hilarity prior to the 19-minute mark, but because of the ending I refuse to acknowledge anything worth commending about the episode as a whole.  The more the internet praises it as being one of the best episodes ever, the harder I dig in my stubbon heels. 

3. Going to go improve my mood by finishing off that Lost ficlet.  Except that now I'm getting all distracted by watching the episode it's a post-ep for (4.02, Confirmed Dead).  And when I went to go check the post where I originally launched this idea, to see if there were any lines I could borrow, I just ended up getting further distracted by how pleased I am with my review of that episode.  The meta is excellent.  In a way that's impossible to work into the fic, of course.  Sigh.  No!  Will not write a third (to be added to the beginning) missing scene to incorporate it!  Noooo, I'm sick of this fic writing itself backwards... 

4. Dear flist: please post more today. I require further entertainment.
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