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1. Working on a story, have a question concerning the following line:

Sarah rolls her eyes, debates pointing out that rated-R movies sometimes come very close to porn, and then thinks about her chances for renting (insert film here) in the near future.

Keeping in mind that the story is set in early 2008 (January or February, I think), what R-rated movie might a typical 13-year-old girl be interested in seeing that she hasn't already seen? After scanning Wikipedia, the only thing I could come up with was "Knocked Up," but...does that work? Or is there a much better suggestion I'm not thinking of? Now that I think about it, I suppose given her age that opens up a whole world of older movies she probably hasn't seen yet, but...I am not well versed in cinema! Also, I avoid movies rated R like the plague! (which I think makes me an anomaly) So you can see where I'm having difficulties.

(oh, also, this particular girl has just proclaimed disinterest in the Austen remakes on PBS because "Jane Austen's kind of boring," so I'd imagine period pieces wouldn't be her thing either.)

2. Speaking of 12-to-13-year-old girls, er, for those of you who went to school dances in middle school, especially with groups of friends...what did you do?  What made them fun?  I always flatly refused to attend such tomfoolery, so I have no experience at all.  Well, I did go to one in 7th grade because my mom made me, but I spent the whole time with my arms crossed in a corner, hating the loud music and glaring at people running around with no inhibition whatsoever, so...I need a fresher and more positive perspective.  
(This question is story-related, too...same character, different fic.)

3. What's a nice rural area of Wisconsin?  Sarah's grandparents live out in the country with horses, and I'm trying to figure out a middle school I can have her attend there, so I need some sort of city name (or, well, not city, but you know what I mean).  You'd think I'd be perfectly qualified to figure this out on my own, but no.  I want help if possible. 



Nov. 9th, 2008 03:18 am (UTC)
2. I always went to school dances with groups of friends and, in fact, went to every single school dance from 5th grade through 12th (with the exception of a couple of Christmas formals in high school because I couldn't afford a dress). We had about one dance per month in middle school, every Friday.

Mostly we hung out in our groups, danced stupidly, talked, and occasionally tried to force one of us to dance with the boy we had a crush on (I may or may not have hidden in the bathroom when it was my turn on one such night. I don't remember the boy but I vividly remember standing on a toilet as my friends came in the bathroom searching for me).

I don't, actually, remember a lot of boy-girl slow-dancing going on in middle school because they didn't play a lot of slow dances. So mostly it was a time to talk and have fun with friends set to music with the obligatory YMCA thrown in.

We were totally the people running around with no inhibition whatsoever and it was always fun. I can't really explain what made it fun because I never thought about it not being fun. What wouldn't be fun about having a chance to hang out with your friends outside of a school or home setting acting silly to bad 90s pop music?
Nov. 10th, 2008 07:28 am (UTC)
XD Okay, the toilet seat story cracked me up. I love it.

As for what wouldn't be fun, let me quote you my 7th grade journal - "They are running around like IDIOTS! It's like they have no brains! They just GIGGLE about NOTHING and it makes me so FURIOUS that they're not even ashamed of how embarrassing they look." (being judgmental: clearly not a recent phenomenon!)

But, er, yes, since I clearly had no basis at all for accepting anything about that scene, thank you for the insight. I never imagined much slow dancing going on; middle school dances seem more like they'd be parties. But I didn't even think of the crush aspect.
Nov. 10th, 2008 01:54 pm (UTC)
Sometimes the thought of you as a child just fascinates me.

There was slow dancing, of course, but I'd say the party aspect is accurate only they're in a school gym with chaperones who probably wish the punch was spiked.

Hell, I think half the point of a school dance was so people could act like fools in pursuit of the person they liked. Sometimes people succeeded, sometimes they did not. I remember a lot of relationships being created at school dances, but a lot also failed (frankly, they provided some of the best entertainment when it came to spectacular fights and break ups).

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