RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Oh, HAYLE no.

Note: if you are ever planning to see "In The Name of God" and wish to remain unspoiled, skip this post; if I put it behind a cut nobody's going to read it.  And I wish to complain to an audience.  :P 

I sat through almost three hours of your nonsense, "Khuda Kay Liye," three hours, including the world's longest and most excruciatingly dull courtroom scene ever written, just waiting for Dave to come back and rescue Mary (nutshell: they were British citizens - he's white, she's Pakistani - in or near the end of university and engaged, until her father tricked her into coming to Pakistan and then forced her into marriage in a remote rural location from which there was no escape)

That's all I wanted out of the whole film, and so I frequently let my fantasies wander all over all sorts of potential circumstances for their reunion - would he accept her daughter?  Would she leave said daughter behind to make escape easier?  Tears y/n?  Will her spirit be broken by the time he gets there, will she be hurt, or will it just be relief?  OH, THE POSSIBILITIES! 

And then - wtf, Mary, you decide not to go go back because you're not the same person he loved anymore?!  FAIL, MARY.  FAIL.  Dave got you the hell out of your prison marriage; he waited two years trying to find you/get you home, you don't get to go break his heart like that!  Am I supposed to feel proud that you return to the village and open up a little village school for all the sweet little Pakistani girls and women who have no other opportunity?  Cause I don't.  TRUE LOVE FOR ALWAYS, FOOLS.

I don't even have the words to deal with the other broken marriage, which played all over 9/11 and Sekrit Prison Torturing to both mentally and physically destroy the sweet and innocent Pakistani musician, while his painfully-ignorant-about-the-world but sweet american wife waited on the outside.  That one culminated in him being deported after being beaten senseless until he's reduced to a semi-vegetable-like state - conscious but staring and unaware - and DAMN IT.  I DIDN'T NEED THAT ON A NICE SUNDAY MORNING. 

The one thing this movie has going for it is an incredible soundtrack, and this song right here is pretty much the best thing about the whole movie.  I have no idea what it's called (working on it!  Stupid obscure international film!), but this song is incredible.  Well, then there's also the tiny matter of how this clip makes me want to curl up in a ball and...bawl... look how sweet and innocent they were back in the first half of the film!  This was the last scene we watched in class before we had to stop and finish the rest on our own time, so it's like a double punch of bittersweet nostalgia. [Edit: Replaced long clip with a more pertinent & clearer-pictured one] 

EDIT: OK!  Song is possibly "Bandeya"?  Am getting conflicting spellings; anyway, an alternate link has the full version (do's fantastic).  This song will totally be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and my inability to even pronounce the lyrics, never mind vaguely understand their meaning will probably drive me MAD, but...that's OK.  The music is fantastic.  And there's a phenomenal English verse, which helps.

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