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1. So, um, despite the fact that I've been avoiding House for a while, I'm watching The Simpsons and I keep seeing previews for the next episode, and out of nowhere, for no reason at all, I am intensely shipping Chase/Cameron.  (see what happens when you kill my OTPs?  I find weak and inappropriate substitutes.) In a way where I'm pretty sure that watching season 3 would still incite violent feelings of rage, but I think I could do nicely with fanfic, now that I can picture this new Hot & Mature Surgeon version of Chase.  So.  Who wants to send me in the direction of some? 

2. Dear ONE Sarah story?  Really? Really?  Five thousand ER fics on the site, and you have one story about Sarah Riley?  That's just...I don't...ONE!  She's been in over 15 episodes!  She's been the central storyline in quite a few of said episodes!   She's exactly the same age as the average fanbrat; that doesn't give said fanbrats ideas at all?  AKL;SDJFASKL;DFJASD.  I clearly needed to come on this scene way sooner.  *busily continues pummeling fics into shape*

3. Where DO my weekends go?  Well, I know where this one went...the usual exhausted crash on Friday night, a day in fanficland yesterday and today I managed to actually get some stuff done, but...right now I have this huge pile of bits to get done tonight/tomorrow.  Normally I much prefer having lots of little bits vs. a few larger projects, because it's so much more satisfying to check off, but ugh. This feels daunting.  Maybe I should have made this list yesterday:

40 pages in Soc textbook
25 more pages of For Better or Worse
Prep summary points for discussion
Come up with discussion question
15 more pages of Great Expectations
1-page response to question
60 more pages of La Ville Noire.  Which necessitates either struggling horribly in French, or using a proxy server to go through 1 page at a time in English via Google Books, until my stupid loan comes in (HURRY UP!).  Equally exhaustions options...ugh.
1-page French paper
1-page comparison paper for Capstone

5. Numb3rs: 5x06, Magic Show
I feel like I should have been way more excited about this ep, especially since Penn Jilette's surprisingly entertaining when not allowed to swear, and because David on even a fake date is adorable and pissed!David is hotter, and magic is delightful.  But I also feel like a lot of things went over my head.  Like, Charlie, really?  Was it supposed to be a joke, you confusing him with Siegried and Roy?  I'd hate to believe anyone other than Temperance Brennan could be that clueless, but it distresses me that I CAN'T TELL.

Or, David politely telling the reporters he couldn't comment - how did that erupt into "OMG WHAT DID YOU GET US INTO"?  I wasn't aware he could have handled it any better than he did.  What am I missing?  Besides the fact that it takes me like 3 hours to get through a Numb3rs ep when I don't watch it live, because I keep pausing it and wandering away?

So let's just focus on the amusement of Amita being mock-offended at Charlie's trying to ruin magic for her, and pay particular attention to the ending, because HI.  *DROOLS*  If people ever made icons of this show (*glares at internet*), I would be calling "ICON TIME!" all over that gorgeous scene of her gently twirling in mid-air with rose petals flying everywhere.  I think I just sort of fell into a trance at her beauty.  A trance that was equalled only by Charlie's expression upon watching her.  I love them, I love them, I love them!  
Tags: er, fanfic, house, numb3rs, the simpsons, tv commentary

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