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"Okay that is NOT what is on the DVD!!!!" I yelped, upon watching the last scene of "Nothing to Lose" on A&E.  I was actually watching Survivor, but since it ended at 7:56 I flipped over to watch the final scene of CSI Miami.  You know, the really cute one with Madison in the hospital, where Yelina arrives at the end with Ray, willing to let him donate bone marrow after all.  I always thought said ep had a kind of crappy and abrupt ending, see my transcript?

The ending cuts off too quickly and annoys me, because Ray looks like the glummest child ever in the history of the world.  Look, I know it's no fun to have blood drawn, and even less fun to get a huge-ass needle stabbed into your hip bone, but couldn't he at least refrain from looking like he's going to the guillotine?  Yelina doesn't look much happier.  It's like this giant sacrifice made purely for the sake of Horatio's happiness. 


First he goes, "Ray, this is Madison," which made me tilt my head in confusion going "Um, what? I have never transcribed that line."  And then, where it usually just ends with Yelina and Horatio giving each other a look, here Yelina offers him a slight smile, and slips her hand into his. (!)

As if I could have forgotten that!  This is different. Well, episode re-airs at 11 PM.  My tapes and I will be waiting.  Until I see it again, I'm convinced that I was either having an intense hallucination, or I was dreaming. 

[12:38 AM edit: This longer version is officially six times more squeeful than the original version.  Luckily I finished my O.C. rantview at 11:55, or I would have forgotten to tape it!  But tape I did, and this time, realize that while Yelina offers Suzie a little nod and a faint smile of understanding, she also looks just the tiniest bit possessive of Horatio, with one hand clasped in his and the other hooked through the crook of his arm.  In a forgiving mood today, it seems.  Excellent.  *conveniently forgets Stetler* My shipperiffic heart has officially EXPLODED!  This tiny moment, this tiny gift of a moment, right here, is better than the last ten new episodes put together.]

[3 AM edit: The kind people of Talk CSI have informed me that the DVD version is the same one that originally aired on CBS, and that this particular, uncut version is what aired in the UK.  No word on why A&E shows this particular version, but still gleeing over my Christmas present.]
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