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"Doing actual homework" steadily devolved into "watching A Knight's Tale and playing computer games," which...when I descend into computer-game territory, that is more or less the height of ultimate time-wasting.  If I'm not going to be productive, then I should at least be quasi-productive, which means updating LJ with fandomy things.

For example, a number of you will be pleased to know that my half of the room in Capstone devoted ten solid minutes before class today to erupting in flailing love for "WIshbone."  It all started when Stef bemoaned having 200 pages of Great Expectations to finish this weekend (Me: "It's actually more like 160 pages.  Don't you feel better now?"), and someone else said we should just watch the Wishbone version.  From there it snowballed as more people came in, heard the chatter, and were like "DUDE!  Are you talking about Wishbone??" until we were all but yelling over one another with excitement as we shared our favorite episodes, fun titles, and other assorted joy from childhood, like the awesome time one girl got to see the dog live when he came to the area on tour. 

Even better, our prof came in right at the beginning, too, and joined in.  She had never heard of this show, but she seemed intrigued by the concept as we explained it to her.  Well, I say explained; it was more like shrieking disjointed show elements at her and sounded pretty rambling even to my ears, but by concentrating hard she seemed to get the gist of it.  And then one guy jumped up to show her a clip on YouTube, to which Stef had a whole new level of freaking out.  "IT'S ON YOUTUBE?  ARE YOU SERIOUS??  OK, you know what I'm gonna be doing with all my study breaks from now on..."

Yeah, it was pretty great.  Prof even let us run five minutes into the start of class.  (personally, I think this is just because she was amazed to see our side of the room engaging in actual conversation...usually we're the side that keeps our mouths tightly shut all hour because the material is stupid and/or incomprehensible, and unlike The Good Half, we cannot train our brains to assume everything assigned to us has Deep Meanings)  

Also, the last 20 minutes of my French class were devoted (per one student's suggestion) to a debate over whether the two main characters in The Black City were or were not destined to end up together in the end.  It got SHOUTY, man - awesomely, because my classmates are ridiculously brilliant, and there is nothing greater than seeing college kids get all worked up, even in mostly good humor, in French - and the room is violently split in half on what should happen.  I'm in the "true love prevails" camp, because I'm shippy that way and also I'd already looked up how it ended.  But now we've actually continued the debate in e-mail  (although we've switched to English now).  It looks like this so far, starting with a random letter out of the blue:

#1: Hey Guys- This book is killing me!! They have to end up together....
#3: If they end up together, I'll jump in the lake.  Seriously.
#4: Well now I hope they end up together just to see you freeze your butt off...

Sometimes I don't appreciate college enough.  :P 

'Numb3rs: 5x07.  Er, something about a dead surfer.  Ex-surfer?  It involved many wetsuits and waves.
Um, I was promised kissing in this episode?  I literally only tuned in tonight because the promo showed me kissing, and then instead I got hit with an Amita-free episode.  That's two types of promo-monkey-lying at once!  Jerks.  As a result, I had no incentive to pay attention, which meant very little idea of what was going on, except that Alan and his old friend were really super annoying in a boring way, and thus I came away with only three thoughts:

1) Show, making Nikki fawn over cute wittle sea otters is STILL not going to make me like her. 
2) That wetsuit is sheerer than you probably think.  Hello, Charlie navel!  I will consider this appropriate compensation for my Charmita woes*.

* = I am a very demanding viewer.  As in, I demand constant satiation of my shipping needs.  No, I apparently cannot be content merely to know the relationship is in a good place.  I must have constant physical proof of affection! 

3) Larry has orange earplugs.  Bwah!
4) ACTION!David in action!  Alongside his partner Super!Colby, this may have been the greatest demonstration of super skills all season.  I do not know, as I was not paying attention.  Look, it's not my fault that Spy's recaps are generally more entertaining than the show itself...pretty sure that sometimes, I only sit through it so that I can better appreciate her jokes.


'Survivor Gabon: The Jury Selection Begins
The last two weeks have been CRAZY, CRAZY with the blindsides and out-of-the-blue ness!  I don't took out Marcus!  I am saddened only in so far as I really dislike Susie for the sin of being boring, and was hoping to see her gone.  I didn't mind Marcus, but he definitely deserved to voted out for that stupid decision to throw away the immunity idol.  And no, not even throwing it away so much as GLOATING about how STUPID everyone else was.  Who's stupid now, sir, eh?  EH?

In a related note, I definitely did not see yet another tribe mix-up happening.  How many does that make this season?  

The only thing I was worrying about was what happens to Bob in all this, because he is unfortunately doomed to an alliance full of horrible people - so it's hard to hope that they advance - and furthermore he's on the outskirts of that alliance, so even if they do advance, he's screwed once all the other targets are gone.  And yet!  Wonderful things keep happening to save him at the last second, like the merge!

Similarly incredible things keep happening for Sugar, too - every time it seems like she's about to run out of options, several more appear.  And she always seems to pick the right ones.  I have to admit, a tiny part of me wanted her to accept Corinne's overtures of friendship, just because at this point Bob and Sugar are still on opposite sides of the schism and I want to save them both...but then I saw Corinne's horrid interview mocking Sugar for being stupid, which, BITCH.  And not the cool kind of bitch she thinks she is, but just a horrid and unpleasant person, like Randy.  (God, I hate Randy.  He's not even fun to hate.  It's just depressing and sad whenever he opens his mouth.)

As for Corinne...ugh.  Yes, God forbid Sugar might be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you were capable of behaving like a human  being.  How very STUPID of her.  Let's all point and laugh!  *rolls eyes*

I don't know how I feel about Crystal and Kenny somehow master-minding this game.  On the one hand, it seems to be keeping Sugar safe, and increasing the odds of icky people leaving, and it is funny how completely mismatched they are.  But I don't particularly like either one of them, I was ready for Crystal to go a few weeks ago (only my desire to see her outlast Randy curbs that feeling), and I am slightly grumpy that they bounced Charlie out first.  I mean...Charlie, the brains?  Really?  Have I been missing something?  I thought Corinne did all the scheming and Charlie just eagerly seconded her.  

Man, I did not realize how much I kinda liked the guy until he was gone.  Actually, I'm not even sure I realized it until that Slingshot Golf challenge, when Randy was being his usual jerk self, stressing Matty and upsetting his concentration for no reason at all, and Charlie was on the sidelines, all anxious and desperate, "Let's not fight!  Calm down!  There's no reason to get upset!" He was so very much like a little boy trying to stop his parents or a parent/older brother from fighting, he won my heart. Seriously, the way shouting matches on Survivor usually devolve into a giant mess of ugliness, it was refreshing to see someone keep a clear head even in the thick of it.  Even with Randy raging at him for not doing it right/well enough the whole time.

In a related note, I am becoming weirdly fond of Matty.  Enough to forgive all his partying and money-wasting transgressions, because he has displayed so much heart and intensity on the show that I'm officially impressed by him.  And I want him to last until the family-members challenge, because I'd really like to see this girlfriend of his.

Speaking of challenges, Susie winning the fire-starting challenge broke my brain.  And not in a good way, except for the shot of Corinne's eyes bugging out in disbelief and horror when she heard that Susie was the first to get flame.  You could see her brain breaking, too.  It was satisfying.

In conclusion: Either Sugar or Bob needs to wrangle it to at least the final 4 for me to be happy; ideally both in the final 3, through whatever voodoo magic that takes.  If Corinne and/or Randy ends up that far, I will cause violent physical harm to someone.  I will be displeased if Susie lasts much longer.  I will be pleased if Matty does.  And I am generally indifferent as to Crystal and Kenny, whom I'm starting to fear are going to wind up as finalists.

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