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I am almost 75% of the way through my reading until next Tuesday!  I would feel so much better about this if I didn't have the research paper due that day.  Which I haven't started yet.  Anyway!

-If you haven't seen it it yet, please go check out another delightful installment of MS Paint Lolz Twilight: OMG EDWARD I AM SO BORED I AM LIEK SERIOUSLY GOING TO DIE OMG.  

-Memeage.  I think I stole this one from eleigh ...

1. what are your nicknames?
*sighs mopily* I am not cool enough for nicknames, other than "Steph," and I'm pretty sure that mostly develops out of laziness.  :P  Although I suppose "RS" could count as a nickname, right?  Since I flatly disallow people from calling me "Rainbow Stevie anymore except when using an LJ-person tag? 

(It's funny, I hate the sound of "Stevie" now and I don't really feel like a person who answers to "Rainbow," but I've kept the handle because I don't want to let go of those initials.  "RS" is so much a part of my identity that even in real life, when I'm in groups and we have to sign our initials to something, I honestly get confused if someone else uses those letters.)

02. how do you style your hair?
Other than put it in a ponytail for work, usually I'm too lazy to do more than brush it.  Or sometimes I twist it up in a clip while it's still damp - that way I don't have to brush it first - and then when I do take it down and brush it out, I have a little extra wave the next day.

03. What's new in your life right now?
A weird pain in my left side that I'm convinced is an ulcer.  (Nah, in all seriousness, I don't know.  You should probably be worried by how far my Office obsession has spread, though.)

04. how many colors are you wearing now?
3 - purple (my socks!), maroon, and brown.

05. are you an introvert or extrovert?
Massively introverted

06. what was the last book you read?
I'm in the middle of 4 different ones right now, but the last book I *finished* was "For Better Or For Worse: Divorce Reconsidered."  Sociology hasn't at all taken a depressing turn.

07. do you nap a lot?
Not really, it's more like I just switch my sleeping hours around a lot to wherever I can afford it most effectively.

08. if the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?
Ship them with their significant other.  What with the advent of Facebook and all, living vicariously has never been easier!  (...I am not actually sure if I'm joking about this)

09. is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
HAHAHAHA!  School.  Capstone, to be specific.  Project-wise, at least.  Also the fact that I am less than 2 months away from having to face The Real World - and not the TV show, either.

10. what was the last thing you ate today?

11. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I don't know...odd days I tend to get up at 5 and work getting ready around doing my homework before class; even days the first thing I have is work, so there's no point getting particularly dressed up.

12. what websites do you visit daily?
LJ, Xanga, my school website (for e-mail), TV Squad, and Office Tally...I think that's about it for true dailies.  Well, and Google for various reasons.

13. what classes are you taking right now? and if you're not in school anymore, what's your job?
-English Capstone ("Current Issues in Literary Studies," a/k/a/ "Globalization Crap")
-British Novels (by Austen & Dickens)
-French literature (by and about women)
-Sociology (The Family and Society)

14. do you like to clean?
I do, actually.  It's very satisfying.  Can't cook worth a damn, but I'll clean anything you throw at me.

15. what's the last song that got stuck in your head?
"Bandeya" got stuck in my head for hours.

16. What was the best thing you saw today?
Closeout summer sausage on sale, 2/$1.  Considering they usually sell for almost $3 apiece at the local grocery store, this was quite a deal.

17. what's better: eternal love or memorable love?
Eternal.  It's no good being heartbroken. 

18. what would you do if you see $100 lying on the ground?
POUNCE LIKE NINJA KITTY.  And then race off to a hidey hole somewhere to dance with joy at my good fortune. 

19. best time of your life?
Sixth grade was good.  I was in the most extra-curriculars I'd ever been in, was awesome at school, had 3 best friends, and was incredibly pretty (not that I was aware of this fact, of course.  SIGH.  How come I wasn't affected by all this supposed media pressure on young girls to feel they should measure up to Hollywood standards?)  And I'd recently discovered sim horse clubs! Plus, being 12 is a great age: old enough to feel grown up and  be self aware, but nowhere near ready to have major responsibilities.  Sure, there's puberty to deal with, but I've blocked that transition from memory.

20. tell me something good.
I'm 71% of the way to achieving my Coke Rewards goal!  Only 140 points to go.
Oh what the heck, let's double the fun with one I stole fromdollsome Dollsome a while back, too:

01. What's the last DVD you watched?

Khuda Kay Liye, but we've already discussed that.

02. What are you wearing at the moment?
Maroon T-shirt over a thin brown longsleeved tee, brown slacks, and royal purple socks. 

03. Who is your favourite writer?
Francesca Lia Block, for sheer beauty in the written word, although I have quite a fondness for James Oliver Curwood's old wildlife novels...and of course, the timeless joy of Albert Payson Terhune's dog stories.

04. What is your favourite scent?
That fresh, cold scent in the air after the first snowfall.

05. What's that one movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of?
Never Been Kissed.  Drew Barrrymore!  David Arquette!  Leelee Sobieski!  Jessica Alba!  That Guy (who used to be Vaughn on "Alias")!  Josie is a a former English major, now copy editing at a newspaper (hello, ME.  Except prettier...also I did not get teased in high school).  She gets to go back to high school!  (undercover.  whatever.)  She falls in love with her English teacher!  (except she's actually in her mid-20's so it's not, you know, squicky).  And he's all ~*intrigued*~ because of her insights into literature.  *spazzes with love for movie*  I don't even own it, for some weird reason, but you can bet that whenever I run across it playing on cable, I'm going to stick myself to a chair for the next 2 hours and finish it out.  

Also A Knight's Tale, because Heath Ledger is just ridiculously dreamy at all times in that film, and he has a horse, and Shannyn Sossamon is beautiful despite the unfortunate hair, and...alsdjflaksjdfs.  As annoyed as I get by the theme of using modern-day music in the score, I cannot get enough of this story.

06. What do you drink the most?
Diet Coke/Pepsi.  I think I might actually consume more of it in a day than water...which is mostly a testament to how little water I drink.  I tend not to take non-carbonated beverages unless I'm eating.

07. Is there a useless thing that you cannot brace yourself to throw out?
Some old shirts that are threadbare/getting generally worn's not fair!  They were so pretty!  I can't let them goooo! 

Same goes for earrings I've lost the partner to - I must have 20 different ones that have lost their mates, but goll, I love them all so much that I can't let go of the desperate hope that I might find the other one again someday!  And then where would I be if I'd thrown the first one out?

08. What is your occupation? What do you do there?
Full-time humanities student ( = I read.  And discuss.  And write papers.  And procrastinate by filling out memes), quarter-time custodial assistant ( = I vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe tables, clean toilets and sinks, and wipe rprints off windows.  And get to listen to music uninterrupted while doing so, so it's not half bad).

09. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Originally, a vet.  Then it turned out I hated needles, so dog breeder/trainer...then receptionist/secretary, after the first time we took one of those career surveys...for a brief while I traded up to the more respectable dreams of writer and/or editor, and then I dialed it back down to receptionist/secretary again once I got into high school. 

10. What are your favorite song(s) of the moment?
Prospect Mali's been in heavy rotation - Book Girl, Something Deeper, The Silence - along with two songs from the PotC 3 soundtrack (Drink Up, Me Hearties, and Up Is Down), and Taylor Swift's "Love Story," which I only love all the more after happening to randomly catch the beautifully choreographed performance of it on the CMAs.

11. Which characters are overrated?
Holly Flax...Danny Messer (even before the cheating episode)...oh, haha how could I forget this one, MARK SLOAN.  It is freaking ridiculous how many people think he's hot or otherwise not the most loathsome and disgusting character ever seen on television.  What is wrong with people?

12. What 3 people would you invite to dinner?
I hate this question.  I wouldn't invite anyone to dinner!  You know what else is overrated, eating with other people.

13. What is your current desktop?
This.  As you can see, it's Smiley!(Forehead-touching!)Jim and Pam - with a shimmery/sparkly background to boot!  I have to be careful to always have some program window open, because if I sit down at the computer to that picture, I am liable to just sit and gaze at for a disturbingly long time.  HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE.  HOW. 

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
I was not tagged, I merely stole it from dollsome.  She's a delightful writer, has some of the most enjoyable episode-reaction-posts on LJ, and I'm pretty sure that my blog-posting-syntax is most significantly shaped by hers.

15. What are you afraid of?
Anything with more than four legs (also worms), fire destroying my home, my dog and/or parents dying, and boys.

16. Where would you love to go in your next holidays?
Going places is overrated.  HOMEBODY FOR LIFE.

17. What are you into right now?
THE OFFICE.  A lot.  Perhaps scarily a lot.

18. What did you do today?
Um...slept in until like 11 (I blame the nice dreams about Jim & Pam - see above), read some of The Black City, caught up on a lot of backlogged Sociology readings, read some of Shalimar the Clown, took a break before I shot myself in the head to escape its awfulness, took a long walk, went grocery shopping,  Today felt a lot more productive than it actually was. 

19. What do you want?
A month-long break from all obligations to lock myself in a room and catch up on TV.  Also, lifelong access to Interlibrary Loan. 

20. What should you be doing right now?
Continuing Shalimar the Clown.  Failing that, finishing Great Expectations.  Or, you know, WORKING ON MY RESEARCH PAPER.  (psh.  I still have 60 hours).

21. What's the meaning behind your LJ username/name/nicknames you go by?
Um, to be honest, there are like 5 layers of explanation behind Rainbow Stevie.  Want to hear them all?  Of course you do!

1. I was in 8th grade and needed a penname for  Rather than having a fandom-specific name, like many other people, I read an wanted to eventually write for many different fandoms - a whole rainbow of them, if you will. 

2. Because I've always loved rainbows and thought they were the prettiest thing in the world. 

3. Furthermore, my real name is Stephanie, and...

4. That was the year that launched my Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks obsession, so I liked the connection there.

5. I brought the name over to LJ partly because I was well used to the RS moniker by that point, and partly because it was originally going to be a writing/fanfic-centric LJ, and I figured I should be recognizable.

'HIMYM: Not a Father's Day
Really?  Really, a tiny baby sock?  That's what (however temporarily) reduces you all to gibbering, baby-crazed idiots?  I am just, I am so profoundly offended by this nonsense that I'm going to chuck my Lily-and-Marshall-are-adorable-and-therefore-must-start-a-family-ASAP notions right out the window in protest.  So Marshall, you'll change your mind about parenthood within the year, right, because I'd like you and Lily to start an adorable family ASAP.

Also, my head is now full of scenarios about Robin & Barney on an accidental trip to parenthood.  Can you even imagine?  There would be so much freaking out and desperation abounding and crazy misadventures, and possibly Barney bailing for a while in utter panic but coming back out of guilt, and...the possibilities for humor with occasional moments of sentimentality are endless.  Can we completely overhaul the title and/or entire premise of the show and focus on this instead?  I'd settle for fic.  You could make quite an epic adventure out of this. 

On the bright side, this distracts me from thinking about the nauseating possibility of Ted & Robin getting back together over nothing more than the idea that she might eventually change her mind about having kids.  DON'T DO IT, ROBIN!  HE MADE YOU GET RID OF YOUR DOGS.  He's an obsessive, controlling bastard!

ButI did enjoy The Cheerleader Effect, especially when it got turned around and applied to Barney's pride in his Not A Father's Day pledges.  Speaking of which, = the usual hilarity produced by this show's websites.  Seriously, there are not many shows that produce this caliber of bonus material. 

And, er, when did Lily & Marshall all of a sudden move?  I haven't missed any episodes, have I?  I get distressed when big things like that are not addressed!

'ER: 15x06, "Oh Brother," and 15x07, something with Anthony Edwards
(I only watched the last 20 minutes of the latter, and I did so immediately after finishing the former, so they kind of blended into my head.  Said last 20 minute were not very exciting, though, despite OMG IT'S ANTHONY EDWARDS, so I didn't feel like catching up on it later.  Hence, I'm probably going to mix facts from both eps)

-I thought Daria had a boyfriend up on surgical rotation or something.  Why does she have an embarrassing crush on Gates?  It's not that I mind it, precisely, I'm just confused.  *continues to love Daria*  I cannot in any way see them in a relationship, no matter how determined my "ooh, pretty people!" notions attempt to change that, but the crush (and his obliviousness to it) is cute.  Even better, it's fun to watch Sam work herself into a jealous snit.  Loser.

You know what I don't love?  Sam and Alex moving in with Tony & Sarah.  Or Sarah being cool with it.  Come on, it is WEIRD AND AWKWARD to have two young, unrelated teenagers of the opposite gender suddenly living in the same household.  I would feel a little better about it if I were sure that Sarah wasn't going to have a Daria-type reaction to it, because Alex has a long history as a troubled kid and I'd like to believe Sarah's smarter than that, but I DON'T KNOW.  Being around her friends, and being allowed to act her age instead of the little grown-up she had to be taking care of her mother and in the aftermath of her death, seems to have had a detrimental effect on both her maturity and her reasoning skills.

-Courtney B. Vance as Dr. Banfield's husband?  WIN.  I'm starting to like her storyline, and it's certainly a refreshing change of pace to see a couple who managed to survive the death of their only child, and have high-stress jobs, and yet still remain married.  And not separated.  Very refreshing indeed.  I definitely don't hate her.  Still don't particularly like her, but at least have stopped hating her.

-Pratt's moron brother as the newest med student?  FAIL.  I could barely tolerate the kid when he occasionally appeared as a paramedic; now I just want to hit him all the time.  I am not fond of the Pratt family at all.

-Best thing about Anthony Edwards being back?  Besides the fact that it was set during his cancer days, which meant we at least got a 1-sided phone call to Elizabeth which made for a nice missing-scene that should in turn other missing-scene fic...ROMANO! Whose 2 or 3 lines were seriously the best part of the episode.  I miss my cranky bald surgeon!  This only underscores what a pale imitation Crenshaw is.-

Also, I was channel-surfing last night, and I landed on a little bit of Ghost Whisperer for the firs ttime in my life.  I saw maybe 10 minutes of the second half, all told - mainly enough to see Ghost Jim apparently, um, take over a recently emptied body and "come back to life" that way?  AHAHA.  THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF.  I really thought this show had reached the height of stupid when they killed him, but then they took it to a whole new level!  And then they somehow surpassed themselves again about five seconds later, when Suddenly No Longer Dead Guy opened his eyes and either was no longer Jim, or just didn't remember his wife.

Man.  It's like they're going for some kind of record in how high over they can jump that shark. 

Parting Thoughts: 
Why is it that instead of making great new board games, people just add stupid electronic components to classic games?  For example, the lousy commercial I just saw.  Ooh, now we don't have to deal with CASH in Monopoly; we can have the little electronic calculator scan the cards automatically!  God forbid there should be any semblance of needing basic figuring skills.  -.-  
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