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But in other news...SERIOUSLY, CAPSTONE PROF.  I don't care if our class isn't until 1:00, you need to stop springing things on us via e-mail the night before.  Even if that thing is only a 16-minute video, and of course I could fit it into my schedule somewhere in the next 17 hours, I'm tempted to deliberately not watch it on principle.

In an unrelated note, this is the most annoying teaser I have ever seen on CSI: Miami.  And I have seen a lot of horribly annoying things on CSI: Miami, let me tell you.  *shuts it off in disgust*  (and, well, a need to do homework)

Also, all the DOOM-PREDICTING NEWS about Pushing Daisies is horrible, and I don't want to hear it, and *stuffs fingers in ears* lalalala not listening!  Not listening!  I'm responding to it pretty much like I did to news of the writer's strike last year, just blocking it out and hoping it wouldn't happen  because such a horrible notion couldn't be real...and that ended badly for me.  Please let this turn out better.  Please?  God, suddenly I know what it's like to be a Jericho fan.  Except suckier, because we've only gotten 15 episodes so far, and apparently there's no resolution in the works to make us feel better if it does get canceled. 

(which, what did I say about struggling first-year shows?  When you're hurting for ratings, and you know you're hurting for ratings, you do not set up for long-term story arcs!  You focus on small, tightly contained plots and then, IF there is a need to make it last longer, you can figure out ways of pulling things apart and making them messy again.)


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Nov. 18th, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
Ugh, I always hated when professors did that, too. Not cool at all.
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