RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hm, Survivor finale tonight...looking forward to it!

Bones: NO!  ZACH!  NO CUT HAIR!  *hates Cam more than usual* You refuse to hire him because he's not credible in front of a jury?  Doesn't the fact that he saved Bones and Hodgins lives like two weeks ago count for anything? (phooey on the exploding windshield; I don't think they had enough strength left to haul themselves out from underground) Besides, why does hair length matter in determining credibility?  His baby face gives him away more than his hair, and short hair only accentuates that.  And if there's anyone who looks goofy due to their hair, it's Hodgins WAY more than Zach. 

I am extremely bitter about the loss of the fluffy/shaggy hair.  Can you tell?  I also fast forwarded through several segments, because try as I might, I am just not ready to be interested in Bones' family members or creepy family history yet.  Nope.  Not happening.  The only nice moment was when she momentarily lost her head at seeing the blood pool, and threw her arms around Booth's neck.  Moments like that make me happy even if I don't necessarily ship.   And the ending was really funny, her request that Booth give Zach an open-handed shoulder pat of approval...


Tags: bones

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