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In which I am blown away by more amazing episodes.

And yes, the second one is CSI: Miami.  Your little heads are probably exploding with "?!?!?!?" by now.  Rest assured that despite its inevitable flaws, I'm serious - I have not been that absorbed by this show in years.

Numb3rs: Thirty-Six Hours
Apparently, this was originally supposed to be 5.04 and was reshuffled due to a real-life train crash that I never heard about.  Normally I get super-ticked when shows do that (*COUGH* BONES), because the episodes almost never sufficiently resemble the real-life tragedy enough (BONES BONES BONES) to warrant the supposed fear of looking insensitive. 

But since I was not previously aware of this reshuffling, I didn't have time to gear up my righteous anger, and after seeing this emotional devastation wreaked by this episode...yeah, I think probably that was one of those rare times that pulling it off the lineup was a good decision.  I got so wrapped up I almost started to forget it was fiction - that was intense.  Easily one of my all-time favorites.

A Few (By No Means All) Of The Highlights
* Awesome little robot cars!  Can I play with them? Whaddya mean, "very serious instruments of science and/or search and rescue"?  They can kind of think for themselves!  Best toys ever!   

* When the robots find the first body - which, by the way, thanks for killing the mother of a young woman, I SO ENJOY THAT - I leapt about a mile.  Well, I was kind of lying in bed and wrapped up in the covers, so it was hard to get a lot of actual movement, but I jumped.  Because the robots are just going along, you're not expecting anything, and BAM.  Sightless eyes staring right at you, streaks of blood running down her face.  One of the most realistic bodies I've ever seen on TV, and very very unsettling as a result.  No matter how many times I try, I still can't watch it without getting chills and suppressing a shudder.  

* Let's take a moment to mourn the poor bots, who eventually all gave up their electronic lives to the cause.  :'-(

* The David/Charlie shouting match was made of win. 

* In fact, Charlie stressing in general was excellent.  Watching him waver between keeping his head and getting completely overwhelmed is something I will never tire of watching.

* Had to go wallow in a pit of misery when the stupid guy, who probably would have made it out alive with his girlfriend, tried to rescue them on his own and ended up killing them both instead.  The team having to hear that and then watch the body heat images dim and go out was horribly depressing.  (though also the mark of a good ep)

* Nikki being...useful and less irritating than usual?  Wow!  And Don banging the bad guy's head into the side of the car, right before warning her to be better than him.  I liked that touch.

* No Larry.  Which, to be honest, was really nice.  I go hot and cold on his character - I was pretty upset when he disappeared into Jack Bauer land space,  but without Megan to redeem him, of late I'm finding his vague babbling more annoying.  He was definitely a good character to have MIA this time around.

* Could you rub a little more salt into the wound?  It was a completely senseless tragedy, not even maliciously planned: the guy manning dispatch has 7 kids and a wife with lupus, and he was so worn out that he briefly fell asleep at the most inopportune.  (Though admittedly, when I first heard the "7 kids and lupus" thing, at first I thought it was supposed to be a joke.  That's what House has done to me.  I've been conditioned to giggle every time someone claims to have lupus.)

[I mean, it was technically his fault, right?  I know the Bad Management Guy lied about the weight and was the real culprit, but still, if the switch had happened properly, he wouldn't have needed to brake and there would have been no crash to avoid, right?]

* Super!David crawling through the wreckage!  Super!Colby going in after him!  Both becoming lifesaving heroes in the end!  For the record, on my list of 'trapped people I would like to see survive this wreck,' the old guy and the little boy came in last.  (well come on, when you have an opportunity to be tragically killed at the same time...particularly when you're that young, death > life without Dad!  And sue me, I felt more sympathy for the older mother and the young lovers.  Ostentatious PDA and all.)

* I loved the ending montage of sleeping people in general - snoring David!  Even Nikki sacked out in her desk chair was kinda cute - and by this point I'd even suppressed all my Charmita-loving desires and just wanted to see Charlie slumbering in peace.  So you can imagine how I exploded from squee upon an unexpected cut to Amita curled up fast asleep, head on a pillow in Charlie's lap.  With - WITH! - one hand on her shoulder, and the other stroking her hair.  EVERYTHING I COULD ASK FOR?  YES.

And then they do me one better!  Because Don's sprawled out in an armchair nearby, and I don't even know what to do with the expression of anguish on Charlie's face as he looks between the two most important people in his life (let's just ignore Alan, who delightfully is not in this scene, because I don't particularly like him).  Love, love, love it.    

Not even going to grouse about why Don's not with Robin, nope, am not.

CSI: Miami, 7x09, "Power Trip"
Um...apparently I missed an episode somewhere along the way?  7x07, "Cheating Death," which apparently had Lucy Lawless?!  Crap.  This is how you know my school vs. TV schedule is getting out of hand.  I'm down to between half and two-thirds of my usual weekly show count, and I still can't catch every episode of all of them and apparently don't even always notice when I miss one anymore.  


1) WTF RYAN HAS A SON?  WHAT?  That...can't possibly be true, right?  Because I kept waiting for this whole teaser to be some drug-induced haze, a dreamland, a parallel universe (nobody knows what CSIM's up to these days, after all; realism hasn't been a strong suit for a long time now), and then nothing.  Nothing to indicate it wasn't real, but also no follow-up or explanation - damn you for making me wait, damn you

This is not what it looks like, right?  There's some other reason he's dropping a kid off at school, like he has a sister in the hospital or he's babysitting to raise extra cash for gambling debts, right?  Someone needs to clear this up for me RIGHT NOW.  This whole not-having-time-to-find-spoilers thing suddenly got old.  P.S. How bad is it that I really, really want him to have had visitation/partial custody rights for a kid in the background all along?  Because daddy!Ryan is like the greatest thing I've ever seen.

2) ...and what's going on with Eric now?  Bottles of medicine everywhere, apparently living in a hotel...I'm having flashbacks.  Did another sister fall victim to cancer and he's burning through all his savings in secret to help her out again?  Someone said the pills were brain-injury-related, but that is a whole lot of medicine and I can't figure out what half of it would be used for.  And by "can't figure out," I mean I'm too lazy to spend any time on Google.

3) I was really exceptionally fond of this teaser, in case you can't tell.  And even though Calleigh didn't get to do anything besides jog, it was kind of cool to have my personal canon of her as a jogger turned into actual canon.

4) Horatio was in a blue shirt!  The good shade of solid light blue, I mean, not that horrible dark thing from season 5!  Cause for celebration, yes.

5) In a related note, this is the firs time in years that Valera's shirt color has deviated from Ryan's.  Woe!  He was in bright green and she went with colorless gray!  That didn't really help me stop thinking this was a parallel universe.

6) Apparently I'm going to write this whole review as a numbered list.  I really only meant to do it for the teaser, to get the big things off my chest before I launched into truncated paragraphs, but...OK, let's go with  it.

6) Ewwwwwwww, get away from the eyes!  Enough with the eyes!!!  That being said, this was by far one of the most disturbing murders this show has ever had.  I was hunched over and cringing and could barely even watch.  Horrible, horrible, horrible

7) Speaking of things that were horrible and unnecessary, that last scene.  I somehow sat through it because I was waiting for follow-up on the little boy with Ryan and convinced that miracles could happen in the last two minutes to twenty seconds, but I haven't seen anything that disgusting since the crazed axe murderer killed himself with peanut butter.

8) I was really ticked that Reggie turned out to be such a bad apple, by the way.  This feeling cemented itself from the very beginning, when Horatio was basically lording over him in a stomach-churningly self-righteous way, all "remember why you're here," and otherwise being a GINORMOUS HYPOCRITE about vigilante cop justice. 

Hey, Horatio, remember that time you beat up a defenseless "pedophile" for no reason?  Somehow your actions never work their way up IAB enough to get you put on restrictive duty (I mean, they do sometimes work their way up, but then you fight Stetler tooth and nail with all the force of the crime lab behind you until you get the outcome you want).  And how come when you hang around outside young women's homes to keep on eye on them, it's protective, but when Reggie does it it's creepy?

There was a lot of holier-than-thou attitude going on, is what I'm saying ("Your badge and gun"?!?!  Does Horatio even have that authority?  Even if he does have that authority, it seems to me that Horatio has dogged cases with just the same intensity on several occasions, and just because he always turned out right doesn't mean he appeared any less obstinately bullheaded about it), and I did not like that at all.  *punches Horatio*  Plus Calliegh (initially) and Frank (ceaselessly) were defending the man's good character.  I was rather touchy about seeing them proved wrong.  

And - seriously, Reggie, seriously?  NO NORMAL COP DISPENSES JUSTICE LIKE THIS.  If you're so obsessed with bringing a killer to justice, if you feel a need to take extreme and murdering measures, then you go after the suspected killer himself.  You don't go grabbing innocent women - not even family-free, drug-addicted prostitute women - and setting them up to look like victims on the hope that a) the guy will get caught this time and b) you won't get caught in the process and that the justice system will punish him properly!  That is a damn hell of a lotta risky chance! 

And you know what, even if your head is twisted enough to think that piling on additional bodies will help, YOU DON'T DO IT IN A WAY THAT INVOLVES APPLYING JUMPER CABLES AND PAINFULLY ELECTROCUTING A CONSCIOUS WOMAN TO DEATH.  Shooting, maybe I can understand.  Poisoning, even - something fairly removed.  But you cannot possibly get up close and personal with a victim, watching the life go out of her eyes at your hands, and not see that you have become a sick and twisted individual!!  I flatly refuse to believe that a man Frank Tripp partnered with for five years and fully believed in could become that horrible. 

9) OK, so there was a lot to hate.  But I hated in such an intense way, getting so completely wrapped up in the episode, that it was good.  At least the first time around - it made for a really compelling mystery, and those are in sadly short supply around here these days. 

10) Oh!  I just realized something: it didn't involve stupid rich people killing one another!  THAT'S why it seemed so rare and special!  All the players could actually be classed as "average"!  MORE LIKE THIS PLZ, YES. 

Pushing Daisies, 2x07, "Robbing Hood"
First of all, isn't it amazing how you kick the brothers out, make no mention of Chuck living in separate quarters, haul out protective!Ned apologetically but firmly putting his foot down where Chuck's fanciful notions are concerned, and the show goes back to being ridiculously amazing?  I mean, except for a depressing lack of Digby (Pigby doesn't cut it!), there was nothing wrong with it.  Dwight Dixon aside, this was indistinguishable from season 1 and is probably why I enjoyed it so much. 

Second of all, why is everyone "Oh my God"ing over Dwight Dixon?  I mean, I was jaw-dropped by episode's end too, angrily declaring an immediate need for the next installment, but COME ON.  Did you not hear the declarations of love?  Do you think maybe your priorities are a little mixed-up and confused here?  I LOVE YOU.  FROM BOTH PARTIES.  But not in a traditional "gearing up to say it/saying it back" context, which just made it ten times more awesome

Ned: I know you want to say goodbye to your father, and I know a lifetime of goodbyes can't be condensed into a single minute.  Even if they could, you'd have to watch him die all over again.  I love you too much to make you suffer like that.
Me: A;LKSFJDLKAS;DKJFSDA.  *explodes from squee*  *is dead*

And Chuck worms her way back into my good graces by finally saying, unprompted and moved by emotion, "I love you" to him at the end. This nicely takes care of the emotional investment I have found lacking in her the whole way along (though to be fair, Ned probably sets an unfair standard).  I choose to believe she will still feel that way when this over.   

Other Fun Things:
* Ned's bleak look of horror upon discovering that the "trophy" room refers to animals.  Lots and lots of dead animals.  Mostly of the fearsome-predator kind.  Lions and leopards and polar bears, oh my!
(in a related note: *WANTS* A set tour to go look at all the taxidermied animals, I mean.  My unholy fascination knows no bounds.)

* World's most vapid blonde (hi-larious)

* A Young Ned story that I don't completely hate the sight of (he saved a pet snake and bunny!  Yay!)

* SNOOTY, RICH, FAKE-ACCENT OLIVE!  Greatest thing ever.

* Stress baking!  So I guess if I ever do one of those random character-question memes and match him up with Izzie Stevens, I can say they'll get along famously in times of emotional duress.

* Ned being adorably innocent and not knowing/understanding what key parties are.  *pats*
Bones, 4.11, "The Bone That Blew"
I do not love Max, not even a tiny little bit.  I hate his cavalier attitude and his slimy way of pretending that nothing he did was really that bad; it's gross.  I do not love him even after his point-blank skewering of the Booth/Bones potential and prompted the most glorious outburst of feeling Booth has ever uttered.  That doesn't mean I can't still steal the treasure, go over here and SQUEE MY HEAD OFF.  "Bones is beautiful." 

Aaaand, just like that, I finally buy his half of the equation.  I've been extremely rec - ret - recalcitrant?* to admit that I actually believe he loves her, as opposed to just being charmed/attached/protective/attracted to/mindful of possiblity.  But now I'm pretty sure I'm aboard that train and ready to settle down and wait for Bones to come around like the rest of you have been doing for 3 or 4 years, and which I've been resisting all the way.  I never wanted to see it resolved.  Now I do - or rather, now I'm ready to start accepting the idea, which means I could use another year or two before seeing it get resolved.  Still.  I may have started imagining other questions her "Okay...yes" might have been answering in that final scene.
(* I love how I pulled that word out of nowhere, fumbling a bit with Google for the spelling, and knew it was the word I wanted even though I didn't really know what it meant.  By and large, this is how Voice and I write papers with Big Vocabulary.)

And um...seriously, I'm just going to be repeating "Bones is beautiful" under my breath all day, the way all the levity immediately disappears from his responses.  Pretty sure I'm never going to fall for this ship like I did Hodgins/Angela (both because the show has burned me once, and also Bones is not attractive enough), but it made the entire episode worthwhile.

Also making the episode worthwhile: PARKER!  How much did I love the last scene?  I never get tired of seeing Booth with his son.  Or supportively watching his son take delight in explosive experiments.  Or saying things like "Look at my little boy (with your dad)."  *is melted puddle of fangirl*   

Case-wise: Always upsetting when sweet little horribly spoiled rich girls are the culprits (by the way, you know what's stupid?  Zero-tolerance policies).  Still loved the giant Great Dane strolling around, though.  And hey look, Gina Torres is back on FOX!  WAY TO BRING UP ALL MY UNRESOLVED FEELINGS OF GRIEF FOR "STANDOFF."  *sobs*

Quotes from before I got too lazy to jot them down:
Cam: Booth's killed more people than Max has, and he works here.
Booth: Don't bring that up!  Why'd you have to bring that up?

Trivia Grad Student: Wood fire burns at 800 degrees F, human flesh needs 1400 degrees to ignite.
Hodgins: Why do you know that?-----------------------
In other news, ummm, AMAZON IS HAVING A RIDICULOUS DVD SALE and I am fighting really really hard not to go on a spree (The Office!  Season 2!  $14!!!)  *pause* I suppose I could send my mother up here right now with my wishlist for Christmas presents, couldn't I?  And possibly think about buying my presents for other people first.

Homework Accomplished So Far Over Break:
-95/195 pages in Our Mutual Friend
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