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A) Reason #953 I love my Brit Lit professor:
"Last thing today - I'm going to put your prompt for the paper on the screen in hopes that by studying it for a few minutes, little ideas for papers will start to percolate in your brains and your topic will grow around them.  Got it?  You are the oysters.  These are the grains of sand.  Make pearls!  I'll harvest them on Friday..."

B) How do those tins of smoked oysters taste so delicious when they look so perfectly disgusting?  I mean, they're literally swimming in oil and there is nothing even remotely appealing about their appearance.  And yet!  *adores* 

C) You know what I really love doing in Oregon Trail?  Taking forever at the very beginning, when all I have is money, and swindling the nice people in trading.  I can go back and forth at least a dozen times, buying oxen in bulk at discount prices and selling them back for a good 150% of the store price.  What?  It's the best way to choose a poor profession (with high ending multiplier - the only way to really get a good score is with that bonus) and yet have enough money to buy what you need.  It's not like I enjoy yelling "SUCKER!" or anything.

The game then decided to get back at me by killing Rose first (and mysteriously sparing everyone else) twice in a row when I tried to play as the Doctor with all his most recent companions + Jackie.  -.-   Hilariously, the second time I decided to keep going, only to have him go out hunting about 500 miles later and unexpectedly die outright from an "accidental gunshot."  Now, I'm not saying it was self-inflicted, but...

D) ...really, I'm working on my Capstone paper too. 300/900 words, and it's not even 10 PM yet!
  Look, I experience regular cycles of computer-game addiction.  It's just an inevitable fact of life.

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