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Writer's Block: Physical Education

Call it gym, P.E., recess, or pure hell, most people have participated in a class at school that focused on games and athletics. What sport or game did you hate the most when you were a kid? What sport or game was your favorite?
BROOMBALL.  GOD.  THE HATRED, I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN OVER IT.  And I bet it would have been totally fine if we hadn't been forced to wear stupid giant hockey helmets every time we played, but they were a huge struggle to get on, and it was always frustrating trying to pick one that fit and get it all together; it took me forever and I'd get flustered and embarrassed because nobody else had half the struggle I did.  I mean, it's not like those stupid ungainly sticks were a great joy to use, but it was really the helmet that did things in.

Aside from that, flag football - because all forms of American football are stupid in every respect, they just are, don't argue with me.  No, scratch that; at least the girls weren't expected to be very good at it so I had company in my misery.  My true #1 loathe?  Softball.  Cannot stand - especially cannot stand how this game just FOLLOWS YOU ALL YOUR ADULT LIFE.  Not even graduating from high school lets you escape it!  It haunts you forever at all kinds of workplaces and summer get-togethers.  Apparently it is the only sport you are never too old to play. 

Various reasons for hatred: I cannot keep the rules straight. No matter how many times I've been forced to stumble through games, I can't figure out or remember when to run for multiple bases, or why sometimes you can be off the base but other times you get tagged out. And when you're in the field, on the miraculous off-chance you catch the ball, how the hell do you decide where to throw it?!  And there are like a frillion different positions with various duties, and it's all horribly fast-paced and I just get mixed up and angry.  The first time I had to play it (sixth grade), our teacher actually kept track of our gameplay via points, adding them for hitting/scoring/catching the ball and subtracting them for missing/getting out.  I was at -5 by the end of the first day.  I burst into tears more than once until he had to tell me the points were just supposed to be for fun and not actually indicative of our grade.

*pants* Look at me, I worked myself into a frothing (and vaguely tearful!) rant just thinking about it.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure softball is my #1 hated sport of all time.  And I didn't even get into basketball, which is equally fast and confusing and awful...but at least shooting baskets is kind of fun; swinging a bat you just look stupid.

(because believe it or not, I actually didn't hate gym!  For the most part!  Or at least half the time!)

1) Volleyball!  I adore volleyball; it is the only sport in the world where I am terrible and look like an idiot every time I play, but I don't care because it's so much fun.  I can't actually *volley* to save my life, or spike, but I can serve the regulation way, and bumping is pretty much the reason I love it.  Plus in high school, we also got to play "walleyball," in squash courts where you could bounce the ball off walls, and it was awesome.

2) Soccer is my other love.  I played that on a team from 2nd through 10th grade, and I loved playing in gym because I felt like I could actually hold my own against the guys.  They were inevitably better, I mean, and ran circles around me, but when I had control of the ball I could kick that sucker pretty darn far, plus I was an aggressive defender.  And besides, it was nice to have those really skilled guys playing on my side.

3) Ooh, and badminton, albeit perhaps to a slightly lesser extent.  Badminton was great, though - less running than tennis, and more precise skill (less brute force) to hit the birdie just right.  It was thrilling when I did it right.  The rest of the time, much like volleyball, I simply couldn't drown my enthusiasm for trying.

Thanks, LJ.  That trip down memory lane was fun; I haven't had gym since 10th grade.  ;)  I'm really curious about peoples' responses to this, so I hope a lot of people answer this question today.
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