RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

And the winner is...Yul

That's appropriate for the holiday season.  And generally excellent. 

Not much to say about the episode itself, other than that challenge with the ropes and the web and the "hardest puzzle ever" was not only the most fun to watch (I kind of wished I could have seen it five separate times, with the camera on just one contestant each time), but also one of the first times I ever actually wanted to participate in it.  It looked like fun.  Not like the nasty icky mud competition of last week.  *shudder* Blech.  Okay, back to the tribal council/results.

Jonathon got really...weirdly aggressive.  But not nearly as badly as Candice.  It was like she was frustrated that she could no longer stand around and mock Jonathon, so she had to pick a new target, and zeroed in on Yul.  Is Jeff Probst still dating that other Survivor?  Because he and Candice would probably get along nicely, what with their shared dislike of Jonathon and Yul.  I mean, what was with all this collected rage?  I don't remember her being particularly hostile towards the latter, so I guess she was storing up the bitterness that he was part of the group that kept sending her to Exile Island + she was the only College Kid Raro that got kicked out before Jonathon.  That was the point where I stopped liking her. 

I felt kind of bad for Becky.  I thought maybe Sundra at least would vote for her.  Not to mention that everyone is complaining that she was this emotionless player who did absolutely nothing and merely glued herself to Yul in order to make F3...which is just mean.  She did more work around camp than most of the original Raros put together, and she did strategize just as much as Yul did.  Personally, I think that despite the fact that she did use Yul as a bit of a shield, she's also possibly the only player in history who made it to the finals without lying to anyone or pissing them off.  It's hard to be completely invisible like that for the entire game. 

Ozzy cries more than anyone I have ever seen.  He breaks into tears faster than most women.  He'd make a great actor.  (DON'T!  DON'T EVEN MENTION IT.  DON'T BRING IT UP.  *hates internet for telling her things she doesn't want to know about people*) And while I feel bad for the guy and usually tend to be more sympathetic than disdainful of such tears, I thought it was getting just a wee mite excessive in this final episode and at the reunion show.

Hey, speaking of the reunion never ceases to amaze me how WEIRD people look after you get used to seeing them all dirty and scruffy.  And while most of the guys look better once they're clean-shaven, the women invariably just look like whores.  Seriously!  They PILE on the makeup.  It's like they're so desperate to show people they can clean up all pretty, they go way overboard.  I think Candice was the epitome of this last night, and not just because of my recently acquired dislike.

I fast-forwarded through a lot of the reunion show, was just too creepy seeing Billy.  He's the creepiest survivor ever.  Worse than Shane.  I also discovered how sad I was that Cecilia didn't stay around longer.  I think I had only seen the season premiere when she got booted, so I didn't know who she was, but she's really, really pretty.  Yes, that's all I got. 

Off to finish my final papers now.

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