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Some things I did in lieu of my 8,000 projects:

1. THIS IS THE MOST GLORIOUS THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I am like, electrified with joy at the sight of

Andy being upset enough to break down in actual overwhelmed tears. *hyperventilates in happiness* It’s getting remarkably close to exactly what I said I wanted to happen way back in “Weight Loss”:

I will not be happy unless and until (Andy) is a completely broken and miserable WRECK of emotional devastation, self-worth so shattered by rejection that he becomes a completely DESTROYED, crippled shell of a man.

I just, I cannot feel pity. After everything I have had to put up with from that freak since he appeared, I simply cannot be moved. And the best part is that Dwight is completely wide-eyed and innocent the whole time, being extremely low-key and subtle about his attack process, but doing it in such an unrelenting way that Andy is mental stability is being deftly torn apart at the seams. Also, no lie, as of this point forward I am totally casting Dwight as Eugene Wrayburn and Andy as Bradley Headstone in Our Mutual Friend. It’s so easy to picture! And I kind of want things to go down the same way. .

2. It's time for the first of several annual memes: Post the first line of the first post for every month of the year!

(or two lines, if necessary for comprehension, one of which may be the title, which often serves as a first line for me.)

January: I hereby declare my first poll a success, despite its brief run time, and since votes so far have been evenly split with the only true consensus being that you want new material ASAP, I'll mix a little of the other three. You get two memes, a crime drama review, and for those who don't care, my personal preference of a doubleshot.

February: Wheee, Christmas in January! [reference to House, 4x10, which had aired about a month after the holiday]

March: So...working on another semi-creative essay ("Write about an issue that matters deeply to you"), which is hard enough, but the catch for this one is that you have to send it to an actual publication.

April: "There will be no stupid April Fool's day pranks in this post." There will, however, be several reviews plus my favorite Subtle Subtitles caption ever:

May: "The Music of 2008 (Trimester 1)." See? I'm breaking it up into sections this year!

FYI: When you are living in a semi-deserted apartment building and all of your roommates are gone, and you feel a compelling urge to venture into the basement level at 1 AM rather than waiting until morning to fetch the laundry you forgot about, and you've been watching "Moonlight" for like 3 hours straight? THAT BUILDING BECOMES REALLY FREAKY.

New Amsterdam comes to a close...

August: Every time I *headdesk* and wish I could edit a comment instead of posting a second one, I think "I need a paid account," I'll start to go get one, and then I'll realize that oftentimes, I am actually really fond of the banner ads on my LJ.

September: "Shonda. SHONDA. Why do you do things that make me hate you?" I honestly do not think there's any other showrunner I have cursed out as much as her.

October: Rejoice! The Month of Evil (school starting = anxiety attacks = evil) is over; now comes the time we rejoice in fall colors and the resplendent month that truly embodies autumn, the calm interim where you've settled into school but aren't burdened with end-of-term stress yet.

November: I had such an exciting Halloween, you guys.

December: Heyyy, because it's not like I have anything to do in my other classes or anything, my Sociology prof SPRINGS THIS ON US WITHOUT WARNING: no class next time, because you need to meet with your groups (here they are! here's your topic!) to prepare what we'll be doing for the rest of the semester: a 10-minute presentation - mine is "labor force participation" - drawing not only on the remaining readings, but on everything we've learned so far to summarize the past and predict future trends.
What we learned from the above statements is that I enjoy REALLY LONG SENTENCES.

3. ...drat it, I had something else to say! And then IE froze and I had to redo half this post (yes, "had to"), and I forgot it. And my allotted hour of time-wasting is just about up.

4. [EDIT] So, I was just checking up on Wikipedia to jot down which episodes I'd be missing this week, and um...the first line in the episode summary for next week's HIMYM says "Marshall takes Robin to a bar with a Minnesota theme." Cue me, um, AL;SDJFAKLSJDFKLASDKFASDF EEEEEEEEEEH WANT NOW.
Tags: how i met your mother, memes, the office, year in review

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