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House: Little people, whee!  Can I just say that ever since that actress appeared on CSI's episode "A Little Murder," I have thought she was downright awesome.  She's just so pretty!  Hey, this gives me an excuse to mention that her husband, the guy who was playing Abby's boyfriend on NCIS, died a week or two back.  Which was sad.  But it means Abby's single again!  WAS SAD.

Okay, on to the actual story.  A number of things I want to address, none of them case-related.

1) I've decided I'm a Wilson/Cameron shipper, simply because they are the prettiest guy and girl on the show.  Actually, because I think if Cameron ever got her head screwed on straight, she and Wilson would find they have a lot in common, what with their general emotional connection to patients and a desire to right all the world's wrongs.  And an unspoken attraction to irrational desire to be nice to House.  (I'm not a slasher!  Damn slashers sure rule this fandom, though.)  

So I generally enjoy whenever they get scenes together.  Even when I know they will degenerate to Cameron climbing on a high horse and bitching at Wilson. Especially because as I've said before, if you're going to side with either House *or* Wilson, why would you not go for the cute and empathetic one?

2) EVERYONE STOP YELLING AT WILSON.  Especially Bitchy Allison.  House, rehab will not kill you.  Seriously, it won't.  Plus if you go through rehab and still have pain, you can probably convince even the meanest judge to let you keep taking it.  Poor Jimmy was doing the best he could, seeing as your forged prescriptions cost him his assets and his patients and pretty much everything else he had in the world.

3) I fell off the bed laughing when House said "I cut myself."  It was immediately obvious to me that he'd done it on purpose; it didn't even occur to me to think of it in any other context.  Much fic will be written about this scene.  Indescribable numbers of it.  I haven't checked yet, because House fic scares me, but I'm sure it's there already.  Also...way to enable the emo teenagers.  "Seriously, Mom!  I had this HUGE headache and the ibuprofen wasn't helping; I read that cutting releases endorphins!" Also, while it might get rid of the leg pain...isn't there the additional pain of cutting into your skin and making it bleed? Maybe they should have explained that part too.  Otherwise it seems like the equivalent of...well, there is no equivalent.  Sounds like just redirecting the pain for a change of pace.

4) House detoxes disturbingly quickly.

5) House and the little girl, with the french fries?  THAT WAS CUTE.  Even if he was high as a kite at the time, it was still cute the way he grudgingly let her share.  Though it's a very stupid child can't tell a bear from a dog.

6) Re: the end.  Everyone loves how Wilson just left House lying on the floor after he found him like that instead of calling an I have to assume that he knew something I don't. Maybe that throwing up a substantial number of the pills + alcohol negated the potentially fatal effects of ingesting that much?  I'm guessing so. I mean, the hospital would just pump your stomach anyway.  The whole point is to get it out of your body before it gets digested.

Numb3rs: *yawns* What was this one about again?  Oh yeah, the pedophile thing.  The killer was obvious from the first minute.  Of COURSE it was the mother!  Her husband's a pedophile and her daughter committed suicide because of...*tries to remember* something related to being raped.  CLEARLY her father was molesting her, and obviously the way-too-calm housewife snapped and decided to take out her rage on all men flagged as sex offenders.  The fact that this was obvious maybe says I've been watching too many SVU reruns.  Anyway.

The other big storyline was Larry leaving.  Really, I thought they wrapped this up last episode, and while maybe one scene would have been nice, I didn't think they needed to devote a whole second episode to Charlie being okay with him leaving.  The twist about how Larry's participation in the mission almost got canceled due to credibility issues with his character (him being homeless and living in steam tunnels, etc) seemed particularly pointless.  I was generally unenthused with the episode due to lack of Charlie/Amita-ness Larry getting more screen time than Don, which was just wrong.  Or maybe I just fell asleep during the parts that starred Don; I dunno.  Like I said, the plotline of this ep was very dull.   

The one good moment was Larry and Megan's final goodbye.  She was all teary and there was a very sweet goodbye kiss.  I feel as though saying "sweet kiss" is almost redundant at this point, because all the kisses between these two are sweet.  They have, in fact, shared more sweet kisses than any TV couple I can think of to date, with the possible exception of Adam and Joan (of Arcadia).  And they don't count because of that nasty s*** at the end of season 2.   

And there was Buzz Aldrin or something. Who's really old now, so boring.  That's right.  I have no respect for people who became famous more than 10 years before I was born.

Strikethrough was a fairly recent addition on Xanga at the time of this writing.  I made the most of it, in case you could't tell.

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