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I has lots of memes!

Yep, that's my only purpose in posting for the second time tonight.  They wouldn't all fit in the last post, at least not what with the massive potential for HTML fail.

In 2008, rainbowstevie resolves to...
Learn to play the himym.
Find a new moonlight.
Backup my fanfic regularly.
Go to snark every Sunday.
Get back in contact with some old twilight parodies.
Spend less time on lost.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I mean, look at that! "Backup my fanfic regularly"? Two references to twilight/moonlight? (which work both in the fandom and regular-noun sense) Warning me how much time I waste in the Lost fandom? Plus, "Go to snark every Sunday" is totally my new religious belief.

*fires up her trusty Sansa*

1. Song: "Half a Week Before the Winter" - Vanessa Carlton
Any special meaning to you: Whenever I'm up late and watching dawn draw near (especially when it comes late), I think of the line "The vampires are growing tired..."
Any memories: I experienced a resurgence of falling in love with it this year, actually, and so now it makes me think of stark, bleak November days.
Who would you dedicate it to: no one
Who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: No idea
Are you a fan of the artist: Definitely; I adore everything she does

2. Song: "Centerfold," J. Geils Band
Favorite lyric: My blood runs cold / My memory has just been sold
Which genre would you put it in: I suck at genres.  Alt rock?
Which feeling does it portray:'s kind of a bittersweet story, when you look at it, but I pretty much feel happy when I hear it. There's whistling!
Is it sung by a girl or boy: boy
Favorite song by that artist: This is the only one I know.

3. Song: "Penny and Me," Hanson
Which number is it on your playlist: 204
Who wrote it: Hanson?
Does it have any swears in it: no
Where is the artist from: According to Wikipedia, which I will be using a lot, Oklahoma
Would you recommend the song: I cannot calculate all the ways in which I recommend it - songs about girls are always great, and this is a really stripped down, largely acoustic track, softly sung and dreamy recollections of summer/young love.

4. Song: "Blue Butterfly Boy" - Amy Jo Johnson
Does the title relate to the lyrics: That's who the song is sung to
Who should listen to it: Starry-eyed girls like me who like acoustic performances
Does it describe your current emotion: . . .
What's the first word in the song: Darling
How did you find out the artist: I fell in love with her way back on Power Rangers, but specifically as a 2000 or 2001 I saw an article in Teen People that mentioned her having a song on "Felicity."

5. Song: "Snow (Hey Oh)" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Does it make you sad: Not at all
Do your friends listen to it: Define "friends." 
How old is the song: 2006
What mood does it generate: Relaxed
Would you listen to it all the way through:  Most of the time; sometimes I skip the part after the lyrics

6. Song: "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys
Which genre would you put it in: Pop
Any special meaning to you: It used to remind me of middle school, until last December when I took a headlong tumble into falling in love with all the cheesy pop songs I had made a point of despising when they were actually popular. 
V: This is code for "this song reminds her of the raging crush she had on AJ McLean for a week."
Does your mom like it: I don't think she remembers it
Which album is it from: "Backstreet Boys: The Hits."  ACCORDING TO THE DIGITAL TAG.  I DO NOT ACTUALLY OWN THIS CD.  /desperate need for credibility.

7. Song: "Blackbird" - Carly Smithson
Who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: Maybe Mom, knowing how much I love both singer and song
Does it bring up any memories: American Idol 2008!  Yelling at Carly to cover up her nasty-ass tattooed arms while simultaneously sitll having hope that she, or in fact anyone, would outlast Porky Pig!  (Hopes: DASHED)
Do you sing along to it: Sometimes. 
Does it describe your life at this moment: well... "you were only waiting for this moment to arrive" theoretically describes how I should be feeling about the end of college, I suppose.
Did it ever:

8. Song: "Something Deep Inside" - Billie Piper
Favorite song by the artist: "Promises"
Which genre would it be: pop
Are the lyrics meaningful:
How old is the song: 2000
Is it well known or no: Not here.  Maybe over there.

9. Song: "Promises" - Billie Piper (WHOA.  FREAKY COINCIDENCE)
Is it sung by a girl or boy: girl
How many times have you listened to it before: umm...LOTS.  18 on WMP, but far more than that on the Sansa.
How long have you had it on your playlist: Since March, so almost 9 months.
Which number is it on the playlist: 211
Bring up any memories: FALLING IN LOVE WITH BILLIE PIPER AS A SINGER.  Oh, my memories are vivid indeed of that late March evening, avoiding homework like mad.  After I took a chance on her album, Windows Media Player messed up the track order so that it started with this one.  The magic sprang from there.

10. Song: "MMMBop" - Hanson
Similar to which other song: "Penny and Me," by default?
Who would you dedicate it to: my ex-best-friend, who loathed it like burning when it was first released, and is directly responsible for shaping my anti-pop feelings back in the day.
What emotion is the song about: happiness!
Is it hard to sing vocally: No, and I sing along every time
Do you like it:  YES!  I don't know how people *don't* like it.  It's so sweet and optimistic and bouncy!
And saving the best for last..

2008 Fandom Meme: Snagged from MYSELF, circa one year ago.  (the snagging chain can be followed from there)



001. What fandoms were you most active in over the course of 2008?

The Office, Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies.  In that order.  


01. What fandoms did you acquire in 2008?

Doctor Who!!!!

Torchwood by adjunct necessity

Pushing Daisies!!

Medium! (I almost forgot about that one…was it really just last year that I went from active dislike to full-on adoration?)

Moonlight – we had a weekend fling


(And New Amsterdam and I dated, but it didn’t work out)


02. What fandoms did you let go of in 2008?

Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean fell out of active duty, at least for the time being. 


I suppose the aforementioned Moonlight & New Amsterdam fall under this heading too.


03. What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2008? Why?

Robin Hood – lack of time combined with better British shows to watch

Sarah Jane Adventures – I planned to get there after I finished Doctor Who, but I’m only 75% of the way through that, so…

Primeval – lack of time

Robinson Crusoe – lack of time + I totally just forgot about it until now


04. What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2009?

SJA, Primeval, and I might poke my head in at Dollhouse if I can get past all the unwarranted Whedon fangirling. 


I’ve also got like a billion random BBC productions of Austen & Dickens novels on my to-watch card, if I can ever find them, though I’m not sure those strictly count as fandom.  But maybe they do; I can see myself hunting fanfic.  


05. What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2009 unless things significantly improve?

After proving unable to permanently drop even Without a Trace last year, I think it’s safe to say that I am physically incapable of letting go of shows unless they’re canceled.  And even Pushing Daisies, I’m pretty sure I adore that enough to remain active in fandom for at least another year. 


On second thought, ER will probably drop right off my radar after it bows in March.


06. What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?

The Office has a strange and mysterious power over me, as evidenced by the time I gave it the boot and then welcomed it back  before I actually missed anything. 


07. What show impressed you most in 2008?

HEY, DOCTOR WHO, WHAT UP?  OK, this isn’t strictly fair since I only watched what was produced from 2005-2007 in 2008, but…it was 2008 when it impressed me, so that counts, right?


Otherwise, Lost.  Except for the part where they killed off 4 of my favorite characters and shot down all my ships (sometimes literally!), it was really dang exciting. 


I would say The Office, without question, but…well, there was the part where I despised it straight through the summer hiatus, and then was annoyed with it until Pam came back from art school, so.  


08. What show impressed you least in 2008?

Without a Trace was baaaaaaaad. It was like the third time in a decade I had actually wanted a show I watched to be canceled, just to put it out of its misery.


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