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Christmas cheer! By which I mostly mean materialism. Materialism, yaaaaay!

First, I should probably wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  There are some other holidays this month, but they are not taking place today/tomorrow, so I'm going to choose logic over political correctness at this time.  In a related note, my flist brings tidings of comfort and joy to me year-round, but today's the day I declare it a public sort of way.  You're all delightful, and I hope you're having a lovely holiday, or a general lovely Thursday/Friday. 

Second, if I haven't previously mentioned it, we open presents on Christmas Eve because my parents still like to put out a few "Santa" gifts plus stuffed stockings for morning.  I've declared this year to be the rip-roaringest Best Christmas Ever, in part because everyone (sometimes unintentionally!) got a gag gift along with their regular ones.  For example:

Mom: My brother borrowed a pair of my mittens and tied a length of yarn around them, to demonstrate that since she's always losing her gloves, she can put these through her sleeves and always have them attached to her coat. 

Dad: Is obsessed with Shrek, so in a discount bin, Mom found a figurine set of Shrek, the Donkey, and Puss in Boots.  It's maybe a little bit scary how much he loved them.

Kyle: Was regifted a free promotional item (a pen that lights up when you push a button) that's been in one of our kitchen drawers for like, 5 years.  (Kyle: "Wait a minute, you already HAD this pen."  Mom: "But now it's yours!")

Me: The first present I open is a clothing box, right?   So I'm all, "Ooh, some kind of pretty shirt!"  And then it's...3 pairs of underwear. 
Nice underwear, I mean, and something useful to have, but really?  Wrapped up under the tree with everyone watching me open it?  And the best part is SHE DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE THIS MIGHT BE WEIRD.  I don't know whether to headdesk or collapse in helpless laughter.

Meanwhile, I gave my brother a book on the history of the Freemasons, because he's weirdly obsessed with them; I got Dad a set of art-print-replica Christmas cards that Mom said he was all but drooling over when they were out shopping, and for Mom...well, there's a story here. 

When Amazon was having its big discount sale and I was browsing around, I noticed the Sex and the City movie (extended cut!) and...I don't know, SATC, it's kind of our mother/daughter thing (which Dad simply cannot understand).  We had a good time when we saw it in theaters, and I thought maybe it'd be fun to relive it with some extra footage.  As Christmas drew nearer, I started to think it was perhaps a really stupid and/or embarrassing gift, and I fretted over whether I should just hide it away and get her jewelry or something instead, but I didn't have time to go shopping.  Finally, it hit me that I could jazz it up by including "extras" - so, since she loves my writing and does not know where any of my blogs are, I slightly revised and printed out my LJ review of the movie, in booklet form for easier reading, and tucked that beside it.  She was totally thrilled with both gifts.

As for me, I cleaned up with season 2 of The Office (YAAAAAY!), a purple sweater and matching long-sleeved top to wear under it, sparkly dangly earrings, and another box of chocolate-dipped peanut brittle (Dad: "One of the last they had in stock!"  Me: *admonishing look* "You didn't buy out the whole store?")

Getting ready for church now; tomorrow after breakfast with relatives I will resume my regular deluge of TV posting.  What, you thought a holiday was going to stop me?  Please.  That's like 7, 8 hours of my time, tops. 
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