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Woohoo, only 4 more stockpiled shows to go!

Dear winter: Good, you're on the right track, now keep snowing.  Snow more than the two inches that were on the ground when we went out, because otherwise all the snow does is make it so I can't see the ice I'm slipping on.  And/or make my dog mistakenly believe it's all right to start trotting again.

CSI: NY, 5x10, "The Triangle"
Ten to one says they originally planned to trot this idea out for something involving Rikki, possibly including that terrible idea where she was the one Danny got pregnant. (See, self? There are worse things than Lindsay having a baby!) Which reminds me, hey spoiler people, are they finally going to leave Rikki out of the picture for good, or do I have to worry about her making another repeat appearance? Because I swear, if they decide to embrace her like CSI embraced Lady Heather...

General Overview:
I really enjoyed this episode. I knew nothing about any supposed "Bermuda Triangle in Manhattan," but now I'm thoroughly intrigued and not a creeped out, in a deliciously chilling way. Loved everything about this case, including the part where Bernie was quite possibly the most likable bad guy ever - so amiable! Also an excellent foil for Flack - but especially the part where his daughter got away with the money and is hopefully never going to be caught. Sometimes I like when the team isn't preternaturally perfect and criminals escape. If she shows up four months from now with a bullet in her heart, heads are gonna roll.

-I would have been more impressed by the scary power of the microwave gun, except that I have four words to say to that: Gun That VAPORIZES YOU. (the latter two words must always be written in all caps) Sorry, Miami's got you beat in terms of really cool scary-ass futuristic weaponry.

-Pretty sure I managed to experience vertigo when Mac, Hawkes and Danny were hanging out atop the Empire State Building. *shudders*

-So the Secret Flash Drive of Hell and Damnation is still wreaking havoc even without any of the information it carries being divulged; nice to see it has so many ways of being effective. Pity the nefarious guard who pocketed it is no more as of episode's end.

-WIGGLE PUPPIES!! By which I mean, um, a highly professional drug-sniffing chocolate Lab. But his fur was really shiny and I wanted terribly badly to pet him! I compensated by finding my own dog, who luckily has a very Lab-like head. Being home is nice.

See, I thought love was black and white
That it was wrong, or it was right
--"Where I Stood," Missy Higgins

Oh, if only I had a camera on me when I watched TV. I'm quite sure that my reaction to the proposal that hit me upside the head from out of the blue was made of gold. More specifically, I'm pretty sure the shock of it caused me to fling my pen in the air as I threw up my hands in a flabbergasted "WHAT?!" that was not so much squeeful as OMG WTF JUST HAPPENED. This may have been accompanied/preceded by some unintelligible Kramer-esque noises of stuttering, and maybe a squawk as my eyes popped out of their head. Not getting spoiled about this = awesome.

And oh, good girl saying no. It continues to fascinate me how two characters with such chemistry managed to turn that into anti-chemistry, but that's what they have - I feel no romantic spark between them whatsoever. I mean, I believe they care about each other, and that they wouldn't be the worst people in the world at coparenting and otherwise might have the equivalent of an amicable divorce, but... Hence my use of the above lyrics to explain my muddled feelings about this couple. I can't remember the last time I ran up against such a problem in my canon-shipping world.

I can see why Danny proposed - I'm willing to gradually give him the benefit of doubt on his immaturity (although not as much as Kristine Huntley) and say that sometimes he knows what the right thing to do is - and I can even see why he did it that way; it's kind of cute and spontaneous, the whirlwind round of "no, no, no" followed by the expectation of "yes." But oh, my sigh of relief when she turned him down was heard 'round the world, matched only by my relief at her expertly worded rationale. "Wouldn't you rather walk down the aisle than be pushed?" They're not at that point of commitment yet, nowhere near. She knows it. He knows it too, but he's so caught up trying to make a fresh start that he needs reminding. I like that she iterates how neither of them's going anywhere...which is interesting, if you look at my general principles about love and marriage and all that jazz.

Fact of the matter is, at least for right now, I don't want them to get married. This is quite possibly the the first time in my entire life I have not felt that an unmarried couple who're having a baby should wed. I am generally all about the "you're already bonded for life, you seem to be in love, why the hell wouldn't you make it official?" line of thought. But I think it would be a mistake in this case. They're hardly in love - they say it, but again, I think that's more indicative of their past feelings coupled the fact that they *care* about each other + the fact that pending babies bring out feelings of fuzziness - much less the sort of love that leads to a lifelong bond.

If I were a betting woman, I'd say that no gets turned to a yes by season's end, although I'm not sure how it'll happen, and I'm curious how the show plans to change my mind. I've had my mind flipped on all kinds of ships (Gizzie, anyone?), so I know it doesn't take much for a good writer to ping my shippy radar with a Cute Moment, but for my part I don't want to see them married unless and until I've seen him be devoted to both Lindsay and their child over a period of several months.

I need to believe, really believe, that they're by far the most important people in his life before you ask me to accept the idea of a marriage. And yes, I will be requiring the equivalent of Jim Halpert devotion standards. I usually make allowances, as that's a hard standard to match, but he's ticked me off enough that I'm going to make him jump through hoops.

Frick, I hate when I write nicely crafted essays with solid conclusions, forget stuff I meant to include, and then can't figure out a way to insert the new stuff into the existing framework and have to tack stuff on at the end.

-Loved Danny's reminiscing about her being from Montana (I miss you, nickname that helped me fall for them!), and all the cute tomboyish things he knows about her childhood. That being said, my heart skipped a beat when Lindsay initially referred to the baby as "she," and I realized I'm really hoping for them to have a boy. If Danny can't play his stupid baseball, he should at least get the chance to teach his son. (yeah, yeah, girls have softball. It's not the same). And I don't know; I just feel like Linds would have an easier time relating to a little boy. TPTB's gonna make it a girl just to spite me, aren't they. They know that 90% of the time I'm rooting for characters to have girls, so the one time I don't...

-Lindsay's HIDEOUSLY CLUNKY "my friend" song and dance to Stella about hazardous chemicals? It was good showing her suddenly worry, but the rest was not so good. Seriously, "my friend" is the lamest cover ever. It's at the point where people don't believe you even if actually are talking about your friend. And yet she still might have gotten away with it if she hadn't fallen into the fatal trap of rambling on and on about how "her friend" feels about various things. *eye roll*

Thank you, Stella, for having the grace to show that you knew without actually confronting her. And for being very sweet and supportive, instead of the way you can sometimes be rather brusque. I've already decided that she is going to be the best surrogate aunt ever.

-Ending scene squee!! I get the feeling that telling Mac was even more nerve-wracking than telling Danny, so I'm really glad that he, too, was as supportive as could be. Of course, he has a fairly high regard for Danny and an adorable soft spot for Lindsay; that helps. (although again, could not get over how much they remind me of teenage parents telling Dad)

-I forgot how much I love Mac & Lindsay interaction. It's the sweetest thing, seriously.

-Oh wait, actual ending scene...once again, after the "I love yous," I was groaning and burying my head in my hands, going "No, no, NO, no kissing! We are not there yet! I cannot stomach a kiss right now, I seriously, please don't erase the steady progress you've made with me -- BOOYAH. THANK YOU." *heaves sigh of relief* No pun intended, but -- baby steps. I'm still reeling with the shock of seeing them share scenes, never mind the pregnancy quotient. We need to go verrrrrrrry slooooowly, and steadily reintroduce the idea of actual romance between them, or you'll scare me right off this wary acceptance and back to the Hate Train.

Again, they're doing surprisingly well on this so far. Can they keep it up?----------------
5x11, "Forbidden Fruit"
I feel certain they could have come up with a better title for this one.  Maybe something along the lines of "525,600 Plotlines."

The Case
OK, I desperately want to try this magic bean miracle fruit that alters your taste buds.  Is it real?  And why haven't the diet pill companies latched onto this cash cow?  It seems like it would be highly useful to convince people to reach for lemons rather than chocolate, for example.  Of course, after seeing how easy it made murder (not a far jump to suicide, either), I'm a little wary of its power. 

Best part of the case?  Another one of Lindsay's "famous reconstructions"!  (Squeeeeee, Mac/Lindsay interaction!) 
"Lindsay, I'm your boss, not a guinea pig."  I love how he tries and fails to be stern.
"Mac, I'm pregnant.  Just humor me."  Ahh!  Uses for Lindsay pregnancy, I knew there had to be some!  OK, I am totally on board if she gets to use it for tossing off sassy lines like that.  Work the entitlement aspect! 

"How long are my taste buds going to be altered?"

"For the rest of your life."  HEEEEE, his face!  There's a moment where he doesn't entirely trust her not to have fed him something like that for real.  God, I love her when she's like this.  I vote that, in order to make me like her all the time, Lindsay be restricted creating reconstructions in the lab and/or sharing scenes only with Mac and/or Flack to bring out her snarky side.

Not much else to say about it - although it made for some fun bits, with Flack's disgusted "This is so wrong" observation of the party and Hawkes merrily taking apart a $200k machine to "fix it" - but only because there were so many other fun things going on.

The Old Ongoing Case: Greek Tragedy
Ooh, more Angell!  That is always an excellent thing!!  I'm worried about the danger she's putting herself in (I can has hot angry Flack soon?), and can only assume that Stella kept her in the dark about Mac's explicit ban on further investigation, but otherwise I've decided I love the pair of them teaming up on the sly to trap & catch this guy.  And I must say, Angell knows how to work the sexy underground dealer vibe well.  For a moment there I almost forgot it was an act.

This plotline also gets me a beautiful round of Mac yelling at Stella, which is one of my favorite scenes of the year - incredibly well acted - between her riled-up "Come on, give me time!" enthusiasm and his firm refusal "As your friend, I would love to.  But this is me being your boss.  I'm not asking.  That's a direct order."  Melina's expressions & reactions are wonderful.  I can't believe how much I like this case...but I do have a tendency to enjoy my reasonably-paced plot arcs.

The New Ongoing Case: Mac's Stalker
Best part of the episode right here.  I know for a fact that I was not paying attention to her story in her first episode - I never even really figured out what was happening with her Post Secret room - but I think I got the gist of it here, and I must say I am delighted with her recurring appearances.  The grocery shopping scene was sweet, even if it was painfully obvious that she had an embarrassing schoolgirl crush.  It's a pity Ella's crazy, because she and Mac have more chemistry than he did with Quinn, Jordan, or that brunette woman from a few weeks ago.  And really, is she crazy, or is she merely living out every fangirl's dream? 

OK, yeah, she really is crazy, but it's an understandable type of crazy.  Mac can be devastatingly charming, and it's easy to see how she mistook his devotion to cases - which by default includes a personal stake in all people involved - for particular interest in her.  Or at least fell in love with him because of it, and saw an opportunity for him to develop a reciprocal interest.  I do love that her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with him aren't even necessarily romantic - well, yeah, there's the blood-chillingly ominous postcard on the wall, but still - she just craves closeness and comfort.  To paraphrase fromaries11 's post, she might just as easily be search for a surrogate father figure.

Poor Mac, though.  I do hope he realizes in short order that Ella's "suicide attempt" was never about killing herself, it was about making him rush to her full of worry and concern.  And look what she gets in return!  He tends to her wounds, has soothing words and hushing, he strokes her hair (ping!  Sorry, my shippy radar doesn't have a stalker filter) and for a crowning touch picks her up and carries her out of the apartment (as if we didn't notice you surreptitiously cudding up on his shoulder). 

See, she's brilliant, really.  This fits every fantasy of latter-century romantic literature about delicate heroines needing care, the prince swooping in to save his beloved from death's door.  I don't think she's actually deluded herself into believing he loves her yet - she's still working on that - but his physical presence makes her fantasies that much richer since it's not all locked up in her imagination anymore.

I'm identifying with Ella way more than I need to, aren't I? 

Still, I may have had a little bit of fantasy fun on my own, playing with AU scenarios in which she's he's daughter and the scene would have a much more touching and less creepy context.  At least, that's my justification for watching it three or four times.   (I don't know!  I find this scene highly enjoyable!  I'm easily swayed by Caring Mac!   Danny, take notes if you ever want back in my good graces)
Wow, that baby bump grew surprisingly fast, didn't it?  Either Lindsay dragged her heels on verifying her pregnancy, or we just jumped ahead in the timeline.  I think.  My knowledge of pregnancy stages is mostly done by fandom osmosis rather than actual research, but I thought you had to be a few months along before it was visible.  And on that note...sigh

I understand why they had this moment, but I'm going to play Grumpy Old RS and sulk because the first kick/stomach touch is my very favorite part of any pregnancy storyline, and possibly the entire reason I am so fond of them in the first place, and I wasn't ready for them to spoil it it to happen yet.  I was doing reasonably well with the almost giddy way he grabbed her hand and pulled her off to the side - see, I've worked up to handholding!  I wasn't there 2 episodes ago! - and then...commence eye rolling.

But!  At least he didn't actually feel the baby kick, so technically they've only completed half of my favorite moment.  That drastically helps to temper my grumpiness. I also made myself watch it a few times to acclimate myself, and now I grudgingly admit that it was kind of cute - possibly in a way I will appreciate more in retrospect - and I definitely love his "Next time it happens, you find me" insistence.

Parting Shots
-I think this episode deserves some kind of distinctive award for "most collectively annoying music."  Every scene, it seemed like, I was being attacked with headache-inducing rock. 

-Betelquid masks DNA, eh?  See, again, is this real, and if so why haven't criminals latched onto it like whoa?  It seems like it would be a useful accessory for criminal activity.  Hey, in fact, you pair that up with the memory-blocking drug from SVU and don't be stupid enough to tape your nocturnal activities like that guy, and I think you've just found out how to be the world's most successful rapist. 

-Psh, Adam, the cost of raising a kid to college is like 150 grand?  Try 250 grand.  It was a test question in sociology and everything.  ("The good news is, the cost of subsequent children is somewhat less because you don't have to buy all the baby accessories like the crib over again.")

And with that, hah, I'm done with New York until halfway through January (ooh, all of...two more weeks).  Excellent.
P.S. Dear Television Gods: THERE ARE OTHER NIGHTS OF THE WEEK BESIDES THURSDAY. I JUST THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW THAT. Maybe if you did, my spring semester wouldn't have Survivor, The Office, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones, and ER all airing on the same night.  As in 7 shows. Anybody here able to beat that?
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