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The Continuing Adventures of Grissom's Downward Spiral

I love my dog.  Have I mentioned that?  She doesn't sleep in my room, because she prefers to stay up until the last person goes to bed and then snooze on the sofa, but if I don't make an appearance downstairs before 10, she inevitably comes clicking up the steps to see me.  Usually it's because the sooner she wakes me up, the sooner she can start demanding a walk, but since she usually gives it 2 or 3 hours before she starts getting really demanding, I think she actually does want to see me.  There's a tail wag and a demand for petting and everything.  Right now she's sprawled out on my bed, snoozing contentedly in the sunshine and pillowing her head on the bunched up blanket while I type.  It's a very peaceful atmosphere.

Now let's shatter that mood and dive back into the gritty world of Vegas murders. 

9x06, "Say Uncle"
Oh, good.  I was initially planning to say that while my dislike of Riley stands, I at least appreciate the fact that they're keeping her more-or-less in the background as a working team member and not giving her excessive screen time...and then she buried herself alive in that deep grave of hers by
a) reducing David to Freudian slips because apparently the presence of Her Hotness is just that disarming (blech),
b) going ballistic with gun-threatening on an old lady (armed or not, when did Riley get a gun?  And can we take it away from her soon, 'cause I'd feel safer around Natalia),
c) getting her child-hate on, immediately jumping to the conclusion that the boy was lying (true or not, it came across less like she was objectively considering all possibilities and more like "well, you know how HORRIBLE kids are"),
d) continuing to be a snooty priss to Grissom.  Which, seriously.  STOP BEING SUCH A PETULANT BRAT.  You know he has the power to fire you, right? 

Of course, by paying attention to her, I'm part of the problem.  What I really should do is just deliberately ignore her role completely and just talk about whatever else happened in the case, treating her like the non-entity she is...alas, airing my grievances is the only way to make myself feel better.

Not the greatest episode ever, but worth it just to see Grissom be particularly moved by the kid's plight and then stand up to his raging-arsehole doctor in full-on defensive protection mode.  "You touch that kid, and I will charge you with reckless endangerment."  *shivers* It was like watching the glory days gone by of Horatio.  Rare thing when Grissom takes such a vested personal interest in someone.  But really, sitting guard outside the room, lying in wait to smack the doctor down with sarcasm and a cavalcade of disarming answers?  All kinds of hot. 

(Incidentally, "cavalcade" is one of those words I had to look up in the dictionary immediately after using upon realizing I couldn't define it.  I love when words sound right but I don't know why.) 

Oh, and the Bizarro World version of the lab & its fingerprint/AV techs, and Hodges standing around with an air of disdain/boredom for the field he was dragged into and finding the evidence in the first place he looks.  Hee.

Last thing - Nicky seems to be staring death in the face rather a lot lately.  Maybe there is some credibility to the theory that his heretofore largely unseen emotional breakdown over Warrick is manifesting itself in otherways.
9x07, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Recapist: If you were like me and expecting the return of the Miniature Killer to be the big storyline this week, I'm sure you're as disappointed as I am. I think all together that subplot took up fewer than ten minutes of airtime in the entire episode. Bad promo monkeys! No biscuits for you!

Me: D'oh!

Except it turns out that those ten minutes are really all it needs to be super effective, because while I was skeptical of Natalie to the end, and I really thought her "people who do bad things should be punished" line was a sign that she was going to somehow find ways for Grissom to meet his untimely end for helping send her to prison, the makeshift model of her miniature self hanging from a noose managed to be even creepier.  *shudder*

In other news, I have an easy time tuning Miss Adams out this week, except for the parts where I keep seeing glimpses of her hair and mistaking her for Sofia.  (The saddest part is when I realize how much more I'd prefer that)  The good news is that while I don't precisely like Hodges yet, with Riley handily eclipsing his low-man-on-the-totem-pole position, I find him much more bearable when he's giggling about immature high school pranks and smashing mailboxes for science "because it's fun." 

80% of that might be due to the fact that Nicky finds him inexplicably much more bearable, and as a bonus is ridiculously cute while waxing nostalgic about how mailbox baseball is "really fun..." (insert weakly caving under Catherine's arched eyebrow) "...when you're a bored teenager who's feeling destructive," but he actually managed to pull off the lizard impression, so that wins big points.  Normally when he does things like that, people (Nick included) just stare at him and walk away.

Plus, lately I find myself loving Catherine more than I ever thought possible, especially now that I don't have to be on the Sidle-supporting side of the terrible shipping wars of yesteryear.  "Well, this is all very fascinating and really quite sad..."

I feel bad for the guy getting arrested on "negligent homicide" charges, though.  I mean, seriously?  NO ONE MADE THOSE KIDS HIT THE MAILBOX.  Of course the intent was to cause harm (hang on, hear me out), but it's not like he was lying in wait with a sniper rifle, or that he planted explosives in the road.  The kids wouldn't get hurt unless they were destructive first; he merely applied the laws of physics so that their own force doubled back on them and determined how much harm was caused.  It's not like he sabotaged everybody's mailbox to make sure they got punished; this one was on his own property.  So yes, he probably should get some type of fine or community service, but as far as deaths go I'm ruling the drunk boys victims of accidental tragedy.

We maybe have a mailbox that's been knocked down a time or five.  By cars clipping the corner at high speed rather than hoodlums with baseball bats, but still, I feel the pain of replacing it all the time.  Concrete-filled mailbox seems like an ingenius practical joke to me.

I have nothing to say about the other murder case, except that why couldn't Lady Heather's episode have been one of the ones with random fatal shooting in the last five minutes?

9x08, "Young Man With a Horn"

I -- what. DUDE.  It's bad enough when you swap the minor-league detectives around the franchise in multiple roles; YOU CANNOT HAVE DEAD HAGEN running around as a 1-note character in Vegas.  OK?  No.  You can't do that.  John Hagen had a serious arc as Calleigh's boyfriend in Miami, and he's been buried for 3 years from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  End of story.

Aside from that, very much enjoyed seeing how many different ways they could mock American Idol with "Overnight Sensation," starting with the title of the show.  It was like they got bonus cash for every character they could parallel, or maybe they were sponsoring a secret contestant where the viewer who caught the most details won a prize.  By the time they got to "Ajaya" they weren't even trying to hide it anymore.

And of course, anything that shows me Old Vegas in the context of buildings left untouched in museum-like preservation is full of win (how was that place not vandalized/looted/devoid of stuff if a couple of teenagers could get in easy-peasy?  I'd think lovers of Vegas history would be all over there grabbing memorabilia, possibly rationalizing that nobody else is taking care of the stuff and they could give it a better home.  Less scrupulous people might find eBay material to sell to those lovers of Vegas history).

(Sidebar: I appreciate that Annie's wavering back and forth on how she feels about Riley, as this week the latter is selfish and spoiled, among other things.  It does my heart good.)

I'm going to go over here and giggle about Greg's "glitter fetish," smile in a bittersweet way at Nick's unthinking mention of Warrick (ow, my heart), and tell myself that Grissom's "Maybe it's time to up the ante" clearly means "Find Sara and make good on that marriage proposal before RS spontaneously combusts with suppressed rage."=

Since the next ep isn't until January 15th and I've heard it's the conclusion of a 2-parter, I think I'm going to hold off on nine-oh-nine until I get closer to the resolution date.  I've gotten very accustomed to speeding through plot arcs and cliffhangers, and I don't think I'll enjoy suddenly waiting a fortnight.

House is next on the watchlist, for those of you waiting on pins and needles for the reveal of my master plan.
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