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Happy New Year!

Good grief, y'all have been talkative in the past 24 hours.  I'm afraid I'll have to put you on hold and write my post first, then we'll see about the flist. 

Firstly, I have to admit that while the news has been very doom and gloom about how 2008 was terrible and economic downturn and all that...personally, 2008 was pretty fantastic to me.  Awesome TV, wonderfully ridiculous numbers of new books, Dean's List, full-time summer employment and the best class of my life.  I don't want the year to ennnnnnnnnd!!  2009 has so much more potential to suck!

New Year's Eve was OK, if low-key; my parents and I watched The Office until 11:15 when didn't want to risk missing midnight while watching the longer finale, and played Farkle until it was time to count down.  Except we didn't actually count down because my brother insisted on having Conan O'Brien on, and he kept it there even after it became apparent that what we were watching was a Leno rerun, so he just watched the corner clock like a hawk until it flipped to 12:00 and then announced it was 2009.  And I still didn't do anything, because my dad was outside trying to set up leftover 4th of July fireworks for my brother - so not my thing - and I was on the floor with my dog's head in my lap, and saw no need to move just for bubbly drink.  I may have said "woohoo."

Speaking of bubbly, my parents bought pink champagne in the hopes that it would be less offensive to my wine-disliking palate.  While I did manage a 6 oz. glass over the course of the evening (we'd opened it at dinner), I think I kept taking sips mostly out of stubborn determination that I should like it, rather than that I actually did.  It left a curiously warm feeling at the back of my throat, like someone had a miniature hearth burning there, and it still had a cough syrup overtaste, so I think it's safe to say that the taste of alcohol is cough syrup and I don't like it any form.  Every time I pour a glass, I keep wanting it to taste more like juice, so in the future I'm gonna stick with that.

Anyway, The Office: my dad's seen even fewer episodes than my mom, but he sat down to watch with us, and he kept cracking up and recognizing scenes that resembled some of his former jobs.  Apparently he was Jim in a lot of them.  And both my parents keep cracking up at Michael, because he embodies so many traits of their respective bosses.  Mom keeps marveling at Angela's perfectly coiffed hair (and how Pam's looks sort of messy and wild by comparison), and the more Angela arches a humorless eyebrow at vulgar humor, the more she understands why I like Angela so much.

We watched Sexual Harassment - I tried to protect my mother from Todd Packer earlier, but would she listen?  Nooo.  Lucky thing that's also the cute one with Pam's mom.  And on the bright side, now we never have to watch The Carpet - Dwight's Speech, Michael's Birthday, Drug Testing and Conflict Resolution before stopping.  That's when I remembered why I never watch Conflict Resolution, despite its many good bits, because OW.  MY HEART.  My heart can't take Jim walking through the evil doors at Corporate!  It is still intensely terrible no matter when you watch it!  On the other hand, Michael's Birthday, which you naturally avoid on principle with a title like that, just keeps getting better and better-----------
Now my very favorite year-end meme, which nobody else did last year (probably because it involves manual counting, even though The Calendar makes it easier, or maybe because it doesn't have directions or an easy form), but which I will continue to do because I adore data: 
Year-End Posting Tallies

'Usage By Month
January: 30
February: 36
March: 30
April: 33
May: 33
*June: 27 (lowest)
July: 37
August: 41
September: 44
**October: 51 (highest)
November: 46
December: 34

As you can see, I just get more dependent on LJ as the year goes on, at least while I'm still in school.  Also, fun fact - this year's lowest month has twice as many post as last year's lowest month.
Usage by Day
**Sunday: 75
Monday: 66
Tuesday: 58
Wednesday: 62
Thursday: 59
Friday: 53
Saturday: 69

TOTAL = 442, or an average of 1.2 posts per day.

Fun fact - last year, Friday was my high tally, this year it was the lowest.  I can explain this phenomenon because this year I was more likely to be doing homework into the wee hours of the morning and then crashing to sleep that evening.  I'm guessing Sunday is highest because it combines both the fact that I was writing through the latter half of Saturday and posting in the early morning hours, and then trying to stretch my weekend as long as possible.  Homework also accounts for why the numbers dip mid-week.
Random Question: I just watched the "Joy" episode of House, and it broke my heart.  Is the fact that the pre-Christmas episode's called "Joy to the World," um, significant for any Cuddy-related plots?  And if so, in a good way or a bad way?  Let's continue to be very vague about this because it's still several episodes away and I'm dodging spoilers, but I need a mindset.
Lastly, I have a poll: I've got 2 shows left after House, and I can't decide which one I want to start with.  There are got 8 episodes of Private Practice and 6 of Grey's Anatomy...the former used to air first in the week, but when it comes back it'll be on the schedule after GA.  I have equal amounts of investment in them.  Everyone should answer this regardless of whether or not you watch them; I need numbers to tell me what to do. 

Poll #1323876 Shondaland

Which one should I tackle first?

Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Both simultaneously - pair up original air dates.

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