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The Music of 2008: Trimester 3

Someday, I'm going to figure out an ideal way of sharing these songs in easy-to-listen-to format. For now, I've got a account for the selection featured here, and since I don't know how to create widgets for individual songs, there's just one at the bottom containing all of them. Unless I tinker with it later, It's in alphabetical order by song title, not the numbered order listed here, but that's better than nothing right? It'll play all the songs automatically once you click on one.  Or it should.  If it misbehaves, just kick it and go back to the main menu to manually start one.

Part 1 and part 2, for those who would like a refresher course. Otherwise the fun from September-December starts here. For 2009, I think I might start doing it every 3 months instead.



Remember when I told you summer was full of weird, strange music unlike my usual fare?  Fall semester corrected that beautifully; this is a far more accurate reflection of the type of music I prefer to listen to.

*Also, because LJ hates me when I copy these posts from Word, in order to avoid HTML muck-ups where possible, LJ usernames have been bolded but do not have the special little user icon/link.

Edit: LJ still hates me and has decided to forcibly double-space everything I wrote in Word.  *kicks it* I don't have time to deal with it right now.


88. Delta Goodrem – Last Night on Earth
There’s no such thing as a beautiful goodbye

This was the second song of hers I heard, on a rec from eleigh - proof that these posts are worthwhile - and I promptly fell in love with it as a Doctor/Rose song (there were fantastic vids for both Nine and Ten), although I think I probably would have fallen for it on its own merit since it starts with such a pretty piano opening…and if not that, then certainly as soon as I heard the above lyric.

89. Delta Goodrem – Lost Without You
If we ever said we’d never be together and we ended with goodbye
Don’t know what I’d do, I’m lost without you

This was the next recced song, and while it doesn’t stand out as much as the others – and when it starts, I always think I’m hearing “Just a Dream” at first – it’s a good laid-back piece.  I especially love how the piano notes fall like a wave on this line. 

90. Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes
Do you remember when you were seven
And the only thing that you wanted to do
Was show your mum that you could play the piano

Once I got my hands on her first album, however, this produced INSTANT SONG LOVE in about five seconds flat, and it’s now my very favorite of all.  I will always fall for songs that are nostalgic about childhood and/or high school.  There’s a really pretty music video, if that helps. 

91. Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go
And you follow the same routine, flicking through the TV

I had already had this song in my possession for months, acquired on recommendation from several people, but it never quite hooked me.  On the other hand, there was something juuuust intriguing enough about it that I kept it on my computer, and then even my MP3 player.  One day I was listening to music while cleaning, when for the first time my brain latched onto the lyrics, and suddenly I realized, “Wow, this is actually kind of a neat story about unrequited love.”  Music & melody aligned at once.  Check out the video for this one too, it’s fun. 

92. Clay Aiken – Ashes
Maybe love requires walking through the fire

While compiling the last installment of this post, I remembered that I’d never gotten around to listening to the rest of Clay’s album.  And while I was still too lazy to sit through the whole thing, I plucked out a random one with a good title.  Much like ‘On My Way Here,’ this represents a welcome return to the general pop sound he’s so good at – with a more energetic pace, something you can nod your head to. 

93. Jewel – Rosey and Mick
And there ain’t no villains and there ain’t no heroes
People on both sides of the track trying to add up a whole bunch of zeroes

And while searching for a place to listen to the above album, I discovered that Jewel had a new one out.  Again, too lazy to sit through it all, so I picked a random song because I thought it said “Mickey and Rose” and I was all “ASDKLDJF RANDOM DOCTOR WHO CONNECTION.”  Upon realizing the difference, I figured, “eh, still a story with a girl’s name in the title,” and you know how I love those.  Actually, it seemed really trashy and too country at first, but then, well…story.  The chorus isn’t much, but the verses are fantastic.  I just made myself determined to like it until it became one of my favorite songs of hers ever. 

94. Ben Foster – Owen’s Theme
Someone described it as the Torchwood version of “Doomsday,” and they’re not wrong.  It has a more repetitive and trance-like techno sound, but also makes use of the same stark, haunting piano notes.  You get lost in it. 

95. Katie Gray – Set Free
We wouldn’t run, and we would let go
Cause we’d realize that we had no control

Instant Song Love at the end of “Bones,” I always fall for the female vocalist with simple additions like acoustic guitar, piano and/or hand-played drums.  Indie folk at its finest, there are also some interesting Indian background vocals along with her beautifully pure voice.  Is now literally one of my favorite songs of all time. 

96. Taylor Swift – White Horse
I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet, lead her up the stairwell

Pin this one on “Grey’s Anatomy.”  It still surprises me how many Taylor Swift songs I enjoy, but I was sold on the female vocalist/guitar/sad story of a girl long before I knew the singer.  The feverish burst of early adoration has passed, but I still like the bittersweet realization that fairy tales don’t always come true. 

97. John M. Keane – Grissom’s Overture
I tripped over the CSI soundtrack quite by accident and would have passed it by, but upon seeing the title of this track I rushed to look it up, hoping it was worth my time.  It was.  The original clip I heard was of the final minute, which is still by FAR my favorite segment, but there are endless numbers of interesting motifs and catchy melodies wrapped within this beautiful instrumental. 

98. Bliss – Song for Olabi
Another one off the soundtrack; I’m always drawn in by “song for” titles, and while this one proved to be purely instrumental except for some hushed lyrics in a foreign language, I stuck it out because it was used in one pivotal subtexty GSR scene and therefore I love it on principle.  Not sure how to describe it, really, beyond New Age. 

99. Jewel – I Do
'Cause love is a game until it's played
And if it's lost, it can't ever be saved

Eventually I figured I should see about hearing more of the songs from her new album; picked this one because apparently it was the first single.  I wasn’t impressed at first, but then just like “Standing Still” years beforehand, I adjusted to it, got comfortable with the beat, and now I’m nodding my head along quite agreeably to the melody.  Not a stellar or stand-out song, but nice enough to play on loop for a while.    

100. Vienna Teng – Harbor
You’ve got a journey to make, there’s a horizon to chase

I’d meant to look up her music, specifically this song, for over two years before finally Imeem’s “Recommended Artists” feature literally shoved her in my face.  Predisposed to like it as a sort of theme song for one of my favorite ‘ships, by the second time through I had fallen head over heels for her pure voice, along with the piano rising and swelling like waves – uplifting and melodious.  

101. Sarah McLachlan – Vox
I fall into the water and once more I turn to you
And the crowds were standing, staring faceless, cutting off my view to you

She’s one of the artists I’ve loved longest, but not until I saw a commercial for her new “Best Of” compilation did I realize there was a major hit I’d never heard of.  As long as I was out hunting new music, I figured I’d check this one out.  Classic Sarah – wonderful. 

102. Hayley Westenra – Wuthering Heights
Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy

I’ve come home and I’m so cold…

With two successes in a row that morning, I decided to go one more round.  dollsome had talked at length about this song, and because I love the book I had always hoped to love it too, but I was too afraid it wouldn’t live up to my expectations and so avoided hearing it.  Turns out the lyrics are phenomenal but the original Kate Bush version is horrid – so thankfully, there’s a far lovelier and purer-of-voice female vocalist out there to rescue it.  The opening notes are still a bit yowly, but after that it ends up sounding much like Loreena McKennitt. 



103. Sweet Diss & The Comebacks – Dunder and Dwightning [not uploaded yet]

With camera looks and clever quips

He stole her heart like poker chips

I was doing something procrastinatey and Office-related, I’m sure, when I tripped over a video set to this and discovered there are actually songs written about the show.  Normally I am leery of fandom-based songs, because the artists always seem way too pleased with their own cleverness in referencing the source material, but this one has a great, fast melody & chorus, and the references really are fantastic.


104. Sweet Diss & The Comebacks – Pam Pong

She can answer the phones, but she can’t answer her own heart

Not quite as engaging – lighter and more laid back – but also far more (angsty-pre-season-4) Jim/Pam based, so that wins it points in my favor.  Basically, if Jim were to channel his emo pining into a cheesy song about Pam – and hey, he has a guitar, so who’s to say he hasn’t – it would come out exactly like this.  It’s very cute.  With a little twinge of bittersweet at the end. 


105. Pink – So What

So, so what, I’m still a rock star

I got my rock moves, and I don’t need you tonight

When I first heard it on the Mix station, I thought it sounded familiar, like an 80’s song I should know.  Two days later, I saw it featured on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown, and then I was sold.  Hooked from the opening line with the world’s most irresistible melody (screw you, Katy Perry!), I adore her AWESOME ATTITUDE.  For future reference, I fully endorse writing a radio hit about one’s divorce: cathartic and delightful for the public! 


106.  Eric Hutchinson - Rock and Roll

And if they want to stay, they stay

And if they want to go, they go

They don’t care how they get there, long as they get somewhere they know

Normally I reject whomever VH1 tells me I oughtta know.  VH1 knows next to nothing!  I will not admit to being a little bit amenable to the melody upon first listen!  But then park-ave-pirate put it up as her music rec of the day, I clicked on the video to give it one last chance, and now you will be hard pressed to stop me from doing an extremely animated dance in my chair to the adorable, happy, casually bouncy melody every time I hear it. 


107. Prospect Mali – Book Girl

Skip on back to page three, seemed so happy

That’s gone, should’ve never read on

*retraces steps* Look up lyrics to Pam Pong --> find link to another song supposedly about Jim/Pam --> reject that one for being boring, but become super-intrigued by the title of another song by the same band --> lyrics + melody = Instant Song Love.  Nice acoustic-band sound; love the extended metaphor of a relationship being like reading a book, there’s a slightly bittersweet/nostalgic/reflective tone, and as always: any song with “girl” in the title has at least a 79% chance of being awesome. 


108. Taylor Swift – Love Story

You were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter

First listen: not impressed, no further interest.  Second listen: heard it on the radio and liked the melodious sound of ‘my daddy said stay away from Jul-i-i-et.” Third listen: sold me with a Jim/Pam video, and while that context doesn’t fit the decidedly more high-school-love theme, it did flip a magic switch and get me to go back fall in love with the official music video, and thus the song.


109. David Archuleta – Crush

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?

I resisted hearing this so hard, knowing that as soon as I had a listen, the chances of my loving it were high.  Yeah, one play and the smooth pop sound of the music was everything I’d ever wanted out of American Idol.  The lyrics were nonsensical crap about immature high school crushes, and so I meant to put the song out of my mind, but I couldn’t ignore the fantastic piano, catchy vocals on the chorus, and laid-back clapping on the beat.


110. Prospect Mali – The Silence

That ring around your finger is killing all my senses

Still I can hear the silence from your mouth

 (see #107) *retraces steps again* Wait 5 days --> feel unsettled by the fact that there is a Jim/Pam song I don’t love --> rewatch the episode that inspired this song --> force-feed into brain by listening on repeat --> SUCCESSFUL SONG LOVE!  Honestly, the fantastic guitar that opens this one had me the first time around, it just took me a little longer to fall in love with the slower pace of the chorus.  The lyrics help, though.


111. Prospect Mali – Something Deeper

We wear a smile but we hurl stones inside

While on the MySpace page to hear the above song, I got distracted by this one, which has a nice alt-rock melody, just fast enough to keep me engaged.  It’s a more mainstream, radio-play sound than either of the other two.  Even though nothing about it really stands out, I can’t seem to stop playing it.


112. Rohail Hayat - Bandeya 

The stolen tears of another’s life; pain is what I’m trying to learn about

I’m normally not one to fall in love with foreign language songs I can’t understand, but this one is too incredibly gorgeous not to (besides, the English verse in the woman’s voice helps).  I can no longer regret being forced to watch “In The Name of God,” because this song alone was worth it.  Catchy from the very first few notes, it sounds inspiring and hopeful.



113. Paul McCartney – Jenny Wren

Like so many girls, Jenny Wren could sing

But a broken heart took her song away

Read Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend for class; was looking up information about it online (trying to figure out what the hell was happening) when I discovered the existence of this song.  Being quite in love with that lonely little character, I ran to look it up.  While the song is pretty underwhelming for the subject matter, it grows on you, and there’s a pretty instrumental interlude. 


114. Missy Higgins - Where I Stood

Cause she will love you more than I could

She who dares to stand where I stood


Courtesy of VH1’s Top 20 Countdown, this arrested me in my tracks the first time I heard it, captivated by the piano, her voice, and the moving video.  (And upon looking it up, I also realized that it had first caught my ear on Grey’s Anatomy, but I’d never gotten around to hearing the full version.  Note to self: you know quality when you hear it!) Even though I should hate the message of this song - saying goodbye because you think you’ve lost your individual identity within a relationship and need to be independent - the way it’s sung is so touching that it gets to me.  Now, if only I could figure out a fandom couple to apply it to…it’s screaming to be used in a fanvid. 


115. Natalie Merchant – My Skin

I’ve been treated so long as if I’m becoming untouchable

Speaking of fanvids, dollsome sent me in the direction of a beautiful one for Juliet Burke (Lost) set to this song.  I love Natalie Merchant, despite knowing just a tiny handful of her songs, and the haunting vocals/accompanying piano that open it caught my ear.  Terribly sad, slow, emotive piece.


116. Elena Satine - Free Fallin’ (remix) [YouTube link because my version is really, really quiet]

Probably I should not count 2-minute clips from TV shows as actual songs, but this doesn’t exist in any other form, and it is REALLY INCREDIBLE.  Let me see if I can condense this: Cold Case episode “Triple Threat” features a Russian immigrant/former opera starlet trying to find “her voice” for a high school senior music project, and so she does a performance of Free Fallin’ with a verse from an Italian song seamlessly woven in.  If you like the original, I dare you to try this out and not become addicted.  I will now proceed to live in eternal and futile hope that this somehow gets released in a full-length track.


117. Elena Satine - Broken

Today, the first dry leaf fell from that tree out front

But you weren’t here to see it

While finding the above video on YouTube, I discovered this even more beautiful song of hers.  Haunting and vivid imagery about loss you can’t move past…I can’t add much to the power of the lyrics.


118. We The Kings – Check Yes Juliet

They can change the locks, don’t let them change your mind

My Pepsi Points were about to expire and I had nothing to spend them on except music downloads, so December 30 I was scanning Amazon up and down, trying to find something on the available list worth buying.  Girl’s name + Taylor Swift precedent for “Juliet” songs caught my eye, and while it’s a little more rock than I expected, it’s along the lines of Fall Out Boy, and the lyrics are a pretty cute plea for Juliet to “lace up her shoes” and come run away. 


Good way to end my musical year, I think.  :) 


Final Revisions:

-Knocking “Aly Walk With Me” off the first-trimester list, because until I figure out how to clip songs, the ear-bleeding-noise part outweighs the good lyrics and it doesn’t belong.


-Adding “American Boy” to June, because I finally got my own copy and realize that in addition to paying strict attention every time it came on the radio or VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown, I’ve loved it ever since I first heard it for a great performance on So You Think You Can Dance.  Estelle’s smooth R&B lyrics negate the fact that Kanye West is rapping, and make it all right for me to admit that I find it fun and insanely catchy.


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