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Firstly: my grades!! I have been avoiding them for a while, because I knew I was getting one AB, was probably getting ABs in two other classes but had definite potential to bump one or both up to an A, and then Capstone I was utterly clueless; it could be anywhere from a B to a D and there was still a tiny irrational part of me that worried about failing it altogether.

-Sociology: AB (that was a given - it's the same grade I got on everything)
-French: AB (drat! I was so proud of myself for finally getting all the written assignments in, and she always loved my insights! But in retrospect, my presentations were pretty terrible and I missed several classes)
-British Novels: AB (double drat! I knew I should have taken the final. I had hoped my excellent participation might make up for the B paper, but I guess not)
-Capstone: B

WHAT. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, OH MY GOD, WHAT. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that last grade. I screamed and yelped "Holy FUCK!" I actually had a nightmare last night that she e-mailed the whole class a list of everyone's grades, and I was one of two people who failed. I loathed this class beyond measure! Tied as the worst class of my life! I literally had no idea how I was going to do; I admitted the possibility of a B but I thought that was only a very, very outside chance and that I was more realistically looking at no higher than a BC - and then I got a B!

Yes, it was necessary for me to immediately jump up and run around the house proclaiming my good news to all that would hear it.

In related news, I continue to be an extremely consistent B+ student, as my semester's GPA is 3.37 and the final verdict in my cumulative college GPA is 3.32. Which, ironically, despite the small waves up and down that I've made over the years, is back to exactly the same as it was after my first semester (well, OK, my first semester was 3.33. Same difference) =========
Secondly: I continue to hook my parents on The Office:

On New Year's, we wrapped Casino Night - my mom had a record number of "OH GOD, MICHAEL IS SO HORRIBLE AND AWKWARD I CANNOT WATCH" moments, which reminded me why I never watch this episode either except for the cold open and three Jim/Pam scenes - and Mom's jaw dropped at the closing kiss. I grinned like a fool because even though I've seen it approximately 10,819 times, it never stops being the most beautiful scene in the world. "I was not expecting that at all!" she kept saying. "Did you know that was coming the first time you watched it??"

"Well, considering that I only watched this show for Jim and Pam in the first place...yeah, I was all over YouTube hunting their scenes long before I got the DVDs from the library. This was like the first one I saw."

This, of course, led us straight into season 3 ("Well, I have to see what happens!!"), where we watched the first 6 episodes, although since she'd already seen Diwali, she wasn't paying strict attention to that last one. I have so far held off on indoctrinating Mom into the fine world of Karen hate, except for mentioning in passing that I can't stand her, but only because she's not dating Jim yet. I can't promise anything after episode 7. Although the video game episode never fails to hammer into my soul how much, even irrespective of her future relationship with Jim, I cannot stand that woman.

I admit that the chip-buying adventure is cute, but only when I remove my prejudice and pretend Karen is Kelly, and this is an example of Jim just being a really nice guy, the same way he occasionally reaches out to Michael. I don't need Karen's stupid lovestruck face.

*reins self in*

Besides, you know what season 3's good for?  All those complaints I have in season 4 and 5 where I feel like Pam doesn't have enough emotional investment in the relationship...I need to come back here and remember how many times she took on Jim's traditional gutted look of stomach-twisting when she wasn't with him. 

Finally, last funny note - my brother, who was coming in and out, at one point made a joke about how "Mom, why don't you work at a paper company?" This triggered her sudden realization that "Oh my God, I'd totally blocked it from memory, but I did once work at a paper supply company! We had a warehouse and everything! Oh - and you're really not going to believe this - I was the receptionist!" Apparently it was right after college and she only worked there for a couple of months, explaining how she'd forgotten, but...hilarity ensued.
Thirdly: At last, I'm finally ready to emerge from the other side of the room and talk about House.  Or rather, release the stuff I've been writing on and off for the last few days.

-5x05, "UnLucky Thirteen"
*shudders* The preview for this episode (the one that consisted mostly of the footage in the first minute) made it exceptionally easy for me to dump House off the lineup, despite the fact that I was *so close* to the Huddy kiss I'd been promised for weeks, because EW EW EW. I haven't had to hit the skip forward button so many times in an episode since the infamous SVU. As a result, we're just going to ignore everything about the patient this week, since she was inextricably linked up to Thirteen's personal life, and that is something that I do not need to know about in any way, shape, or form.

Interestingly enough, some weeks back I was watching early season 4 episodes - the ones where he was still choosing his new team - and yeesh! There was a REASON I liked Thirteen once upon a time, with her sharp tongue and acerbic wit constantly one-upping House's BS. Why isn't she still that great? Why must I now feel a constant desire to poke her eyes out with thumbtacks? I promise you, nothing turns me on a character faster than one who hooks up with strangers for meaningless sex, unless it's one who decides to do drugs at the same time.

(which, seriously, DRUGS. How you just one day casually think 'I'd like to score some E' and then go out and actually GET it?)

By the way, NICE OF YOU TO JERK PEOPLE AROUND by pretending - insisting repeatedly, as a matter of fact! - that she was really fired for real, and then taking it back at the last second. *scowl*

In other news, then, I love the fact that Foreman is suddenly being compassionate and protective, looking out for Thirteen and subtly heading off House's nefarious snooping plans before they can get anywhere, and actually giving a damn when he notices her being ridiculously self-destructive. I would love it a lot more if it could stay like this forever, JUST LIKE THIS, and be completely altruistic and not smelling of TPTB's ulterior motives. It's really very sweet when you let yourself believe that he's maturing into a genuinely good guy, long past the point of telling Cameron they were just coworkers, not friends.

And finally, seeing Wilson fall down, much as I love him, will never not be funny. Nice touch with the pretending to be unconscious/dead for a while, too. Nothing's greater than the elaborate hooker cover story, though. Wilson's getting better at this.

P.S. Foreman, seriously, being "boring" is in no way bad (and Chase, shut up with your nonsense). You certainly don't need to prove to people you aren't, and you certainly don't need to do it by dating Thirteen! I think you're confusing "being interesting" with "having an STD."

-5x06, "Joy"


I clearly have not been following the spoilers as closely as I thought, because I was not aware that we were going to be revisiting the Cuddy Wants a Baby storyline, especially to the extent of Cuddy's GETTING a Baby. She was so enthusiastic, and I was so thrilled that the biological mother aactually seemed happy about the home her daughter was going to, that I spent the whole time biting my nails and sure that some terrible tragedy was going to befall the baby, or maybe that the mother (Becca? I'm not sure, so in order to avoid a search-and-replace requirement I will be using it as little as possible) would have an unexpected premature delivery and bleed out while the baby died anyway.

And then, of course - I should have seen it sooner than I did - the stupid birth mother changes her mind on the exceptionally mistaken belief that a kid will give her unconditional love. ARRRRRRRRRRGH. Aren't there ANY single pregnant women on TV who can give birth without immediately changing their mind about the adoption? Surely there have to be some women in the universe who are happy that their job ends at delivery! I personally find the idea of pregnancy far less terrifying than actually taking care of a baby!

And it's not like you don't know what you're getting into. I don't understand how you can spend 7 or 8 months thoroughly planning out an adoption - meaning she has no baby supplies whatsoever at home, right? - and then suddenly get cold feet! And besides, the way an infant looks right after it's born is the ugliest thing ever. If anything, I think it would *strengthen* your desire to send it away immediately.

But what's done is done, unless "Joy to the World" tells me differently which I really, really hope it does (personally, I'm holding out hope that either the mom gets so stressed from the baby's crying that she turns back to meth and has the kid taken away, or she dies after some terrible car accident near PPTH and has no family willing to take the baby, and either scenario gets Joy bounced back to Cuddy).

I take solace in the fact that Cuddy's emotional responses throughout the episode were amazing, though. Her demeanor at the first meeting was lovely, trying to say all the right things, although it kind of reminded me of a person trying not to spook a wary/unpredictable animal. 
I especially liked her reaction to the news that she wasn't going to get her baby after all...good for her, trying to be sympathetic and gently convince the girl to change her mind, and I'm glad that when she couldn't, she did show her anger before she walked away. Or not angry, really, but her feelings of disapproval and disappointment were clear. Whatever respect Becca earned from her, she may have just lost it. At least, that's how I choose to interpret it because Cuddy deserves to be a mom. And this silly little blonde sad sack annoys me.

Now, my promised Huddy kiss: oh my God, it's real! I did not for one second allow myself to believe it was going to be real, because it's House and he just doesn't do that. He doesn't have kisses that imply actual emotion or intimacy! Especially not with the woman you actually want him to be with! AJSD;LKFAJSLK;DJFALKSDFASDF.

And, well, I couldn't actually watch all of it because it quickly devolved into messy making out and I'm still not comfortable with that [edit: apparently the internet also thinks it was a less-than-pretty kiss. The same people who think Meredith & McDreamy making out is hot. *throws up hands* It all looks the same to me! Unpleasant!]

. But the initial sentiment was nice! Seeing as I spent the first part of that scene cussing him out in my head, I was delighted with her furious "You son of a bitch" comment, and while I still have trouble seeing how that turned into her kissing him a few seconds later, I love how completely haggard and exhausted and just emotionally drained she is. When you look awful enough that even House suddenly looks ashamed and feels a sudden need to refrain from picking on you further, it's bad.

But, you know, good for the purposes of pairing pretty people. I rewatched (part of) the kiss after writing this, because it was on the screen when Mom went by and since she hadn't seen it, she immediately demanded that I replay it, and I think it's growing on me. Especially if it remains an isolated incident for a while, because as thrilling as it is, and as much as I'd like to get here eventually, I'm not entirely sure I'm looking for an active-duty ship right now.

In other news, someone should punch Taub in the face for his ridiculously unfounded claim that all moms are single parents no matter what because the fathers aren't involved, or something (doesn't that negate his other stupid claim that single people shouldn't have children, if it doesn't make a difference?). Because, um, most people I know have awesome dads. How many decades ago were you born? I'm glad you don't have children.

-5x07, "The Itch"
Oh my God, the magical relationship of Chaseron, it suddenly exists on my screen! And I'm actually happy and excited to see it! I can't believe it. My season 3 self is disgusted, but my season 5 self just had to watch Hadley Behaving Badly, to quote the TWoP title, and surprisingly enough, this is much more mature and far less dirty! In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's 100% clean! So those strange feelings of Chase/Cameron shipping I felt when I saw the preview for this episode weren't totally unfounded after all.

I still find it rather amusing that "cleaning out a drawer" is supposed to be a grand romantic gesture, especially to the extent that Chase pouts when he doesn't get one, but that's probably an extension of my "living together is silly" feelings on non-marital relationships. Not that this precluded me from being all "awww" at the end when she playfully chucked socks at his head as he filled in said drawer.

Also, "I can't keep chasing you forever"? Bold words from the man who decided he was going to annoy her on a weekly basis until she caved to his dating request. But I like the sentiment now that Chase is all hotly grown up and mature, and I actually believe he's in love. Still too good for Cameron, whom I am less inclined to believe is actually in love, but half the equation is all I need.

On the Huddy side of the equation, am pleased that she's being mature and rational and much less awkward than House is, intensely amused by Wilson shipping them - especially if it's for vicarious purposes; remember when I shipped Wilson/Cuddy out of nothing more than a lack of shipping prospects and the fact that they were my favorite characters? Also they looked very good a couple episodes back in the baby-supply store - and hope this fun lasts for a little while longer. Wilson's psychoanalysis is still the best part of every episode.

Final Notes: Boo on the message that one cannot be happy living locked up indoors - except for taking my dog outside and on walks, I haven't left the house in 10 days and it's been DELIGHTFUL! And, well, unlike this guy I have my parents to talk to plus a pet for companionship, and that probably makes a difference, as do the daily infusions of sunshine, but still.

Also, I appreciate the cuddlesome Mr. & Mrs. Taub, not because I care about them so much, but because I a) enjoy seeing House proven wrong on relationships and b) I enjoy any scenario I can add to my cache of memories to help daydream various cuddling scenarios. It's the same reason I gritted my teeth and watched Hadley & Spencer on the hospital bed two episodes back.

-5x08, "Emancipation"
I took 4 things away from this episode:
-Hilarious bout of Taub pretending to have Huntington's to connect with the patient while smoke and fire flash from Hadley's eyes.

-I will never see again see that mom as anything but her Cold Case character from "Wednesday's Women," but the storyline with her two little boys and the accidentally-lethally protective older brother was really sweet. I would rethink my emphatic preference for "only girls" if I could guarantee they'd turn out like the older kid.

-HEE, HEE, HEE on Chase & Cameron's immediate response to Foreman coming to ask how they're doing.
"I assume Foreman needs us, and if we're sniping we might be distracted." "That's kind of insulting, isn't it?" "Very." They are weirdly fantastic together.

-I do appreciate that the lying teenager wasn't doing drugs or having sex, but once her stolen identity was uncovered, I lost all interest in her storyline.

-Oh, and in case I forget to mention it, since I don't remember specifics, let's just assume Wilson is fantastic at all times.

-5x09, "Last Resort"
So *that's* how you planned to trick me into accepting Foreteen. I was wondering how you were going to make something so random and out of the blue work. Damn you for exploiting my weakness of near-death siutations as ship-launching points!!

Although using that logic, I should be shipping House/Thirteen right about now. If I weren't so much more invested in Huddy and anti-Thirteen, that might have come to pass. Instead, we'll just say I appreciated House being forced to show a compassionate side and actually look concerned for her life.

I'm frankly shocked that all of the hostages got out alive with nothing more serious than a gunshot wound. That's what made the first part of this episode so exciting; you know House and Thirteen will be fine, but all these random patients are basically wearing red shirts. I personally had my money on the nurse, since in theory she's a more permanent link to PPTH but I can't recall ever seeing her before. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Still not sure why House gave the gun back fully loaded, though. I mean, how stupid can you get? I understand him wanting to see the diagnosis out to the end, but there's no need to put lethal weaponry back in the hands of the crazy guy. It's not like the SWAT team has a camera in the room; couldn't he just lie and *say* the guy took his gun back? (er, he *did* say that, it just happened to be somewhat true) Or keep the bullets? Or a variety of things that don't involve risking both one of his doctors and an innocent (if not especially bright) teenager?

Things I could have done without in this episode: EW NEEDLES EW EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH DID NOT NEED, DID NOT NEED AT ALL! *curls up in ball and whimpers* That's utterly terrible! I mean, terrified fear of the sight of needles going into those *things* is why I'd never be a doctor in the first place, but if I were faced with that choice, I'd have faced a bullet before I put the first needle into my arm. The painful one in the back, sure, but NOT. IN. THE FOREARM.

And boo on Chase for walking out on the diagnosis. I mean, good for you on principle, but you're my favorite former Duckling. And, with the look of disgust Cameron shot him, I was sure there was going to be another big Thing where she accused him of not caring about House and he accused her of caring too much and then they broke up. Which, to be fair, would explain why they got all that screen time a couple of episodes back - bringing them back to the forefront of our minds so that we'd actually care about their breakup.

Generally a pretty good ep, though - I can see why my dad made me show him how to watch it online when I made him miss it to pick me up for Thanksgiving break.

I liked the lead negotiator, even though it inevitably made me mourn for Standoff, or at least wonder where the Flashpoint gang was based and how convenient it would be if they could cross over with House, thereby giving me Amy Jo Johnson without adding another show to my plate.

And of course, Cuddy's *looks* were incredible and dd my little shippy heart proud, although for perhaps the first time in my life, I was relieved that she limited it to looks of distress and did not have a great big demonstrative show of emotion when he finally made it out safely. Subtlety is key to this show.

-5x10, "Let Them Eat Cake"
1) Oh, Young Hadley for the win!! Those flashbacks were the greatest thing her character has had since before we found out she had Huntington's, including anything she said or did in current times during this episode.  I loved the way they were shot - very Cold Case style - and somehow seemed more authentic than anything else on the show. I liked all the things they did with half-open doors and obscured views (as with her peering out of the curtains as her mother left); all kinds of heartbreaking.

I can't even blame her for the snotty attitude, since I was fairly terrible at age 13 when my mom dislocated her elbow and spent a couple of weeks in bed. I may have thrown out huffy complaints of "Invalid!" on a regular basis, and all I had to do was bring her things. I suspect I would have been twenty times worse if she'd had a disease like *that.*

(hey, 8th grade was my bratty year, OK? It was my era of teenage rebellion/thinking I was smarter than my parents, and unlike many people I grew out of it by the time I turned 15)

That being said, it was equally heartbreaking to see how that attitude manifested itself as pure guilt later in adulthood. 

2) Incidentally, hey there, Foreman, dishing out the sterness! It's kind of hot. I have never said that about him before in any capacity, have I?

3) Cuddy office wars! Also for the win, especially her "accidentally" dumping the bad-smelling mixture on the floor and cheerfully going home for the night. Somewhat less fun when he got back at her by destroying the toilet in her office, though. Negated by the fact that he replaced her desk with one of sentimental value, and negated further by the fact that her poor little heart is crushed by the sight of him with the actress/hooker in his office. Aww.

4) But the very best part of the episode? Kutner's Massive Fail in attempting to set up an online diagnostic clinic. I figured House was going to find out about it eventually, but I certainly never suspected that the blonde woman was a setup all along. I really thought they'd killed her, and was appreciating him yelling at them at the end...and then when the "dead" woman came to life, I may have jumped almost as far as Taub and Kutner. And then immediately shouted "AWESOME." Getting Chase and Cameron (plus at least one random nurse) in on it, even? That may be the most elaborate prank House has ever pulled. Totally worth it.

5) Lastly, I applaud your choice to finally show someone who is happy purely as a result of becoming pretty, and would rather be thin than healthy.  RS approves this message from a place of "I told you so" vindication.-------

-5x11, "Joy to the World"
All right, so I may have cheated at some point and looked at the TWoP recap summary long before I got around to watching this episode, but the only fact that stuck in my head was that Cuddy got her bundle of Joy after all. I didn't remember any specifics, and so...yeah, not how I was expecting it to happen at all. But that's OK! I'm totally on bored with it!

Well, actually, now I'm just going to worry forevermore that at some point prior to Cuddy's adoption becoming official, either the teenage dad or the grandparents are going to change their minds and fight for custody after all, but for
right now I'll be happy with the Christmas miracle. Ridiculously improbable though the baby's survival was.

Right after I finish kicking the grandparents for claiming it's "too soon" and sending their only link to their daughter up for adoption.  Not that I have any particular qualms with their choice, it's just that they're doing the opposite of what most characters do, and I don't like getting things wrong.  Surely they'd do a better job of parenting this time around!  And as a bonus, they even have a built-in lesson about keeping on the straight and narrow. "You know, your mom DIED from having sex. Think about it."

On that note, I would say "poor Natalie," except I'm more inclined to think that she's kind of lucky to escape her friendless life, the body she hates, AND either the possible criminal charges or the responsibility of raising a child, or at least knowing she has one out there in the world. And she even knows approximately how long she has before death, which incidentally is only days away, no more drawn-out torture!  My high school self would have called this "jackpot!  No-fault death!" And the only things I wanted to escape were homework, college, and future dentist appointments.

Speaking of her friendless life, I will never understand this strange TV phenomenon whereby being good at academics makes you an outcast. Does your school not have honors classes? Are you not aware that colleges give academic scholarships, to say nothing of the academic letters you get for being on the A honor roll? Past elementary school, where kids didn't care (except for the really dumb ones who were so obviously jealous that their opinion was irrelevant), all my experience says that it's never been anything but cool to be smart and/or diligent.

I have a little bit of collective rage for the choir ensemble's prank to expose "Mr. Henderson" as lame. You do not get to mock teachers for being "lame," as chances are that if you're planning a public-humiliation prank, you are already much lamer than said teacher. /defensiveness of all teachers everywhere.

Finally, as for the ending montage, regarding the song choice:

Running the race like a mouse in a cage...

Me: OH MY GOD, HOW MUCH ANNOYANCE DO I HAVE RIGHT NOW.  That is an A Fine Frenzy song!  And I could have bought it with the Pepsi Points I was trying to use up just a few days ago, because she was a highly appealing artist at first glance.  Except I only had 24 hours to spend them and I couldn't decide under pressure which one from the album would be most worth my virtual money, so I bought songs I already liked instead, and ARRRRRGH.  JUST ARGH.  To make things even more ironic, "Whisper" was actually among my top 2 or 3 choices before I decided to forget it all and walk away.

And then my TV comes along, spewing music recs well in advance of the point-spending deadline, if only I had watched this episode on time.  *headdesk*

And as for the kiss between Foreteen, the spoiler-touted existence of which I had started to relax and believe was merely a rumor blown out of proportion...ew, ew, ew!  Do not want!  Do not wa-ha-hannnnnnt...*sobs* 

P.S. Wow. I only hunted LJ reviews for the last episode, for lack of time, and apparently there is a hail of fire and brimstone over the fact that Wilson wrote "Greg" on the gift tag instead of "House." Which...really? That's what gets your knickers in a twist? I think I might call "overreaction" on that.

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  • Heyy, it's some NCIS: LA talk!

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