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Hey, guess what's back tonight?  That's right, my crack addiction show: Secret Life of the American Teenager. I thought not having cable would break me of that nasty habit, but no.  Now I can't even claim I'm watching it just because it's summer and "it was on"; I'm actually anticipating the season premiere and making a place for it in an already wildly overstuffed lineup. 

*facepalm* I swear it's all because of Ben!  He's the only reason I'm here!   But until I can see that...
-Cold Case, 6x12, "Lotto Fever"
Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me. That's the apex of Frankie's character arc - she's married and she doesn't think it's a big deal/needs to tell Scotty about because they've been separated for "a long time"?! (Which, really, you're like 20. 25 tops. When did you have time to do all this?)

As exciting as the random guy jumping Scotty was, the alarming speed with which it went downhill was just depressing. *headdesk* I think the worst part is the way she literally doesn't understand why he has a problem with it - she couldn't come across as more of a bimbo if her head was suddenly injected full of air bubbles. What a sad, disappointing end. *sulks*

I liked seeing the whole team raising drinks in the bar at the end, though. Those moments with the whole crew are rare, but heartwarming.

Didn't care much about the case, except that I pegged the brother-in-law from the start because he looked so insulted by the small amount of the check as compared to the lottery winnings, and the redheaded victim, who played the dumb brother on "Titus," has a surprising ability to do dark and serious, and be weirdly attractive as a result. Who knew?

Grey's Anatomy, 5x10, "All By Myself"
What the hell? What was that faceplant, show?

1. OK, *now* I see what the hell everyone's complaining about re: Izzie/Denny, and that was even before she came in raving to Cristina about her nocturnal activities. While I adored him hanging out in the background of various scenes, and I appreciated the ghostly glowers at Alex and the "I'm starting to really not like this guy," overall THIS is considerably less beautiful. And rather gross. Blech. I WANT MY EPIC ROMANCE BACK.

2. Also, um, Alex saying "I love you"? Just the icing on the cake of Creepy. After remaining unmoved by that speech of his, I can say for sure that there is literally nothing salvageable about this relationship for me. I cannot and will not accept it, I violently reject Alex from here to eternity, and I think that includes revisionist history in which I finally *stop* liking the scene where he carries her out of Denny's room, heretofore one of the few times series-wide that I didn't hate him.

3. I want to know why the hell Callie is suddenly now turned on by everything with two legs - and I thought we rewrote Sadie so that she was straight? That's not what I saw - and I'm disappointed that the latter didn't become septic and die rather than recovering completely between episodes.

4. Dr. Dixon: "I have offended you but we are running out of time." Desire to whack her in the head with a 2x4...increasing...
My bad, I thought Dixon was going to be a 1-note character. Apparently I now have to worry that even her originally planned 3 episodes won't stop her any more than they did Hahn, and frankly even 2 episodes was too many.

"It's inappropriate." And that tears it! I see I'm going to have to up my ante from non-sympathy to full blown Character Hate. *rolls eyes* Can you just suck it up and get Burke back here already?

5. LEXIE. CHRIST. And here I was hoping that those internet rumors I heard about this ship were just speculation based on the stuff we'd seen in previous episodes. Ick. Bleeeccch. YOU ALREADY SLEPT WITH MCSLEAZY JUNIOR, HOW DID THAT NOT TEACH YOU TO AVOID REPEATING THAT MISTAKE, ESPECIALLY ON AN EVEN BIGGER SCALE? Don't make me hate you, Lexie. Because I will. I'm very disappointed in you and we're not speaking until you admit that this is a bigger mistake than operating on Sadie.

6. I realize that taking half a season to get Cristina involved with a man she's interested in is taking it slow for this show, but I'm still going to need it slower. I probably could have handled the vent room, for the joy of Cristina laughing, and called it good if he hadn't then kissed her and set my whole system in revolt. Or could have if he hadn't previously stabbed a bunch of pigs.

(*beams sweetly* Yes, I'm making it a personal challenge of mine to work that into every episode review for the rest of the season. Although "challenge" is a bit inaccurate, since it implies that it requires some thought or effort, rather than just coming up organically in my train of thought.)

7. Just to round things off evenly, the patients this week sucked too, with the freakish blogger lady - just because you can't speak doesn't mean you can't LISTEN - and the hateful sisters that managed to end on a thoroughly depressing note of brain death.

8. In fact, just about the only positive thing that happened at all was George being sweet and concerned about Izzie, which jolted me into the realization that he *has* been pushed to the background lately, and I didn't even notice. *shame face* That being said, every time he made an appearance, my heart did a strange little leap of relief and joy without me really knowing why, so...GEORGE DON'T LEAVE MEEEEEEE! Unless it could get us Burke back, in which case don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Hurry up and get here, Thursday. I need the next installment ASAP!

Private Practice:
Oh, show. It has been such a long time since I've seen you. Was it really all the way back in mid-October? I must have been, yikes. I really didn't mean to abandon you - you were fresh and fun and so much nicer than Grey's - it's just that you fell right in the middle of massive Pushing Daisies squee on one side and Survivor/The Office excitement on the other. Working through all that squee was exhausting and time-consuming, and since you required more attention than simpler procedurals, and I'd already chucked Grey's Anatomy, you went too, and then had to wait further while I cleaned house of all said simpler procedurals.

But now we're back! In action! I know about a certain relationship arc with Violet (I so wish I didn't), and something significant happened with Charlotte/Cooper but I won't remember what until I see it, and all I know, because it's remarkably easier to remain unspoiled about this show than its big sister. Please don't disappoint me. BE WORTH IT.

(Side note, post-watching and pre-writing: Oh I remember one of the other reasons I dumped this series: Charlotte/Cooper. It's really, really sad and unfortunate that I hardly ever see him any more because I'm so busy skipping right over any scene with her in it. Why will this storyline not die?

2.03, "Nothing to Talk About"
Psh. Far as I'm concerned that boy is a sociopath. I don't care if your dying father told you to "be a man" (you're 16. You're old enough to not be an idiot), or your family is nearly bankrupt from medical bills, you do not break your beloved old dog's neck because you can't afford to pay $385 to put it down. One, that's a ridiculously and insanely high price! Surely there are people who will do it for less.

Two, if your dad told you to be a man and you're 16, why don't you have a job so that you could at least be earning enough money so that you could afford to put the dog down?

Three, as a last resort, you could at least have taken the dog to a shelter and let them put him down (you might be too young to do that personally, and your mom might refuse, but surely you have an 18-year-old friend who could legally turn him in). I'm positive that the cost of surrendering your pet is much lower than $385, and while you might feel shame and/or guilt about having to do so, I'm pretty sure that's a less emotionally scarring option than PERSONALLY KILLING YOUR TRUSTING DOG WITH VIOLENCE.


Hmm, what else happened...oh yes, Dell's working at the hospital, and while I'm happy he's now back, I think it was rather unfair of Addison to act like he owed it to them to return. I'm pretty sure working in the ER is closer to his ideal career goal than being a receptionist, and probably a better job in general; please stop sucking him back into your vortex of insanity.

I like Violet being upset that Naomi used to talk to her and then dropped her like a hot potato as soon as Addison showed up as confidante, but I'm not sure I agree with her "stop sleeping with Sam!" orders. Because, um, as far as God and I are concerned, they're still married? This isn't a random office hookup. I'm still convinced that if they fix their personal relationship, the working one will follow naturally. If not, assume Sam is right about everything, because he is.

And Addison's SWAT guy, whose name I will remember soon, still doesn't make my heart aflutter or anything, but he's growing on me. For the record, I would still be totally OK with Derek dumping Meredith's whiny ass and flying down to win his real wife back.

-2.04, "Past Tense"
-Addison as the new head of the practice was unexpected, but kind of fantastic.  Remember when I kept complaining about how clearly she should have won the bid over at Seattle Grace to succeed the Chief?  

-That being said, I really didn't need Addison's Moral High Horse in refusing to give the girl hymen-repair surgery.  Yes, it's unnecessary, but so is cosmetic surgery.  It can't be that OMG RISKY.  Particularly not since my 5 minutes of research confirm that it's a procedure done with local anesthetic and doesn't require an overnight stay.  Call me when you get the patient asking for a clitorectomy, then your moral outrage might have some validity.  As it stands, I really don't understand why this is a big deal.  Like, at all. 

Especially her insistence that "this won't really make you a virgin again" because she'll still remember having sex, or something.  I'm pretty sure she's aware of that, Addie; her object is a physical alteration to make it look that way.  She's just going to experience added humiliation and shame, possibly worse, if you don't.  I'm the first to jump down the throat of "cultural practices" that don't agree with mine, and I think it's just a bit excessive to check that new brides are virgins, but I'm pretty sure this girl knows what she's getting into.  If she cares more about her parents' happiness than her own - something she legitimately seemed to believe; I saw no sign of her being forced or coerced into this - it's not your place to argue. 

-On the bright side, I really like Addison's newfound declaration of rules! And wish she'd stuck to them

-Cooper, it's one thing when you date internet skanks and do pervy things with them; it's quite another to have naked pictures on websites all over the place.  I'm done with your storyline for the rest of the episode; the recap can fill me on what happens with the maybe-autistic kid as well as your Charlotte activities.

-Shame, just when I was starting to like Pete, he brings in a rough, abrasive woman who makes me want to skip all his scenes, too.  Sigh.  Although I could, perhaps, swoon a bit over the story of his staying with Bosnian orphans in a war zone.  

-Pete gave Violet a peck on the temple in passing!  Dammit, show, I've been actively not-shipping them for weeks.  Don't make me recant it just because I finally see it in action.  (on second thought, I still just want it to stay like this, in a nice brother-sister with occasionally ass-touchingly inappropriateness dynamic)

-By the way, loved the 4-way phone conversation, especially with Violet looking all frumpy and impossibly cute in her ugly shower cap etc.

2.05, "Let it Go"
LuluBates over at TWoP is a wonderful recapper, and I'm enjoying her more by the week. We have the same priorities. Observe:
Good god why does this show always have to start with montages of the doctors' sex lives? What about the children? It's barely past baby bedtimes! Ack, forget the kids, what about the adults who are just trying to do their jobs and don't really want to recap naked doctors?

I've been meaning to talk to you about that, show. I still somehow have faith in you, but is this nonsense perhaps going to come to an end in a soonish manner? What happened to you being better than your predecessor, hmm? See, GA was reasonably well behaved at the beginning of its season. When, episode for episode, you outstrip Grey's Anatomy in sex? THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU. I'm only still tolerating it because I can read about these scenes in the recap and skip them all in the actual watching. It makes episodes much shorter.

Case of the Week: I realize that Addison's role on this show is to get on her moral high horse, which I do occasionally agree with, but it's getting tiresome as of now.  There was no reason to convince that poor kid he didn't want his girlfriend wife to have a baby.  Dude, kid got married in high school!  That's already a massive amount of commitment, why not go for the whole package?  Ben Boykewich would have done it.  Be more like Ben. 

Yes, I understand him just wanting to spend time just "with her," especially given all the stress that new babies cause, and it's not really fair to have babies in the first place when you know they're going to grow up motherless, but... I don't know, I got grumpy and contrary as soon as the complaint "she's too young" started.  Goodness knows I think teenage moms are ridiculous, but this one got married for love first.  She's clearly more mature than all of the doctors around her put together.  I kinda think she's the rare exception that can handle it and deserves it. 

As for the would-be father, I don't think his in-laws would mind him going to college while they raise their grandson.  I kind of feel like all parties would be happiest, in fact, if said in-laws adopted the child permanently after Jenna died.  Or maybe he'd grow up and be ready to tackle single fatherhood/more involved parenting after, or even partway through, college.  I would have more sympathy for the guy if I didn't believe that Jenna's probably been rambling about babies as long as he's known her, and therefore he probably knew exactly what he was getting into, or at least potentially getting into when he, oh yeah, MARRIED HER.  IN HIGH SCHOOL.  Cold feet annoy me.

I'm pretty sure my stance on this case comes completely from my need to be contrary, though, so the best solution is probably for Jenna to adopt a litter of orphan puppies or something.  I just don't want to concede to Addison's grandstanding.

Violet Is Unflinchingly Awesome Some More: (outside that terrible friends-with-benefits idea she had, she has done no wrong, unlike everyone else, and I love her to bits)

-Wait, wait, waaaaaait, she really was raped?!  My brain went there, but I didn't believe it at first, because I am always floating "past rape" as an option in my litany of tragedy scenarios to apply to various characters in my ponderings.  Having it be canon for one of them  Wow.  There are so many things we can do with this!  I eagerly await further instructions. And while I'm not sure how compatible this is with her established attitude towards sex & relationships (which boils down to "you're lame if you don't do it right away"), I suppose I could use it as validation that hey, here's a character who didn't become an eternally broken little shell of a victim afterwards.  She's a broken little victim for so many other reasons.

-I miss when I could watch the majority of Cooper's scenes, and I'm so proud of Violet for calling him out on his crap: "You were my best friend."  And AWWWWWWW, with the cuddly sofa hugging at the end!  I finally exploded from cute.  Charlotte King didn't interrupt it in any way, for one minute I could forget she existed, and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Sam/Naomi: Just because I didn't want to watch them sucking face (or worse) doesn't mean I didn't want them together!  Think of me like Maya.  Now imagine me having more insight than Maya and hearing that they're considering a reunion "Not because it's right but because we want to hold on to what we know."

%(*)#&%)(*#%&(*#)%&#(*%&#%(!  I have a problem with this, namely that those two things? NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.  You sure as hell do NOT have to let go, Naomi, just because you think you should!  (for reasons I still don't entirely understand, by the way)  And wait, how is it a problem that you "never really let go" in the first place?  This is so many types of WTF stupid that I can't process them all.

Stop being unthinking horny individuals, be parents, and stay together for the kid if nothing else.  Couples do it all the time.  You haven't shown me that you need any different or deserve any better, so why don't you go ahead & be one of those couples?  For the sake of my sanity and/or blood pressure, if not your broken-hearted daughter.  As far as I'm concerned, you're still married anyway.

Other Stuff:
-I definitely agreeing with Addison demanding that they lease out the unused space.  I don't know why Sam's griping about them having to lock into a 5 or 10 year lease.  The practice is practically BROKE as it is right now; I don't see them being ready to expand within five years.  Of course I appreciate sentimentality, but dude, you moved out and I'm guessing it hasn't been a working office for quite some time.  Take some pictures and give it up already. 

-I disagree that being monogamous (*hacks in disgust*) means Cooper can throw away the condoms.  I'd like as much protection as possible against the unholy idea, however small the existing chance, of the two of them producing a baby.  *shudders*

-"William Dell Parker!" I do like Addie when she gets bossy and authoritative in a way that produces effective results.

-What is Charlotte doing with the office space, and could this possibly be a light at the end of the unholy C/C tunnel?

-Lol, Sam's earring.  I agree, sir, it does look kind of badass.  And congratulations again, by the way, for finally pulling your head out of your ass and realizing that your family actually is of dire importance to you.  I'm sorry your wife recently became so unpleasant and unreasonable.

Speaking of which, that scene at the end of her comforting Maya?  Kind of grossed me out, as if it wasn't entirely Naomi's fault that Maya's crying in the first place.  Part of me suddenly hopes that Maya gets married at 18 and lives to see her 75th wedding anniversary, just to show her mother up.
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