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Deep in the middle of The Office season 3 now - Traveling Salesman/The Return/Ben Franklin - and I still cannot stop my stomach from twisting into knots of bitterness with every glimpse of Karen speaking to Jim*, and/or when Pam horribly embarrasses herself several times over (* I understand why that relationship existed.  I can even argue that it was helpful, in the long run.  Does not change my reaction, or the fact that I hate her character independent of said relationship).  I'm thinking Mom might have to watch "Phyllis' Wedding" by herself because the overwhelmingly prevailing memory of that one is how badly I want to stab Karen with something when she bounces around singing at the microphone.  There are funny things about this season; there are; I keep finding great moments that make me wonder why I so avoid it...and then one minute of the awful triangle will just overshadow and ruin everything.  

On the bright side, it's finally making me start to perk up and look forward to the next new episode.  8 days away; should be just enough time to clear out the last vestiges of bitterness from the "Christmas" episode.  Bitterness I am replacing with the fact that Pushing Daisies' last three episodes are getting kicked all around the schedule in the manner of "Standoff," and 10 to 1 says we don't see them until June. 

-Private Practice, 2.09, "Know When to Fold"
1. I like how the first time we manage to avoid opening an episode with a montage o' bedroom scenes, our first line is Violet saying "I am sexless. I am without sex." It's starting to make me fear what the show's going to do to celebrate its 9 PM timeslot.

2. ADDISON WHY IS YOUR HAIR CUT I AM DEVASTATED. It's not as bad as it could be, but I'd just like to register that complaint in response to all the people who probably think it looks better. Because haircuts never do.

3. I was suitably freaked out by the possibility of a Charlotte pregnancy, somewhat understanding of why Cooper got excited by the prospect of being a father, and really really proud of him for coldly standing firm in his decision that they were, in fact, over. For real. GTFO. (I may have added that last bit) Seriously, how do you expect me to feel bad for Charlotte just because she's crying? She's horrible and unpleasant and has completely wrecked Cooper for me; I don't care if she feels bad!

3.5. Also, the fact that Charlotte shot her injured horse and then never owned another animal after that just gives me new reasons to hate her. You shouldn't have the nerve to shoot your own animal even if it is pain (couldn't you wait for the vet?), and I highly disagree with people who can't bring themselves to have another pet after a beloved one dies. Life is sad and empty and wrong without animal companionship.

4. Protective!Pete trying to protect Violet's relationship status from the nosy 4th-floor therapist? Awesome. I also seem to remember something about him being a serial monogamist, which made me think I would be OK with this developing into a relationship, but then it came time for kissing and I was very much ". . . HOW 'BOUT NO." I mean, they were so cute with his arm around her shoulders and the temple kissing all curled up on her sofa. Couldn't she just have had a good cry and fallen asleep?

5. I'm secretly glad that Addison emerged victorious from her "I'm a doctor, I know better and you're not well enough to go back to work" speech. It wasn't pleasant watching them fight at all. Now I just have to hope that she doesn't fall into the "I hate you, let's have sex" trap with the jackassy Dr. Lockhart (differentiated here from the good one on the other coast married to Luka Kovac). Especially not if it involves her proving the once a cheater, always a cheater adage.
-NCIS, 6x12, "Caged"
Awww, for being a riot-turned-hostage situation in a women's prison, that was kind of heartwarming. I liked little Tim and his bonding moment with the older black woman (her training Seeing Eye dogs was the icing on the cake), and I was hoping against hope that the nice woman who kept repeating how she just wanted to do her last year and get out wouldn't be the of course she was, but then the psycho took the blame instead! And everyone went home satisfied and smiling. It was like a Christmas episode, if we hadn't had one of those already.

I think I came off somewhat facetious there, but I really did like how we got to know so many of the prisoners as individual characters over the course of the hour. And there were a lot of really intense parts that had me on the edge of my seat - it's been a little while since they deviated from the standard case-solving formula, and it's always appreciated.

In other fun news, loved Abby's constantly pestering demands to know how McGee was, especially at the very beginning, where she wouldn't stand for Gibbs' brushoffs and practically spun him around to plead for reassurance. Especially when it was clear that Gibbs was a little bit worried too. And Tony and Ziva placing bets on how high McGee's voice would go while listening to estimates on his car repair was was great too.

I like mini-reviews. They're a refreshing change of pace. I find I don't like them so much a few months down the road, but deal with it, Future Self.

P.S. What was the point of McGee's ostensibly-crazy-eyed former classmate/lovestruck admirer, again?

-Without a Trace, 7x11, "Flash"
You get points for showing the agents' personal lives, show. I cannot begrudge you that just because it happens to be Jack and Sam, for that would make me a super sour hypocrite. Maybe I'll just, I don't know, pretend this is AU Grissom and Sara. And the baby daddy is Greg, and he and Sara had a good run before a mutual breakup. My fantasy lives are rich and complex, and the ways I have for coping with Jack/Sam are better than prescription drugs.

Speaking of which, I saw a hilarious commercial tonight for Abilify (most loltastic drug name EVER), which was the most blatant example of drug-pushing I've ever seen. You see, if you're depresed, or suspect you're depressed, you should definitely go on drugs ASAP. BUT! Did you know that 2/3 of people being treated for depression still have symptoms?? But that's okay, all you have to do is take an additional drug (this one, to be specific) and THEN you'll be all better! I can't decide if it was unsettling or just plain disheartening.

You think I am saying all this because it was more interesting than the episode, but that's not true.  I very much enjoyed the episode! I just wanted to express my disdain for the existence of Abilify drug commercials. And say "Abilify" a lot, because I can't help snorting with laughter every time I say it. I wonder if there's a helper drug for that.

Why did I enjoy the episode, and why am I on paragraph 4 already when I just said that mini-reviews were more refreshing? I can't answer the second question, but as to the first one, it was about a young missing girl! And I love those. Even though she was kind of a brat, and did every stupid thing imaginable, and the part where she almost pretended to be someone's long-missing daughter was so terrible I LITERALLY COULD NOT WATCH IT, she was very pretty and that made everything better. And I'm glad that the older man wasn't a kidnapper/pervert.

Over on the J/S side of things, I like that he's being especially proactive on this Troublesome Daughter situation, trying to get her into a private girls-only school, but DUDE. What part of "private school" didn't you understand? They're allowed to be nearly as nosey and selective as they like. They'd probably like to know beforehand if she has crazy discipline problems that might lead to her getting kicked out of their school and bringing shame upon their hallowed halls.

I am less appreciative of Samantha getting all *~flustered~* and blushing like a schoolgirl at the merest suggestion that she might have sort of a thing for Jack or be an official We or whatever. And why is Vivian all nudge nudge, wink wink supportive of the idea? Look, just because Danny and Elena can have a totally successful, professional working relationship doesn't mean you expect the same from these two drama queens!

You know who I'm super appreciative of, though? Baby Daddy Brian showing up at Samantha's door. HELL YEAH! I still say she dismissed him way too early. Hey, just because the MP of the week couldn't get her parents back together doesn't mean I can't try every trick in the book to will these two into a couple! They never even officially tried to date! Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to next ep with all kinds of anticipation:

Next week: "Elena case!" I cheered excitedly, adding privately that probably means Danny scenes, right, OH SQUEE HAIR TOUCH! Please be squee of epic proportions. Please don't prove my fears about them being highlighted just to break them apart.
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