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After 19 days, I have emerged victorious and conquered all 60 backlogged episodes, plus a few new ones for good measure. As of this moment, I am all caught up and current with everything. Furthermore, for a bit of poetic symmetry, with Pushing Daisies I began, and with Pushing Daisies I shall end.

A. Private Practice, 2.10, "Worlds Apart"
"It's only a matter of time before Charlotte's patients see beyond the French pressed coffee and find a sea of overrated doctors with questionable ethics." Heh.

1. Drat it! I gave Addison/Kevin six more episodes from the point at which I decided I liked them, and they didn't even last that long. *sigh* But even I could see the writing on the wall as, immediately after hastening to assure him that he was perfectly good enough, she started rattling on about cleaning ladies. Doesn't mean I can't still be grumpy.

2. I still don't understand why Meg exists, I like that Violet is one of the few women in the world who thinks that confessing to one night of cheating is bad, and my eyes are still not on board with witnessing Violet/Pete. My brain is moderately on board with the idea only insofar as Violet is sweet and Pete has the capacity to give startlingly heartfelt looks. We could maybe handle some fluffy PG fic or something.

3. Ordinarily, I would not feel a need to join Addison on Maury and judge the call girls, since I'm pretty sure that for some reason I support prostitution, in theory. (I realized this one day after I made a point that buying/selling kidneys shouldn't be a crime, because you should be able to profit from your own body) BUT YOU SEE, I'm newly full of this rage at "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" on about eighteen different levels. So I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

4. *waits 12 hours* OK, here's how I feel. Getting paid for sex with lots of people seems no worse to me than just plain having sex with lots of people like everyone in Shondaland. Actually, I think it might be better. If you're going to be gross, you might as well have a good reason for it. I find it strangely easier to respect a girl who wants to pay for college than a girl who'll sleep with anything that moves.

5. That being said, I would not object to seeing Belle de Jour get a beat-down at some point in the future as a reminder that really, what you're doing is nasty.

6. Also: UM. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS A PROBLEM THAT ADDISON IS GIVING THEM EXAMS. Like...prostitutes don't deserve care? What? This is backwards logic and makes no sense at all. Unless your logic is "punish women by letting them die of STDs/spread them to the nasty dirty men who hire them," which I'd technically be OK with, but I don't think it is. So what gives? It's not like anyone can *tell* they're prostitutes except when they all suspiciously come in together like that. And it's not a free clinic, so it's not like it's suddenly going to become a magnet center for trashy people; their prestigious-looking clientele will remain intact. I really don't understand how call girl college students are any less deserving of Addison's services than regular slutty college students.

7. Still having trouble reconciling Violet's "you had meaningless sex, yay!" attitude with her "girls who become prostitutes are damaged and need mental health care!" one. Because...six of one? Isn't it possible that the girls just really like having meaningless sex?

8. On the bright side, Cooper had a cute storyline with the cute little diabetic kid, and I'm glad he gave the law a middle finger and helped them escape back to their happy life. :)
B. Law & Order: SVU, 10x11, "Flash" (pretty sure I mixed up the title with the WaT ep...for reasons that are quite forgivable)

Hey, I just saw this one on Without a Trace! This plotline was happening at exactly the same time, as a matter of fact. Only this time, the runaway girl really did go through with her plans to pretend she was someone she wasn't. Which made it far more interesting. Plus this time, it was nice to know what happened to the real missing girl, if unsettling to find out that her psychotically jealous sister killed her.

That poor elder sister...I'm so glad we saw that she had a nice little boy and presumably a husband as well, a nice new family of her own, because the rest of hers is kind of destroyed. Have to feel sorry for the dad, too, to have one child kill another *and* realize his wife protected said murderous sister because she "didn't want to lose another child." *shakes head in disbelief* Why would you want to keep such an evil child in your home? I'm not saying it would instantly sever all your maternal bonds (although in my case it would), but...pack her off to prison, ASAP!

Good episode, in other words, when I wasn't uncomfortably listening to the runaway girl tell us squicktastic stories about how her father imprisoned and raped her for 4 years. *shudders* At least we didn't have to see videotape footage this time?

C. CSI, 9x09, "19 Down..."
I remember incessant previews for this one ominously citing 12.11.08..., with me frantically stuffing my fingers in my ears all the ay, since the little cartoon version of me in my head was stamping her foot and yelling "NOOO, UNTRUE! UNTRUE!!"

Here's the thing: I have been relatively low-key in my vocalization of this fact so far, but I dislike Laurence Fishburne. I don't really have a good reason for it, I just hate the way his eyes bulge.

That being said, Dr. Langston isn't nearly as bad as I was expecting him to be. I was fully prepared for another overly smug, arrogant know-it-all to quietly come in suddenly take over as the new supervisor. I was all set to get my ranty rant on about "Why'd they have to kill Keppler?!" and how I would have been so much more at ease if I knew he was coming in to replace Grissom, and (insert more complaining about how they killed off one of the rare newcomers who had instant cohesion with an established cast).

Instead Langston was, truly surprisingly, very laid back, subtle, understated. Far more like Grissom than I was expecting, and I know that's what the producers promised, but they also promised that RIley would be a fresh new face, and that backfired horribly. If they handle his transition well, and don't unexpectedly take Catherine's supervisor position away and hand it to him because he's older and a man, I might not have to storm away from this show after all.

Still not saying I like him, just saying he's tolerable with room to improve.  As opposed to Riley, who was intolerable and had no chance.  I like how minimal her screen time has been so far, by the way.  It's easy to pretend she's not real.

-THE SCORING. Is that original, or (*hopes*) was that part of an existing piece? Because the piano was just beautiful and haunting and lovely the whole way through. I even sat through the both the stomach-churning teaser and the dull working montages just so I could hear more of it.

-Greg a level 3 CSI!

-Really sweet moment for Catherine & Grissom, "I knew before you knew."

-Much love for whoever directed the peaceful Walden Pond-esque scene.  Grissom just looks like he belongs in that setting.  Maybe that's making me less rageful and/or broken-hearted about the idea of him leaving for good.  Unless he doesn't go back to Sara, in which case my rage will increase 10,000-fold.

Grissom's announcement broke my heart a bit, but less so than I was expecting.  Mostly it hurt seeing Nick and Greg's sucker-punched looks.  But I liked the ripple effect throughout the episode as you get various other responses, from Doc Robbins to Brass to Wendy.  I particularly liked the last one, as a reminder of just how central he is to the lab.

And even though I don't usually like David Phillips, I have to admit that it was kind of sweet when Grissom saying "I'll miss you" got him so choked up with emotion that he had to hurry out of the room. Awww. *pats* (the other David would just be writhing with jealousy if he heard about this, wouldn't he?)

Over on the other side of things, I love that this show can continually outdo itself in terms of terrifying serial killers.  When it came to finding the bodies, it didn't even matter that it was CSI could have been any gripping horror movie.  Must have conclusion!  Now!  Do not want to wait whole week!  Would have held off watching longer, but I wanted to be officially done with the backlog ASAP.

Also: for the one really stupid girl in the classroom who was told to put on a sweater...I think the idea was to cover your cleavage more than your bare arms.  Way to fail at following directions.

D. Pushing Daisies, 2x10, "The Norwegians"
I debated long and hard over whether I should watch this one or not.  I was finally promised closure in the finale, but it's not closure until you get to see it, and that day seems an eternity away.  Meanwhile, 2x09 had been so good, and been such a relatively low-suspense cliffhanger ending - that I was afraid to spoil the satisfying times.  Eventually, my need for poetic symmetry won out.

There probably wasn't anywhere to go but down, and yet...this one sort of fell flat.  Mostly because the Norwegians - Orlando Jones aside - were more annoying than funny (and I had high hopes!) with their ridiculous accents and in-your-face questioning...although I have to admit it was kind of funny watching Chuck whirl and duck all the time, and Emerson's faux "tell-all confession" was pretty good too.

Is it bad of me if completely believed that Olive had switched sides and turned Itty Bitty Traitor?   As much as I like her, the crush on Ned is an extremely unpredictable variable, and love makes people do crazy things.  According to all the crime shows I watch.  And I'm sure some people feel differently, but I still don't think it's a good idea to let her in on all the secrets of the undead, unfortunately and unintentionally mean though it may be.

But I'm glad she was playing double agent after all, mostly because, um...BRANCH-CLINGING CONVERSATION OF WIN, in which my wayward little AU Ned/Olive shipping heart just exploded.
"Olive, I'm sorry I got you into this.  I'm sorry you thought you had to prove yourself.  I'm sorry many things.
"I'm not.  Well, maybe one thing.  I'm sorry that you never looked at me the same way you look at Chuck."
"I wouldn't say never."

HELLO!  I was happy enough just with the desperate apologies, but then...then I get things to feed not just my 1900's AU, but pre-Chuck and Chuck's-never-revived-at-all AUs!  HAPPY RS IS HAPPY.

Ned/Chuck didn't have a whole lot to do tonight, adding to the let-down feeling, but I'll cling to their early schmoopy "I just want to hold your hand" moment (complete with Emerson's disgusted "I am DONE with by-proxy handholding"), his miserable expression trying to gently rein in Chuck's naive hope about her father's proximity before she gets hurt again, and of course the wound-doctoring moment at the end.

Last words: STOP WRITING DIGBY OUT OF EPISODES.  Although it was cool that you brought back Dixon ['s body] and all.

P.S. Dear ABC, please stop being asshats and give us the tiny remainder of the season already. There was no reason you needed to air the season premiere of Scrubs two nights in a row instead of a new Pushing Daisies.  No reason at all. 

E. Surveys snagged from aries11 , because I haven't done any random ones for a while.

Do you own a rice cooker?: No

What was the last thing you received in the mail?: Credit card bill

Do you own a piece of clothing with your school name on it?: Two hoodies and a pair of mittens. I also have a third hoodie and sweatpants bearing "Bennies."

Stupidest thing you've done while drunk?: Never been drunk

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: Dad

Would you honestly take a bullet for your sibling?: Yes, but only because it'd be fun to die a hero

What is the last song in your playlist/mp3 library?: "Zydeco Gris-Gris" - Beausoleil

Does your password have any numbers in it?: I see your attempt to steal mah data, survey writer

What is your favorite kind of tree?: Maple

Have you ever been to a bonfire?: Yes

Do you often find junk mail in your mailbox?: Daily

When is it trash day in your neighborhood?: Friday

What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?: Freak out a tad

Have you ever had oral sex?: No

Do you own and use a planner?: I'm going to get one within the week. I may even use it this time.

What color is your mouse?: Black

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter R: drawing a blank

Have you ever donated your hair to cancer patients?: *twitch twitch* Oh, how I hate when people cut off that much hair at once...

What brand of lotion do you use?: None...I hate the feeling

Do you use bookmarks or do you just fold the edge of the page over?: I have a lovely collection of bookmarks, but they're all upstairs so I usually use random bits of torn-off paper to mark myspot

Is the light on in the room you're currently in?:

Do you like dangly earrings?: That's the best kind

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: No

What is the most recent song you sang along with?: "Falling Is Like This" - Ani DiFranco

Has a movie ever made you cry?: All the time

Where is your boy tonight?: ...

Do you like Fall Out Boy?: I like "Dance Dance" and "Sugar We're Goin' Down." The band itself is ridiculously overrated.

Is there a person you don't like but talk to anyway?: not anymore!

Have you ever been on a cruise?: No

Do you live in a big city, small town, or the suburbs?: Suburbs

Do you mainly wear shoes that you have to tie or slip-ons?: I only wear tennis shoes right now because I mostly go outside just to walk the dog and it's snowy...but come summer I'll be back in mules and sandals.

Do you talk to your neighbors?: Never

So, how's the weather?: Partly sunny, still cold

How many letters are in your last name?: 6

Has anybody ever given you a lei?: No

Survey #2
1. Do you typically order the same thing each time you go to a restaurant?: I used to try and get something different every time, but I would inevitably fail at picking delicious things and everyone else's food would end up looking better. So now I just stick to a veggie omelette if it's before 4 PM, or else a chicken or veggie wrap sandwich.

2. What's been bugging you the most lately?: My brother. We were not made to live in the same house.

3. Is there anything keeping you from graduating high school/college?: Nope. On second thought, I might have a tuition bill from the latter that I need to pay off before they'll release my diploma.

4. Do you know anyone that owns a magic bullet?:

5. Do you have friends from xanga/myspace/etc that you talk to on the phone?: No

6. What do you usually order when you go to Starbucks?: I've never set foot in a Starbucks. However, I do enjoy their bottled Frappucinos as purchased at the grocery store, for a special treat.

7. So, what's your new years resolution?: Already discussed

8. How long have you known your best friends for?: I don't have those

9. What's something you want to learn how to do but have no time to actually do so?: Make icons and/or fanvids. It looks amazing but my few tentative forays have been frustrating experiences, and I'd rather use that time to read, or write about TV.

10. Five really good books are: *thinks of random things* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Black Beauty, The Best Little Girl in the World, All Creatures Great and Small, and Sense and Sensibility.

11. Do you watch any television shows religiously?:
Facetious answer: No. This site is an illusion.
Real Answer: If I write about it on a regular basis, then yes. I'd say all 20-some on my lineup count.

12. What personality traits automatically attract you to a guy/girl?:


14. How many times have you had a pregnancy scare?: 0

15. Don't you miss the Disney movies they'd show back when we were younger?: Don't remember them

16. Do you usually buy things that are on sale or not on sale?: Sale

17. Who did you last want to bitch slap and why?: My brother, for shouting

18. What movie could you watch 20 times and not get sick of?: Never Been Kissed or A Knight's Tale. Neither of which I own, curiously.

19. Do you own a lot of perfumes/body sprays?: None; they make me choke up

20. Are you planning on getting any tattoos? If so, what are you getting?: No

21. Is more expensive makeup really worth it?: Since I tend not to wear any, no

22. What are you currently reading?: I haven't read a book since finishing The Hungry Tide on December 9th.

23. Are you excited that Obama is about to take over?: Not particularly. I can't decide which is worse, liberals in a frothing rage or liberals in spiritual rapture

24. Do you have any money hidden anywhere?: Yes

25. What kind of mp3 player do you own?: 2 GB SanDisk Sansa. There are some other letters in its specific version, but I can't remember them.

26. How old are all of your pets?: Kym's 11.

27. Last four movies seen in a theater: X-Files 2, Sex and the City, The Simpsons, and Harry Potter 5. Yeah. I'm a little shocked too.

28. What did you buy the last time you went shopping?: 3 cans of peas, Pringles, a can of chicken noodle soup, cheddar cheese and wheat bread.  It was my last big grocery-shopping hurrah before I resumed a life where I don't go anywhere by myself.

29. Is there something else that you should be doing?: Taking a shower, walking my dog, organizing tupperware, checking my school e-mail...

30. Where do you buy your office supplies? Office Max

31. What would you wear on a typical day?: Right now? Sweater or long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans

32. How many pictures are on your cell phone?: 0

33. What channel number is MTV where you live?: We don't have cable, but it was 49 at school.

34. Have you ever lost something that cost more than $100?: Well, stolen more like...but my first flute

35. What are you going to do now?: Walk my dog & eat something
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