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In which I remember why I should only watch Shondaland shows online.

"I think I'll watch GA/PP live tonight," I say.  "In fact, I think I'll watch it downstairs on the shiny HDTV," I say.  "It's fine if my parents watch it with me," I say.  AND THEN.  NOT SO MUCH.

I could be talking about Mer/Der - naked snuggling is okay!  Naked snuggling that leads to other naked things is not! - but that was actually bearable.  What was not bearable was Alex/Izzie ICK EW AGH MY EYES ARE BURNED and there is not enough bleach in the world to scrub that out of my brain.  I liked it better when I was merely disturbed by his abrupt personality transplant.

And I'm getting less fond of ghost!love, not because I love Denny any less (on the contrary, when he expressed a desire to kill Alex, I may have stood up and cheered), but because I've returned to my senses and remembered that he is way too good for Izzie Stevens, as Izzie is incredibly lame and pathetic.  And kind of skeeves me out.  

She's happy sleeping with both of them and sees no problem with it?  Really?  I'd rather you just chose Alex, if this is what you're choosing instead.  It doesn't matter if one of them is a ghost/figment of your imagination, it's still cheating on two people at once.  All poor Denny does is hang around adoring you, making sad and moony calf eyes when he's not tossing off hilariously snarky comments.  He doesn't deserve this crap!

McSleazy is still disgusting and I don't understand why they haven't gotten rid of him yet.  He's now making me hate Lexie, although then again, every time he looks at a woman he reminds me of a lion hunting prey, which turns my stomach.  All I can say to his scenes with Callie are "good riddance," because at least when I have the power to skip scenes, I can write both nasty-ass characters off at once.  Incidentally, why is Callie suddenly being reduced to a brain-dead giggle girl every time a blonde looks at her?  I thought she was a once-bian.  

There are not words to express my disgust at the end-of-episode dancing, as "dancing it out" is stupid and ridiculous on so many levels, but Derek nailed "dorky dad" on the head.  And since Meredith looks to be approximately 13, that took me back to a special place of squick.

I liked the serial killer storyline itself, though, mostly because a) he was creeeepy and b) I've learned that there is nothing on this earth greater than Team Yang/McDreamy.  Especially when their opinions align with my own, and it puts them at odds with their respective significant others.  I never realized what sparkling chemistry they have.  Not in a shippy way, just...can they be friends who hang out more often and talk awesome surgery techniques, or something?  They light up my screen in a special, magical way. 

And it helped distract me from how I kept wanting to punch Meredith in the face.  Not that I was averse to her giving him more morphine, but acting like he was perhaps just misunderstood was a bit much.  He's on death row, woman!  It's not the kind of punishment they hand out to teenage car thieves.  I wasn't surprised that Owen was less openly vitriolic towards the prisoner, either.  After all, he's a serial killer too!  Well, attempted murder anyway; he left his victims to die.

Now if you need me, I'll just go be curled up in the corner, whimpering in abject misery that Derek's father was murdered in cold blood.  *weeps*

P.S. Not sure how I feel about Arizona yet.  The roller skate sneakers set me firmly towards a point of dislike, and antagonizing Bailey is not a thing you do if you want to get on my good side, but...she seems infinitely less annoying than McSleazy, Dr. Dixon, Sadie, Callie, or Hahn.  I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until I found out she's supposed to be a love interest for Callie*, and that sort of killed my open-minded intentions dead. (*WTF WHY.  You know, I understood how women kept falling for George.  He's cute, non-threatening and full of good intentions.  The buzz around Callie, I do not understand at all).

Seriously, you'd think I would at least know enough to change the channel long enough to skip the first minute of the second show, but no!  We're instantly hit full in the face with a gasping, panting couple flopping down on the bed.  Because of course, TPTB probably think that the only reason their strike-born show didn't get canceled with the rest of ABC's strike-born sacrifices is thanks to the power of their opening sex scenes.  At least, that's the only explanation I have for why every episode has to start like that. 

Private Practice, 2x11, "Contamination"
Man, it is just a veritable Judging Amy reunion in Shondaland lately, isn't it?  We've got Amy's mom playing Derek's mom on Grey's Anatomy, and now Amy's squat & mousy friend comes in playing a mother who doesn't believe in vaccines.  Ooh hey, let me get on Maury and see how I feel about this Issue of the Week... *strokes chin thoughtfully* 

Well, for me personally, I think that even if there are risks to vaccines, said risks are very very small.  And if everyone thought like you did, these diseases would be running rampant and would kill more people overall, possibly your own children included.  So it seems like a sort of stupid belief to have, in theory.   

Although that being said, we argued about this in sociology - whether it was right or wrong that women can have part of their welfare benefits withheld for not vaccinating their children - and I had to admit that I wasn't sure it precisely qualified as neglect in the same manner as, say, not feeding them did.  Simply because there are so few parents who don't believe in vaccines, compared to the majority, that those silly ass people should be allowed to cling to have their silly ass beliefs without retribution.

Not that I had any problem with Cooper grabbing the one kid and forcibly vaccinating him over the mother's screams of protest, though.  I was just amused by how the boy sat there with no complaint at all, looking at her like "Lady, what's your problem?"

I realize I haven't said much about Cooper in the past few episodes, but I'm not going to change that this time, either.  Apparently, Charlotte so permanently tainted him for me that even with her naked body out of the picture, I block him from sight/memory. 

In other news, I resume the steady tempo of "headdesk" that Violet's character inevitably forces me to, and begin to feel a tiny touch bad for Pete, who actually wanted a Real Grownup Relationship and got shot down (serial monogamist!  except apparently when Meg's in town!).  Can we stop watching them in bed now?  Because I'm pretty sure that if it's that stupid and pointless, I don't need to see it on repeat every week.

Wyatt continues to be a smarmy jackass, I can't get over the uncomfortable feeling of dread that Addison is going to have hate sex with him unless Kevin calls her back ASAP, and I fully approve of Addison blackmailing Naomi.

And finally, Dell loses all of his hotness when we discover that he was not merely wrongfully attracted to a druggie loser in high school, he was a druggie loser who corrupted a perfectly innocent girl and then apparently spent the next several years publically blaming her and trashing her reputation to all who would listen for not being strong enough to quit like he did.  Damn it. 

Hey, remember the good old days, when I pretty much liked everybody except Charlotte?  I'd like to get those days back.  On the bright side, when Addie curls her newly shortened hair, it looks a lot better.  So there's that.

As for "The Office: 2009 Home Theater Rewatch," the tide is beginning to turn, and I'm feeling cheerful about the third season again.  Ohhh, disc 4, you just take care of everything on hateful disc 3, don't you?  Safety Training, Product Recall, Women's Appreciation...and most importantly BEACH GAMES.  I always forget how much I love and adore you and how you just make my heart soar with pride & joy and happiness.  It's like, Pam's speech is the world's most wonderful gift all by itself, but then you also have the artfully orchestrated Andy torment!  The squealing, it is without end.  *beams*

How long until my birthday when I can ask for magical season 4, again?
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